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The icy shores of Northrend have been cleansed for good of the malacious Scourge. The Lich King has been felled by the very people he sought to undo. Peace has come to Azeroth at last... But within the realm of She of the Dreaming... something stirs...

Opener Edit

(A single woman starts speaking)

"Dreams have always haunted the minds of mortal men, their beauty has entranced many since first they slept..."

(A series of scenes ensue various races and beasts, all asleep, while the person keeps talking)

"And yet to some... the dreams have always been their reality..."

{The camera focuses on a single, gargantuan dragon, her eyes closed)

"But... for every dream there is..."

(Shows the various sleepers shown in last set of scenes, only they seem to be troubled)

"...there exists..."

(All awake, as if on cue)

"...the nightmare"

(Everyone pulls their weapons, runs out, and proceed to start slaughtering everyone in sight, and closes in on ones eyes, which are suddenly colored a dull-grey)

"So come, you who have defended this world from so many dangers past..."

(Flashbacks of Illidan and Arthas, both of whom are defeated by a group of generic adventurers)

"Come to the land where your dreams come to life... come and face your dreams..."

"... your nightmares"

(Shows that same group of asdevturers treking through a forest in the Emerald Dream, only to get cut down by freakish creatures)

"But can you defend yoursleves from this danger...?"

(Shows adventurers rise again, a grey taint like those of the beserking sleepers in their eyes)

"How can you defend yourselves from a danger that makes you your own enemy?"

(Zooms back in on the sleeping dragon, only this one too seems troubled)

"How can you defend yourself..."

(Close up of the dragons eye...)

"...from your own NIGHTMARES?!"

(Eye flies open, revealing an eye that flashes many colors at once, but then settles to a permenant grey...)

Patch 4.0: The Dreams are the Reality Edit

With the advent of Patch 4.0, a major, 15 day world event will unfold to open the path to the Emerald Dream. All over Azeroth's major cities, NPC's will appear that appear to be asleep. Representatives of Yesra will also be present throught the city. From these representatives, you can aquire Shards of Sleepless Nightmare, which can be used to awaken the various Sleepers in the area. Once awakened, a Sleeper is instantly tagged to the PC who awoke it, and will proceed to hunt down this person with extreme prejuduce. The Sleepers maintain a flexible level, if awoken by a Level 10, they will be Level 13, if awoken by a Level 80, they will be Level 83.

Upon killing the Sleeper, it will drop anywhere from 1-3 Corrupted Crystals, which can be redeemed to various NPC's in major capital cities for level appropriate awards. This will last from day 1-15.

From day 5-15, the Lieutenants of Yesra will abandon their usual points in the four Great Trees and begin attacking the various capital cities. They posses all the abilites thay had while guarding the Portals, only they have noe been upgraded to level 80, and the power of the spells they hold, likewise. In their place at the portals are various "Gatekeepers", non-elites who become the new permenant residents of the gates.

On the 8th day, all they way up to the very last day, a change will come of the various major cities as well. The cities will be haunted by Sleepless Dreamers, unkillable sleeping NPC's that will serve to help spread the Nigtmare's taint, by randomly awakening and attacking NPC's and PC's alike. They spread Nightmare Corruption, that causes NPC's to go beserk and attack everything in the area after a time, and PC's to inccur damage (they will not however, go beserk). Green dragons, the only NPC's immune to the corruption, now patrol the cities and try to keep everyone safe.

By the 10th day, the corruption reaches its peak of lethalness, and can quickly kill even high level characters. At this point, it also causes PC's to go beserk. The Green Dragons disappear, leaving the PC's to fend for themselves. On the 15th and final day, the Corruption finally lifts, the Sleepers are all cured, and the gates are finally open for adventurers, the Four Lieutenants having strangely vanished.

Access to the Dream Edit

There are many ways to get within the Emerald Dream for willing adventurers. The most obvious, is going through one of the portals at the four World Trees possesing portals. Soliders from the Alliance and Horde have banded together, and managed to secure and fortify the areas, allowing people to access the Emerald Dream safely and from there, start treking through the Dream.

Druids have a special method of entering, as they have the ability to use Gateway Through Sleep, which acts as a teleporter into the Dream, creating a portal that the Druid and his party can use. Unlike most other teleports however, Gateway Through Sleep, does not bring its users to a specific point. Instead, depending on the location in Azeroth the portal is summoned in, the poratl will take them to the nearest freindly city coresponding to that point in the Emerald Dream.

For instance, should the Druid and his party use Gateway Through Sleep right in the center of Moonglade, his party will be teleported to Cenarion Front, which is right where Moonglade would be in the Emerald Dream. But if the Druid cast the gate in Blackrock Mountain, since there are no freindly cities in the immidiate vicinity, the group might be pulled as far away as The Grove of Cenarius (Located where Ironforge would be in the Emerald Dream)!

The New Races Edit

Furbolgs: Freinds of the Alliance Edit

Long before the Sundering, the ancient Furbolg peoples dwelled in the wild, untamed forests of Northern Kalimdor. A primitive but peaceful race, they lived in harmony with their elven neighbors, tending to the forests as was their purpose. But when the Sundering split the world, its catacylsmic rumblings coupled with the mysterious disappearence of their fellow elves, caused the Furbolg to belive the worst had come. They sealed themsleves within the extensive Barrow Deeps, hidden away from the world for millenia.

Over time, the furbolgs began to feel that the danger had passed and departed the Deeps to resettle the surface world. Three tribes however, still decided to remain in hiding, the Stillpine, the Timbermaw, and the Barkskin. These tribes would be the last to remain pure following the Third War, as the furbolg tribes, one by one, were corrupted by the taint of the Burning Legion. Ultimately, only these three tribes remained, hidden away within the depths of Mount Hyjal.

The Stillpine and Timbermaw both eventually moved out of the Barrow Deeps, leaving the Barkskin isolated within the deeps, fearful of the taint they sensed in the forests they had once tended to. Ultimately, the furbolg under a radical new leader, Ursa Hamman, also made a bold move, they would attempt to contact the surface and find what happened of their old allies; the elves.

What they found devastated them, the formerly pure peak of Hyjal was desecrated, tainted by the demonic presense of the Burning Legion. The furbolgs would go on to find further scenes of devastation in other areas such as Felwood, and Ashenvale. It was in the latter that they first came into contact with the Horde. Horrified by their seemingly careless harvesting of lumber from their once sacred groves, the Furbolg would retreat, only to find the elves that had once been their allies. Contact was established, and the Furbolg agreed to renew their pact with the Night Elves, and return to the world that they had left for so long.

Young furbolg, it falls to you to safeguard the forests as they heal of the Legions taint.

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