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Keldelis is the name of my Forsaken warlock, which is my main. He is a member of the Brotherhood Of Kalimdor and is right now in Nagrand. He's on the Hydraxis Realm. Here are some stats for him.

Age: Approx. 30 yrs old(date of death)

Occupation: Warlock

Interests: Demonology, taking out the Scourge, Riding his Felsteed

Pets: Zepyap(Imp), Makmon(Voidwalker), Disriel(Succubus), Fzuuzhem(Felhound), Flaathun (Fel Gaurd)

Likes: Allies, Destroying Alliance scum.

Dislikes: alliance killing him, hostile creatures.

Bio: Keldelis was once a human mage living in Lordaeron. He was unlucky enough to be in Arthas' way during the transformation of tirisfal glades from a vibrant forest into a murky plauged land. He woke up about a year ago, in mid febuary, and found himself a forsaken. Now, he has gone from being a simple mage to a warlock, after studying how the scourge was formed, and now twists the creatures that forms its ranks to his will, in an effort to destroy the burning leigon with thier own creatures. He has a accute disdain for almost all demonic entities, except his own minions. He has a deep trust in the other races of the Horde races, especially the Orcs, who were under the will of the same demons who made his killers, the scourge. He also despises the Alliance for both breaking its agreement with the horde at the end of the third war, and for attacking the horde at Tiragarde keep.

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