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AllianceNPC 32Kathandre Greymist
Gender Male
Race Night elf
Character class Hunter
Position Self-employed Hunter
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Yindiya Greymist, Kaleena

Kathandre Greymist is a Night Elven hunter born in Ashenvale.

((Kathandre is found on: Silver Hand))

Appearance Edit

Kathandre’s skin is grey and he is usually seen wearing black or dark clothing with a black hood concealing most of his face.

He appears to be older than he really is due to his roughened appearance: a result of living a hard life in the forests.

Family Edit

Kathandre’s family died in an accident in the forests of Ashenvale when he was still rather young. Kathandre and his sister Yindiya were the only two to survive. The only other known relative to Kathandre whom he frequently has been seen visiting is his cousin Kaleena.

Social status Edit

Kathandre has been engaged three times according to record though it is believed that he has also been engaged a fourth time though unofficially. The latest known engagement was with Miss Camelion Fadeleaf.

Occupation Edit

Kathandre makes a living as a hunter, killing beasts and selling their meat to regional vendors and chefs. He has also been known to help locals with tasks they find too difficult or dangerous. All for a price.

Home Edit

Although he was born and raised in Kalimdor, Kathandre is usually found in the Outland these days but is known to frequent the auction house of Stormwind City every now and then.

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