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Hunter's Guide to Karazhan
Your Roles

Deal damage
Protect squishies
Stay alive

Stats and Gear

Hit rating
Attack power
Crit rating
MP5 and Intellect
Armor penetration
Melee weapons
Ranged weapons
Head enchant
Shoulder enchant
Gear recommendations
Gem recommendations
Reputation rewards

Talent Spec

Beast Mastery
Other specs

Your Pet

Choice of pet
Choosing pet talents
A warning about pet bigots

Shot Rotations

Shot timing
Beast mastery rotations
Testing shot rotations


Voice communication

Getting Your Key
Raid Preparation

Buffs and grouping
Target assignment


Review of skills
Dealing damage
Managing threat
Freeze trapping
Protecting squishies
Staying alive
Controlling pulls

The Bosses

Servants' Quarters
Attumen the Huntsman
Opera Event
Maiden of Virtue
The Big Bad Wolf
Romulo and Julianne
Wizard of Oz
The Curator
Shade of Aran
Terestian Illhoof
Chess Event
Prince Malchezaar

List of Tables

Hunter gear
Hunter gems
Reputation rewards
Raid pets
Raid buffs
Group buffs
Raid debuffs
Skills timing

This section covers everything you need to know about actual combat. This is what you do when you're actually in a fight.

Review of skills Edit

This table is a review of all the hunter skills you might want to use in Karazhan.

Skill Description Mana Cast Time Cooldown Comment
Aimed Shot

A shot that increases damage by 870 and reduces healing on the target by 50% for 10 seconds.


3.0 sec

6.0 sec

Does not increase DPS, because it resets the Auto Shot timer.
Use it with Misdirection and on targets that might get healed.
Cast time is reduced by haste.

Auto Shot

Hits the target for ranged weapon damage plus attack power and scope bonuses.


0.5 sec

Weapon speed

Basic attack, and a large fraction of hunter damage.
Cooldown (from weapon speed) is reduced by haste.

Arcane Shot

Hit target for 273 + 15% of your ranged attack power in arcane damage. Also, dispel one beneficial magic effect from the target.



6 sec

Not mana efficient, but useful to do damage while moving. Also useful to dispel effects on Attumen trash, Moroes (when Berrybuck is around), Romulo, and Julianne.

Bestial Wrath

Fully talented, increase pet damage by 50%, increase hunter damage by 10%, reduce mana costs of spells by 20%, and make both hunter and pet immune to most crowd control. Lasts 18 seconds.

10% of base mana


120 sec

Defining Beast Mastery talent. Use at the same time as Rapid Fire and other racial and trinket buffs to greatly increase damage for a short while.

Concussive Shot

Slows target by 50% for four seconds.

8% of base mana


12 sec

Useful for protecting squishies and for slowing targets to build more threat on them before they go into a Freezing Trap.


Increase chance to dodge and parry by 25% each.



300 sec

Survival talent. May let you survive if you get melee attacks. It is usually better for the raiding hunter not to get melee attacks at all, though.

Explosive Trap

Drop a trap that hits enemies within 10 yards for 201-257 fire damage followed by 330 fire damage over 20 seconds. The trap itself lasts 60 seconds.



30 sec

Can do a lot of damage, but tends to generate unwanted threat. Use only when the tank can hold on to every monster it will hit, or use Snake Trap, instead.
Useful on Moroes trash.

Feign Death

Play dead, permanently removing all threat from monsters aware of the hunter.



30 sec

Use this to stay under the tank's threat, or when you are about to die to trash.
Allows the hunter to safely do a lot of damage, even with a tank that does not generate a lot of threat.

Freezing Trap

Drop a trap that will freeze a target for 20 seconds. The trap itself lasts 60 seconds.



30 sec

The best hunter crowd control. Considerably improved by Survival talents. See the discussion on Freeze Trapping.

Frost Trap

Drop a trap that will slow nearby enemies for 30 seconds. The trap itself lasts 60 seconds.



30 sec

Useful for Moroes, Moroes trash, Attumen trash, Servant's Quarters, and some Shade trash. Very nice for kiting.


The pet's next attack generates a large amount of threat and stuns the target for 3 seconds.

4% of base mana


60 sec

Beast Mastery talent. Useful mainly for protecting squishies.

Kill Command

The pet instantly attacks for an additional 127 damage.



5 sec

Available only after the hunter lands a critical strike.
Does not trigger the global cooldown, so it should be used every time it is available.


Threat caused by your next 3 attacks is redirected to the target raid member.

9% of base mana


120 sec

One Multishot uses up all three charges if it hits. Put this on the tank every time he could use more threat.


Fire multiple shots, hitting up to three targets, for 205 extra damage each.


0.5 sec

10 sec

Mana inefficient way to do extra burst damage on a single target, or massive damage when hitting multiple targets.
Much stronger with Marksmanship talents, but Beast Mastery hunters should use it only when hitting multiple targets.

Rapid Fire

Increase ranged attack speed by 40% for 15 seconds.



300 sec

Trigger this at the same time as trinket and racial abilities that increase attack power for a massive surge of damage.
Use Feign Death to avoid pulling aggro when doing this.
The Rapid Killing talent reduces the cooldown to 180 seconds.

Raptor Strike

Your next melee attack does 140 extra damage.


Next hit

6 sec

If you happen to be in melee range of your target, use this before you run back out to range.

Scorpid Sting

Reduces the target's chance to hit by 5%. Lasts 20 seconds.

9% of base mana



Greatly reduces the damage done by a boss on a tank. Keep it up at all times.
Hunters can have only one sting each per target.
Does not stack, but due to high mana cost, rotate Scorpid Sting duty amongst any other hunters in the raid.

Scatter Shot

Deal 50% of normal shot damage and causes the target to wander aimlessly for 4 seconds. Range is 0 to 50% of normal shot range.

8% of base mana


30 sec

Marksmanship talent. Very handy for staying alive. Gives time to drop a Freezing Trap.

Serpent Sting

Sting the target for 660 damage over 15 seconds.




Usually a mana-inefficient waste of a global cooldown. Use a Steady Shot instead.
Use to do damage when moving, someone else is maintaining Scorpid Sting, and Arcane Shot is on cooldown.
Damage is increased slightly by ranged attack power.

Silencing Shot

Deal 50% of normal shot damage and silences the target for 3 seconds.

6% of base mana


20 sec

Marksmanship talent. Forces casters into melee. Very useful on Moroes, Shade of Aran trash, and Netherspite trash.

Snake Trap

Drop a trap that releases five snakes to attack your enemies for 15 seconds. The trap itself lasts 60 seconds.



30 sec

Good AoE damage without the threat generated by Explosive Trap. Also good for fooling enemies into attacking a snake instead of a player character. Poison from the snakes breaks crowd control.

Steady Shot

Shoot the target for 100 + 20% of ranged attack power physical damage.


1.5 sec


After Auto Shot, most important skill for doing damage. Use it as much as possible.
Cast time is reduced by haste.

Viper Sting

Drain 1368 mana over 8 seconds.



15 sec

Not useful in Karazhan, unless your raid is trying to get the Shade of Aran to do his Pyroblast before he brings out his elementals.


Do 105 arcane damage every second for 6 seconds to enemies in an 8 yard radius.


6 sec

60 sec

Do AoE damage to multiple enemies once an Explosive Trap or Snake Trap is used. Use when the tank has a means of holding on to multiple targets, or you may get unwanted attention.
Useful on Moroes trash.

Wing Clip

Deals 50 damage and reduces movement speed of the target by 60%.




Useful for kiting, protecting squishies, and doing a small amount of extra damage when stuck in melee.

Dealing damage Edit

Dealing damage in a raid as a hunter, when you are all set up, is actually pretty simple. If you have gotten this far, you probably know how to do it already. To review:

  • Put up Hunter's Mark on the target. Keep it refreshed.
  • Put Misdirection on the tank any time he is not far ahead on threat. Once or twice per fight is usually plenty.
  • Put Scorpid Sting on the target. Keep it refreshed.
  • Put your pet in Passive mode, with the focus dump ability on auto-cast (except for Lightning Breath).
  • Tap the shot rotation macro non-stop. Use the high-burn rotation macro if you have plenty of mana. Use the low-burn macro if not.
  • When you are safe on threat, use Rapid Fire and any trinkets or racial abilities that increase damage. Use them all at the same time.
  • Use Feign Death any time that your threat is an issue.
  • Take a mana potion the moment it appears that you might have mana issues later in the fight.
  • Turn on Aspect of the Viper when you go below 25% mana. Fall back to auto-shot only to really increase mana regeneration, at the expense of current damage.

Managing threat Edit

All the bosses and much of the trash in Karazhan are immune to taunts! If you pull aggro from a boss, your tank cannot save you. You must stay below the tank on threat almost all the time. Your two main tools to do this are Misdirection and Feign Death.

Open the fight with Misdirection and some high-threat moves, possibly including an Aimed Shot and a Distracting Shot. This boosts the tank's threat considerably, while allowing you to do threat-free damage. This gives the tank enough of a head start that you can continue dealing damage immediately.

Watch the threat meter. When you approach 90% of the tank's threat, use Feign Death and resume fire.

Maintain fire until Feign Death is available again, and use it. At this point, it is usually safe to blow your Rapid Fire, trinket, and racial cooldowns.

After one more Feign Death, the tank will usually have so big a lead on threat that you will not have to worry about it again. However, it is still possible for a character without a threat dump (Enhancement Shamans, Shadow Priests) to approach the tank's threat. If this happens, put Misdirection on the tank again every time it cools down.

Watch the threat meter like a hawk. The threat meter is life. Ignore the threat meter while fighting a boss, and life ends.

Freeze trapping Edit

On the Attumen and Moroes trash, and Moroes' dinner guests, you may be called upon to Freeze Trap. Hunters can keep a single target trapped for a long time through a technique called "Chain Trapping".

  • Before the pull, target your assigned enemy, preferably with an appropriate raid marker on it.
  • Move to an appropriate spot off to the side of the bulk of the raid. The target will be trapped there, where it will be less likely to get its trap broken by damage.
  • Drop a freezing trap at your feet and back up a bit. It is best to do this at least 25 seconds before the pull. Your cooldown should be ready so you can drop a second trap.
  • Wait for the tank to pull.
  • Immediately after the tank pulls, hit your target with Distracting Shot, Concussive Shot, Auto Shot, and probably Arcane Shot to build threat on it and slow it down. It will walk toward you and stumble into the trap.
  • As soon as the target is frozen, drop another trap. When the first trap expires, the target should head straight for you, and blunder into the next trap.
  • Consider moving across the room, a distance from the trapped target. Drop another trap as soon as the cooldown is available.
  • When the second trap breaks, the target will have to walk across the room to get to you. As it does, hit it with Concussive Shot and damaging shots to slow it down and maintain threat on it. Your third trap should be down before it gets to you.
  • Move back to your original position if a fourth trap is required. Most fights do not last that long. However, your cooldown will start to catch up to you at this point. You may wish to ask the tank to pick up the trapped target.

On some fights, your are not required to control a target with a trap. In that case, drop the trap at the feet of your healers and casters. If anything gets loose and attacks them, the trap will save them long enough for a tank to pick up the loose monster. This is an especially good idea on the Moroes fight.

Protecting squishies Edit

The squishies are your healers and your casters. These are raid members that die easily when they get attacked. These include holy paladins and restoration shamans, as their gear carries little stamina. As a hunter you have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep them alive.

Most of the tricks apply only to trash fights; if a squishy manages to get a boss' attention, your raid will be short a member a second or two later. They do, however, apply to Nightbane, Moroes, and Terestian Illhoof, all of whom have trash-like adds.

So, here are your tricks:

  • Chain-trap your assigned target. This is just part of your regularly assigned job, but it does mean that there is one less monster running loose that might become interested in a healer.
  • Drop a freezing trap at the feet of your squishies. If something gets loose and goes for a squishy, it will get caught in the trap long enough for a tank to pick it up.
  • Snare the target with Concussive Shot, Wing Clip, or Frost Trap. This will slow down the monster to give the tank time to pick it up.
  • Stun the target with Intimidation.
  • Use Misdirection to send the target back to the tank.
  • Use Intimidation and Growl to pull the target onto your pet, then tank the target with your pet.
  • Use Distracting Shot and Multi Shot and Auto Shot to pull the target to yourself, then snare it and run away. This is called "Kiting".

Note that there is nothing you can do about the big pulls on the stairway up to the ballroom. The warlock always dies there. Just tell him to run back. It is a short run.

Staying alive Edit

Hunters, with decent stamina, mail armor, threat management skills, and a ranged attack have some of the best survivability of the damage-dealing classes. It is your responsibility to take advantage of that by being low-maintenance. You should rarely require outside heals.

Also, remember always that staying alive is more important than doing damage. Your DPS goes way down when you are dead. Here is what you can do:

  • Stay a safe distance from anything that has a nasty short-range AoE attack. In Karazhan, that includes Attumen the Huntsman, Maiden of Virtue, Lord Robin Daris, Romulo, Tinhead, Nightbane, Prince Malchezaar, hand the Prince's Infernals.
  • In general, if the place where you are standing has become a sea of flames, a pit of life-sucking darkness, or a torrent of icy death, go stand somewhere else immediately. Flame Wreath is the exception, of course.
  • Do not go over the tank's threat. Just do not do that.
  • Keep a Freezing Trap down. If you attract unwanted attention, it may run into the trap before it hurts you.
  • If something starts casting a nasty spell at you, run around a corner before it finishes.
  • Use potions and healthstones liberally when you are hurt. If the healers are having trouble keeping up, the healthstone is gone, and the potions are on cooldown, use bandages. Generally, you want to avoid using bandages because you cannot deal damage while bandaging. It's better than dying, though!
  • Heal your pet yourself with Mend Pet and bandages. The regular healers will be busy. If they can manage it, their heals on your pet are very useful to the raid, but do not count on them.

Controlling pulls Edit

Sophisticated raids can use hunters to help control the pulls.

It is usually simpler for the tank to pull by hitting a target first. Once that is done, though, a hunter can control the pull by using Misdirection to send a target to an off-tank, use a Frost Trap to give a paladin tanks Consecration more time to work, and so forth.

On multi-target pulls, a nice trick to use is to put Misdirection on the tank, then open with Multi Shot. This puts a decent amount of threat from the tank on three targets immediately, and makes the pull safer.

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