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Name Demothes Sunelm

Race Sin'dorei

Age Early middle age, appears to be in his late thirties to early fourties in human years.

Home Server Server:Sisters of Elune

Class Paladin

Occupation Former teacher

Title Dissentor

Professions Blacksmithing/Mining

Guild None yet.

Mental Description Above all things, Demothes is passionate. He has a few strong beliefs that he would fight for the death to... If he wasn't always sloshed as of late. Even when his speech is slurred, the man is intelligent and often kind, though prone to sudden changes in mood. One moment who could be singing drunkenly, the next, nearly falling out of his seat while trying to contront someone.

Lately, however, Demothes has spent more and more time sober, and has gotten a little quieter and a little more thoughtful.

Physical Description Small and lithe. Demothes isn't much of a warrior, and often he can be seen rubbing his lightly muscled arms due the exertion of swinging a heavy sword. His dark hair is pulled back in a messy tail, as if he had tried to tie it out of his face and gave up halfway. Sorrow has already lined his otherwise young face, and there are a few new scars and bruises from his new more physical work.

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