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Kavic Beastrage (spelled with an umlaut 'a' in game, Kàvic) is a tauren druid on the server Moon Guard (US). He is the only known naturist on the server, and as such can often be found in the nude (if not in animal form) in game. When entering a city, he will keep a white silk towel wrapped around the lower portion of his body to keep himself mostly covered, and hopefully not get brutally punished by the guards for being indecent. He mainly associates with other tauren, most likely trying to further educate his race on the naturist lifestyle, though he does have a few known orc and troll friends.

NeutralNPCElite 32Kavic 'The Havoc' Beastrage
Title The Cash Cow & Business Bull Extraordinaire
Gender Male
Race(s) Tauren
Character class IconSmall Druid Druid
Position Druid and naturist teacher
Location Dalaran / Thunder Bluff
Status Alive



  • Full Name: Kavic 'The Havoc' Beastrage
  • Age: 21
  • Race: Tauren
  • Gender: Male
  • Detailed Class: Plain ol' Druid
  • Sexual Orientation: Bull-chaser
  • Relationships (Past or Present): Raethus of the almighty Stormpaw, though he's what some may call a "swinger" as well.
  • Involvement with any associations, guilds, or militias: CEO of B.I.G M.O.O. (Beastrage Industrial Guild of Magical Orders and Occupants)
  • Wealth status: Rich, he's not called the Cash Cow for nothing! Though he finds very little use in gold.
  • Job(s):Chef, Druid / Naturist Teacher, and a proud parent.
  • Theme Song: These are so silly! ... But if I had to chose, "I'm a Bomb - Natasha Bedingfield"


  • Facial appearance: Kavic's face is rather bulky, perhaps even so for a tauren. There are little to no signs of age on his face, such as wrinkles or scars. His snout is fairly longer than most other tauren, though no one ever really seems to notice this. One can tell even by just a quick glance Kavic is extremely young for a tauren. He also dons a small rectangular pair of glasses with golden frames. Said glasses are overly small, for a tauren at least, and seem as if they'd be better off suited on the face of a human or elf.
  • Skin color and appearance: This tauren dons a light golden-brown coat of fur with no apparent scars or signs of battle. His fur looks abnormally sleek, and feels silky smooth to the touch. Kavic has an obsession for keeping his fur exceptionally soft, though it is unsure just how he is able to keep it so well kept. He has made hints before that he eats only vegetables and herbs, thus keeping his fur healthy and bright, though there is no confirmation of this. He claims meats will make his fur 'look greasy', though there might be another possible reasoning behind his shiny coat.
  • General body build: Average for his race, standing at a height of 7' 7" and a weight of just under 450lbs, Kavic is overall, as stated, average. He's not built like a god, like every other tauren out there seems to be, if anything he has a bit of a gut going on. His arms and chest however do seem fairly well toned, one would most likely think from hard labor.
  • Best features: His personality!
  • Worst features: His emotions do sometimes get the best of him, and lead to various problems.
  • Favorite features of their own: His fur by far.
  • Every day apparel: Though he has just recently picked up his streak of nudism again, when Kavic is forced to dress he favors 'classy' clothing. The most common attire is a nice pair of Tuxedo Pants, an over shirt and maybe even a Tuxedo-Tie on special occasions. If he is outside and away from society, it is very possible he will be nude. Nude or not however, he is normally -always- seen with some sort of hat or head-cover on.
  • Significant or unusual marks or traits: Kavic keeps two ribbons tied around a certain 'part' of his body, one being navy blue and the other colored a bright red with a tiny bear claw charm attached. He claims both are gifts to him from friends, and that it is a 'long story' as to why he has ribbons tied in such a peculiar area.


  • Brief personality description: Kavic is, overall, a fairly nice man and welcome to new people. Some find he is rather rude, due to how open and honest he can be about not only other people, but himself as well. On a normal day is he snarky, perhaps even a little raunchy, though he usually means no harm. He tends to be a bit childish, a little slow and easily amused. He's also very open, -too- open some might say. Some say he's oblivious, others say too open. Really, it is a bit of both.
  • General happiness, 1-10: 10, though can vary greatly through out the day.
  • Social level 1-10: 10, but changes fairly often as does the above.
  • Reaction to Horde: Neutral.
  • Reaction to Alliance: Neutral so long as they leave him alone.
  • Reaction to Neutral Groups: Just as above, neutral as long as they don't bother him.
  • Distinctive personality traits: His personality shifts daily, sometimes hourly depending on the events that happen. Once one emotion kicks it, it tends to linger around until another emotion comes to take its place.
  • Ego: Very low, Kavic prefers to consider himself, and everyone else, an equal.
  • Greed: Very low. Kavic is not materialistic.
  • Feelings and tendencies towards alcohol: Loves alcohol, though he prefers weak beverages over the stronger ones. He is madly in love with Kungaloosh!
  • Favorite things in life: Friends and loved ones.
  • Least favorite things in life: People who take things for granted.
  • 1 Pessimist, 10 Optimist, 1-10: 9

Relations, Ect.Edit

  • Place of birth: The Barrens, Kalimdor.
  • Wealth status during childhood: Low-Mid.
  • Current home(s): Currently resides in the city of Dalaran.
  • Reason for making a home there: Kavic's mage friend was able to teleport him there! There, he is able to stay for free in the Filthy Animal inn, should he cook meals for the guests.
  • Known family members, and their relation to the character: Thorvald Beastrage, his brother, and Otoktay 'Otto' Beastrage, his son.
  • Most cared for friends, family, or pets: Raethus Stormpaw, Hektaru Fogwalker, Foxeye Eagletalon, Lady Nefra, Nalataka Treeshaker, Otoktay, Emody Brightray, and Thorvald to name a few. He is normally always seen with "George" the worg pup, or "Towa" the Scorchling.


(( Much of this is still under construction. Even with the wondrous powers of Wowwiki, it is proving difficult to find an accurate timeline of events, so please excuse me if an event is misplaced. Please do help and correct me in any errors that might be present! ))

Despite him being a younger bull, Kavic was born in the Barrens before the Tauren establishments and settlers there were completely wiped out from the rampaging centaur, and forced to move west to Mulgore. Naturally Kavic shares no love for the beasts responsible for the destruction and evacuation of the land he, as well as his friends and family, once called home. Kavic was but a calf still when Cairne Bloodhoof was forced to turn to the green-skin Thrall for help regarding the centaur, and the eventual formation of The New Horde. For this Kavic holds a high respect for the Warchief, though the majority of his loyalty will always remain with Cairne. For most his early life Kavic lived with his parents, Mustafa and Kuata, and his brother Thorvald.

At a young age, Kavic was a stereotypical Tauren; calm, quite, and to himself. For quite some time Kavic refuse to socialize with anyone other than immediate family members, everyone else he would shy away from. Thorvald, his older brother, was the only person he was remotely open with. Though being the older and much stronger son of the Beastrage family, Thorvald spent most of his time away from home combating the centaur, or serving as a guard for a local establishment. Seeing as his brother was rarely in contact, Kavic often found himself alone, and deeply depressed because of this. It's not that he didn't like other people, Kavic just had a difficult time socializing well with others. Though essentially quiet, he was known to be quite the yapper when he felt comfortable discussing a subject. Due to his anti-social behavior, and the fact he would almost never talk with strangers, Kavic spent most of his time out of the village herbing or observing the local wildlife by himself.

The Barrens, a place some called nothing but a vast wasteland filled with only sand and dunes. But for Kavic, this was not only home, but he saw the area as an opportunity to study life, to see how any living creature, plant or animal, could survive in such harsh conditions. Little Kavic spent most his days wandering, looking for any hints of life so that he might study and learn from it. He had always taken a liking towards the observation and study of life, perhaps that being one major influence as to why he aspired to become a Druid. Every day, Kavic would spend his time searching, either for a new plant he had never seen before, or perhaps a different formation in the clouds. Anything that was new.

That was the average day for little Kavie. Wake up, see if anyone in the village needed assistance, then grab a quick meal before heading out in search for anything left for him to study. Just because he was anti-social does not mean Kavic was a coward, or afraid of danger. Most days Kavic would spend hours, the majority of the day even, out in the wilderness, not returning until late in the evening. Granted he never traveled too far, Kavic was always looking for new adventures to undertake.

Kavic's days of silence and solitude would soon come to an end however. While out one day studying the lands, he would meet a one Takoda Windweaver, a fellow Tauren who followed the path of shamanism, contrast to Kavic who was aspiring to eventually become a druid. The two were both technically part of the Bloodhoof tribe, though Takoda comes from a family of peaceful shamans known as the Windweavers. Kavic on the other hand, comes from a family of savage warriors who strive off of the glory of combat. Despite their families being almost polar opposites, the two hit it off the first time they met. Both being only about ten years of age at the time, the two quickly grew fond of each other and formed a young friendship.

There was something about this Takoda fellow that helped Kavic open up. For the first time in who knows how long, Kavic finally talked and laughed with someone other than his brother. Takoda could always be found with a bright smile on his face, and a good outlook towards life no matter the current situation, good or bad. It is thanks to Takoda that Kavic is as open and social as he is now in the present day. While the young shaman preferred to keep to himself as well, he and Kavic both worked together to become more open about their feelings, this causing them to become closer friends in the process. The two Tauren spent almost every waking moment together, one would seldom go long without the other at his side.

Being roughly the same age as Takoda, and having a calmer, more peaceful personality than his family, Kavic was able to relate to his new Tauren friend in many ways. Though he never understood much about the teachings of shamanism, and Takoda not knowing much of the ways of the druids, the two could often be found training together. Neither fully understood the others teachings, but they did not allow that to step between them. The years passed, life went on, and the two seemed to grow closer day after day.

Being home from the guard one evening, Thorvald took note of the close bond his brother had grown with the shaman while he was away serving. It was early in the evening, and dusk had just started to set over the land. The Beastrage family, Kavic, Thorvald and their parents, set out a bonfire outside their small hut to discuss the increasing threat of the centaur, and the rumors of outlanders landing on the shores of the Barrens. Thorvald brought up the shaman from the Windweaver family, and how well he and Kavic had gotten along.

Being the raunchy, rude warrior he is, Thorvald had poked fun at the idea that Kavic was possibly a tail-chaser and had an eye for the male shaman, though he never intended for such drama to ensue. In reaction to this, Kuata lashed out not at Thorvald, but at Kavic for spending so much 'close time together with another male'. Kavic's mother took it exceptionally harder than their father Mustafa, and blamed most of their problems on Kavic and the way he lived his life.

"This is an outrage, Earth Mother be damned! First you bring dishonor to our family name by straying from the warrior path to be learn the ways of druidism, now you start chasing other men?! I will have none of this. If this is true, you will find yourself on your own, Kavic Beastrage! If my son is attracted to other men, then he is -dead- to me!"

Kuata stormed into their hut, leaving Kavic, Thorvald and Mustafa outside with the bonfire still. Mustafa too took the joke out of context, though was not nearly as upset as Kuata was. He reminded Kavic how males are supposed to be attracted to females, not to other males before heading inside their hut to calm the furious Kuata down. Thorvald, on the other hand, did not seem to mind this. He even dropped little hints to Kavic that he was fully supportive of the relationship between the two bulls.

"Eh, don't worry about her Kav. With everything that's going on as it is, she's just a little upset. Still, she should realize two men can spend time together and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it."

From outside the hut, the two brothers heard the fussing and feuding of their parents. Kuata raging on and on about her having a failure of a son, and Mustafa trying to keep her calm. This proved too much for Kavic to handle, he had left the small village for the night. Before dawn, Kavic was up and ready to head back home. Unfortunately for him, a pair of two angry centaur stood in his path! Being but only about fourteen years of age, Kavic could not fully defend himself. He was nearly killed by the beasts, but his life was saved by a pack of scouting orcs.

"Greenskins! Are these the outlanders...?"

Kavic had thought silently to himself, oblivious to the fact he nearly lost his life. The Orcs informed Kavic of the situation, and escorted the young druid back to his village. There he found more of the Orcs helping pack up the site to relocate west to Mulgore. Kavic rendezvoused with Thorvald and his parents, both of whom were still rather upset with the relationship between Kavic and Takoda. Thorvald did his best to reassure his brother, and keep his spirits high throughout the evacuation. Kavic found this particularly hard however, for during the move he was unable to see Takoda. He had not even known if Takoda was among the evacuation party, or if something other had happened to him.

Things would eventually brighten up after a few weeks of travel. After arriving in the center of Mulgore, and the establishment of Bloodhoof Village complete, Kavic and Takoda were finally reunited once again. Unaware of the tension their relationship had caused with Kuata and Mustafa, Takoda literally ran to greet Kavic and embrace him in a lengthy hug. Thankfully so, only Thorvald had witnessed this event. It was here at this moment Kavic had began to realize the truth about himself. As he was getting older, and his body and mind was changing, what Thorvald had said was indeed true. Kavic not only felt the strong friendship between himself and Takoda, but he felt another attraction mixed in there as well. If there was such a thing as love, that is what he felt for the shaman.

Now at the tender age of fifteen, Kavic was slammed with an arsenal of various emotions. Most Tauren would pass into their adulthood at around fifty, though it is customary for a Beastrage to pass the rite at fifteen. On top of that, Kavic's mind was flooded with thoughts of Takoda. Did he really love Takoda? Was he confused perhaps, and subconsciously took what Thorvald had said jokingly out of proportion? Such strong feelings for his friend actually had the reverse effect, Kavic did not want to admit he had fallen for a male, let alone risk telling Takoda and ruining the five years of friendship the already had.

Takoda would frequently stop by to visit with Kavic, though with the wide array of mixed feelings for him Kavic would often turn the shaman down, and request they get together at another time. With Mustafa and Kuata giving him the cold shoulder, Thorvald training with the military in the village, and Takoda turned away, once again Kavic was alone with no one to be with. Kavic found himself wandering out of the village, heading west out to the shores of the nearby lake, Stonebull. It was there that things fell into place.

To his surprise, Kavic had found Takoda was out at the lake as well, practicing his mastery over the water element. Before he could turn around and head back for the village, Takoda had stopped Kavic and confronted him about his recent behavior.

"Kavic, are you alright? Ever since we got here in Mulgore... you have changed... You are not the Kavic I knew for all those years... Are you, homesick? Did I, maybe... say something? To upset you?"

"It is not that, Takoda. It... it is something much more complicated..."

"Well what? Tell me, please! I want to know why... Why you have changed... Why... Why you are ignoring me..."

"Takoda, I cannot-"

"Tell me, please! Kavic I just want to know why-"

"Because, Takoda, I love you!"


(( More to come later, if I get around to it! ))

Journal EntriesEdit

Kavic keeps with him a small notebook with him at all times, documenting down events as they happen. (He does it so fast IC though, you might never see it.) The notebook was apparently a gift from his Elvish friend Lexcovar, a Blood Elf Ranger and Writer.

So maybe it is okay to trust female elves...Edit

Well, that elf mentioned before came back to me! I thought she was going to ask for more sex, but surprisingly all she wanted to do was actually talk like we had originally intended to. I also met this other female elf, she is named after a wine, though I can never remember her exact name. I just call her Miss Wine, she doesn't seem to care. Oohh! And I met another female elf too, this girl was a hunter!

But, there was something very different about this girl. She was so smart, she used some of the biggest words I've ever heard! And the way she thought of things, her 'philosophy' I believe it was. Her outlook on life, it was so unique, inspiring! She told me that I followed a good, virtuous path of thinking, even though I did not realize it. I don't see how that works, but she seems to know what she is talking about!

Come to think of it, when I was in the inn with Lexcovar, another female Blood Elfie offered Lex and his pet a tastey cupcake. While it was not directed towards me, really... she was still a very nice girl. Shakar, Lex's pet, didn't seem to like the treat though, heh. I guess it was wrong of me to let one person's actions dictate my entire perspective on that one race.

It was my own fault for letting her take advantage of me, and not stopping it before it got to where it ended. ...That hunter girl certainly got me thinking serious on all these things. It's kind of confusing, actually! Normally I just come to some conclusion and stick to it. But now, it's almost as if I challenge myself now, thinking of a way to somehow challenge myself into trying to change my opinion. ...What else might I have to change, besides opinions?

The Herb and The DruidEdit

G'uh! That witch! I have finally met this Druid I am hearing all the commotion about! Alceme Swiftleaf. She was everything I have been told she was... Beautiful, charming, and most of all... graceful!

Alceme Swiftleaf, one of the most renown Druids in all the Eastern Kingdoms... Such a beautiful woman, even -I- think that! She is such a powerful healer, I have heard so many tales of what she has done. I heard she healed almost all of Ashenvale where the Warsong had taken over, and is even working to restore life to Stonetalon, Desolace, Felwood... Even the Barrens! Her acts are so commemorable...

It was a normal day, I was in Stranglethorn trying to look for herbs, especially Khadgar's Whisker. I hear that specific herb is really rare! That, or people do not seem to pick them... Either way, I wanted one! After about an hour or so of walking around Stranglethorn aimlessly, avoiding the blood thirsty raptors and crazed Bloodsail Pirates, I found one! A thicket of Khadgar's Whisker, right out in the open near the Arena! I moved in to go retrieve the herb, only being three or four hoof-steps away... But out of seemingly no where, SHE appeared! ...Lady Alceme Swiftwind...

I stopped dead in my tracks, all I could do was stare. Stare at the goddess who stood before me. I was tempted to get on one knee and kneel down to her, to show her how much of an idol she was to me, but I was too scared! All she did was look back at me, her eyes not even darting to the herb for a second. Did she want the Whisker too? What was she doing here? My mind had completely forgotten about the herb for the moment, more curious on what the renowned Alceme was doing here! A moment or so passed before I remembered just how close I was to the whisker. If I lunged forward I could have gotten it, but her gorgeous stature prevented me from doing so.

It seemed like years had passed, the both of us just standing there... looking to one another. Not moving a single muscle, not saying a single word. Just... staring... Finally, a noise! She giggled, covering her mouth and looking away from me, almost as if I had said something to make her laugh as such. But all there was, was silence, and then her laugh. She must have sensed my tension. Then... she began walking forward towards me!

It was like time itself had slowed to a crawl, as she strode toward me I watched every inch of her graceful body move, her eyes locked with my own, a smile on her face, her hair blowing softly against the breeze... Closer, and closer... my heart beating faster and faster. I was in shock, I could not move! It was so strange... I could not speak, I could not run... All I could do was stare, watch as she slowly approached me. The feeling was one of mixed, awkward feelings.

It was such an honor to be in her presence, not once had I ever thought I'd get to meet the legend in the flesh! Yet I was scared, trembling even. Also in the heat of the moment... I was slightly, almost... aroused, if you will! My heart was beating faster than it ever had, the tension was immense. All of these feelings bustling around inside of me, it was such an odd feeling. What is even more odd is what she did!

Boldly she strode over to me, not showing a lick of fear. Though, she did not seem to show any signs of intimidation, either. She was only but a hoof-stroke away, and ever still she got closer! It was like she was put into forward-gear and could not stop! She eventually would, finding herself only a hair's breadth away before we were chest to chest, or rather... due to my size dwarfing hers, chest to stomach! She must have seen how I had gotten 'excited', as her hand trailed up my thigh and over to my crotch (eek!). I felt two squeezes down... 'there'. Such a firm grip, she has! Yet -again- had a woman taken advantage of me! My back immediately went rigid, I began to shake, a deep inhale of air dove into my lungs. A quiet whimper managed to escape from my throat, though she did not seem to notice. Why was she doing this?! Certainly she knew just exactly what it was she was squeezing...?!

I stood there, ever still, trembling with fear, too afraid to move and try to break free of her invasive grasp. Thankfully, her hand did not stay down where it was for long. It found its way trailing up my body, past my abdomen and to my chest. Such a feeling! So soft to the touch against my fur... it was an indescribable feeling... One of compassion... one of warmth. It was almost as if a cloud had floated down and encased me inside of itself. Her hand made two circles around my left pectoral before planting itself firmly down. My heart attacked my chest, almost as if it were trying to escape and run into the safety of her very hand. She must have felt this, for she looked up to me with a bewildered gaze, like one of a confused child.

I had not realized this, but the entire time I had been holding my breath. Not once was I able to exhale, the intensity of the moment... the position of her hand... I had not the chance to exhale! As I realized this I looked away and snorted loudly, letting the captured air finally out of my system. I looked back to the druid, embarrassed, almost, though I was surprised to see her face had lit up with joy, and she giggled yet again! The silky hand lovingly ran up my neck... under my chin... and to the top of my snout.

Her hand stayed there for some time, longer than I can recall. As she ran over my nostrils, again I was forced to hold in air, not wanting to blow any mucus onto her lovely figure. I am terrible at holding my breath however, and with my luck I was forced to exhale right as she hovered over my right nostril. As the warm air assaulted her hand, she staggered backwards quickly, drawing the hand up to her face for protection. She acted like such an innocent child, yet... she was clearly an adult. It was very baffling!

Her hand, now too shaking, almost immediately found itself pressed back against my snout. She pressed her palm down rather firmly, as if to see if my head might give way under her pressure. I crossed my eyes to try and watch her as she fiddled with my nose, she must have seen this for she recoiled her hand back and laughed loudly. She held one finger extended out to me, as if asking for a moment, before she backed away from me a hoof-stroke or two. She was fighting back a smile, though not doing a very good job of doing so, it was obvious she wanted to burst into laughter again. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath of air into her lungs... She seemed totally still, calm... relaxed. As if lost in deep thought.

I expected she was perhaps channeling some sort of spell, or maybe meditating right there in front of me. My eyes wandered from the druid and back to the herb. Again I had forgotten about the whisker, the entire reason I was here! It was still barely... BARELY within my reach... I could have slipped passed and gotten to it, but... Alceme remained there, eyes closed in her strange, upward meditation. What was she doing...? At least thirty seconds had passed, for the entirety of her phase she didn't move an inch, as if some magical force froze her. Again my eyes swapped between her marvelous body and the plant... the Herb and the Druid. I made the slightest, almost unnoticeable movement to the left in an attempt to peer around her to the herb. Right as I prepared my attempt to dash to the herb, she opened her eyes to reveal an odd sight...

Though her eyes were near solid silver in color, I could tell her eyes too were now crossed, much as I had done earlier! Before long she blinked rapidly, giggling childishly as she looked back to me. My shaking had ceased long ago, now it had been replaced by almost rage. What the fel was this Druid doing?! Was she mocking me?! Unknowingly I snorted rudely, the vibrations caused from my exhale yet again caused the peculiar woman to dive up close to me, and place her hand on my snout. This time however, as her hand came in contact with my nose, her finger found its way inside my right nostril!

The worm of a finger wriggled around inside my nose, but only for a moment. My head involuntarily jerked backwards, I blinked rapidly and my head shook once or twice. This must have upset her, for she gasped out of shock and planted a light slap on my snout to express how displeased she was! She leapt upward onto my chest, grasping both of my horns with her hands she used the strength in her legs to kick off my torso and engage in an aerial back flip! She was quite the acrobat indeed! Before I even knew what she had done to me, she had landed, swiped the whisker, and vanished into the thicket of the forest.

Such a strange, yet peculiar woman... this Alceme. She seemed to be easily amused, though maybe the case is she had never seen a Tauren before? Not up close, perhaps? Why did she want the herb? Why did she... touch me...? Whatever the case, and even though she snagged the herb from right underneath me, I do hope that one day our paths will cross again. Not even a word was said between us...


  • His introduction: The name is Kavic, Kavic 'The Havoc' Beastrage. -bows- Honor to meet you!
  • When asked about why he is nude: Well, we all know males have what they have, and females have what they have. Why be so shy about it? It is not like we have never seen someone naked before.
  • When asked if he is crazy or insane: I am not insane! I am just... 'in the sane zone'.
  • When confronted about his size: Yes, yes... I am well aware of the fact I am not as large in certain areas of my body as other Tauren are. I do not let it get to me though, and as you can see still stroll around nude! ...Might I ask, why are you looking?
  • Common question directed at the Blood Elf race: Why are Blood Elves so tiny? Do you stop growing at a young age?
  • Common question directed at the Blood Elf race(2): Do those long ears compensate for something...?


  • Kavic was once two separate characters, one was a Druid and the other was a Death Knight. The two were originally considered to be the same character, though a lot of confusion and difficulties with the names were had, so the Death Knight was scrapped.
  • Kavic's personality, and overall character, is modeled after himself OOC'ly.
  • While the exact details are still unclear, it is presumed Kavic has a form of multiple personality disorder which would explain his random, eccentric behavior and mood swings.
  • Kavic almost -never- uses contraptions when he talks.
  • When ever he sees his good mage friend Isendiul, Kavic will transform into a cheetah, run at full speed towards the mage, and /pounce him to the ground. Afterwards he proceeds to sit on the elf's face or body, eventually helping him up to his feet.
  • Kavic normally has at least one 'IC bath' a day, in which he does just that! A clean Tauren is a happy Tauren.
  • While Kavic has the ability to write down journal entries, he has claimed before he cannot read. Though it is presumed Kavic was either joking, or under the delusion at the time he really couldn't.
  • Kavic's age has gone through two retcons. He originally started off as being in his early 20s, though this was later changed to fit the more common presumption that tauren enter adulthood at ~50 years of age. As such, his age was changed to be in his early fifties. It has just recently been changed back to its original state of him being in his mid twenties. Blame the Infinite Dragonflight for meddling so much with time!

OOC Notes! Read before interacting with.Edit

  • Kavic is a nudist and all, so I understand the fact at times his junk is going to be involved in some role-play, heh. While this may be the case, I'm not one for ERP, so don't expect any specifically because he is nude.  :]
  • Kavic is capable of speaking in his animal form ONLY because I see it as two choices. I can be a naked talking bull and have people's characters cover their eyes and flip a script, or I can be a naked talking animal and then suddenly everything is okay. Nude bull-man, or nude animal. Take your pick. >:3
  • I DO take character level into account when Role Playing. So if you're a level one mage, and toss a Fire Ball at Kavic, do not expect him to burst into flames and burn to death. Hit rating or what not does not apply, if you catch him off guard chances are he will get hit with what ever you attack him with, but the damage done will scale to your level.
  • I am not one to do RP fights... if you want to fight Kavic you can duel with him.
  • I don't mind OOC chat mid-RP. I'm guilty of causing mass OOC moments myself. I try not to cause too much chatter OOC'ly, though do not be surprised if you see me go out of character to say something silly.
  • Kavic and I are very similar indeed, but know the difference between IC and OOC please!

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