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HordeNPC 32Daliah Brightsong
Gender Female
Race Blood elf
Character class Priest
Location Unknown
Status Living

Daliah Brightsong Edit

Appearance and Personality Edit

Daliah is very bouncy, energetic, and childlike a lot of the time, but has her serious side as well. She either loves you, really loves you, or hates you, and the third of those is rarely something you'd want (commonly resulting in the death of a pet, mount, loved one, or self). She gets attached very easily, and it takes a lot to force her away, though when you do it's just that much harder to bring her back around.

She sometimes trys to act more adult and responsible, but it's easy to tell he just isn't that way. She loves physical contact with people, and feels the need to fall in love with everyone she lays her eyes on.

She fights against the Blood Knights openly, despising her people for forcing the Light to her will when it so willingly aids her for nothing more than her faith in good things. She sees her people as fallen from grace, adn uncaring as to whether they really get it back or not, and as obsessed with power. She despises the political structure of Silvermoon, and wishes the Magisters would, as Narn Bloodyknuckles (a famous dwarven pirate Captain, and her "Uncle") would say "Pull their 'eads out of their arses, an' quit spewin' all that crap they call 'good sense'."

Daliah resides in Silvermoon, and the location of her true household is at the moment unknown. Few members of Akevial are pledged to her service, but she is actively recruiting, and tends to favor those not of Cynadrion's political inclinations. She keeps ties to Cynadrion for his political voice in hopes he may help her strike out at the Blood Knights, but she has very hard feelings over the short relationship they once had.

History Edit

Daliah was born to Kenir Brightsong and his lover, Lia Shadowsong, a half-kaldorei and half Quel'dorei child. She favors the father significantly, as her appearance is no different than that of another Blood Elf.

She was raised on a ship with the Dwarven Pirate, Captain Narnathirin Bloodyknuckles, and spent most of her life with him until going to the human City of Stormwind ten years ago. She befriended many people on the alliance before the day the Blood Elves joined the Horde, and she was forced to say goodbye and make her way back to a ruined Quel'thelas.

She now spends most of her time in her home city, trying to bring hope to all she meets, whether they;re just down on luck, or broken from addiction. She is slowly gaining reputation for her efforts.

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