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Introduction Edit

Many WoW players have too many items that they just do not want to sell at this point in time, or think they could be of some use eventually. Therefore, these players create a Bank Character, and mail these extra items over to this character. An important decision is where to put your bank character. This guide describes to you the best place to put your bank, based on whether you are Horde or Alliance, a seller or non-seller, and so on.

Overall Edit

In this guide, we will be referring to Bank Characters as Bankers. Sometimes we refer to them as mules, but recently Bank alt has become a popular term. We know that every Banker needs access to 4 vital things: A Bank, A mailbox, presumably an Auction House, and a nearby Vendor.

Alliance 32 Alliance Edit

Race Description
Humans: Humans can make great bankers, because it takes the less time to get from Northshire to Stormwind than any other starting area's Capital City and Starting Valley. Following the road, it takes little time. If you want to be even faster, you can head through the forest and not follow the road until you come across the gates of Stormwind, but you may be attacked by Defias or wolves. Inside Stormwind, the Mailbox is right outside the Bank and the Auction House is pretty close, right around the corner from the fountain, but a bit confusing to find at first. There is a general store one the way to the auction house, and the Innkeeper (near the Bank) is also a vendor.
Dwarves and Gnomes: The Dwarves and Gnomes of Dun Morogh may take a while to get from Coldridge Valley to Ironforge, but will not be attacked by many monsters on the road to Ironforge. Ironforge is widely populated by the most players, so you may experience Lag as you log on to your banker. The bank and mailbox are only about 5-6 'gnome-steps' apart, but the auction house is a bit of a walk across the wide plaza. There are vendors in the area, and the bread vendor will walk around the area where the bank and bridge is, so she is a good person to sell your unused items.
Night Elves: Walking all that way from Shadowglen to Darnassus is a pain. And since the night elves believe in 'harmony with nature', the road to Darnassus may be covered by spiders or nightstalkers from time to time. The city Darnassus is rarely ever occupied, so there will be very little lag. The Bank and Mailbox are close, 3 'gnome-steps' apart. The nearest vendor is the weapons merchant, on the right side of the white bridge heading out from Darnassus; also there are several in the vicinity of the auction house. The only problem if you are a seller is that the Auction House is farther apart from the Bank and Mailbox than in the other capitals, so night elf is not recommended for sellers.
Draenei The walk from Ammen Vale to The Exodar is about the same as the walk from Shadowglen to Darnassus, but the road is not usually covered by monsters. Getting around The Exodar is a bit confusing until you get used to it, you will need to avoid going rampward when you circle around the central plaza crossing between the Bank and Auction House. The Mailbox and Auction house are not very far away, about the same distance as the Ironforge Bank and Mailbox. There are several vendors in the plaza between the Bank and Auction House - no stalls, just freestanding npc vendors.

Horde 32 Horde Edit

Race Description
Orcs and Trolls: The walk from Valley of Trials is quick: shorter than the walk from Shadowglen to Darnassus, and there is barely anything that will attack you if follow the path. (Watch out for the occasional wandering scorpid.) The Orgrimmar Bank and Mailbox are a bit farther than the Ironforge Bank and Mailbox, but the Auction House is nearby, shorter than any alliance walk (except for the Draenei). However, Orgrimmar is the most populated Horde city, so you may experience lag. Otherwise, this is a great place to have your banker. The nearest vendor is the weapon merchant, to your right once you exit the bank, in a store called 'The Shattered Axe'.
Forsaken: Undead may experience arachnophobia when walking from Deathknell to The Undercity. Furthermore, it is a long walk, longer than any other race. Once you are inside The Undercity, it may seem like a maze to you. The Bank and Mailbox are close, but the Auction House is in the middle ring, so when you jump down to get into there, you might fall into the green slime, and have to swim around a bit to get to some stairs. The Vendor is close to the Bank: the cockroach merchant. The Undercity is barely populated, so there is lag, but we know why it is barely populated, right?
Tauren: Although Mulgore might seem like a big place, it is in fact, a really big place. Walking all that way from the starting area to Thunder Bluff might be a pain, and since Mulgore is mostly all flats, Kodo or wolves might walk across and try to kill you. The Tauren have the second longest walk of any race, and might accidentally fall off of Thunder Bluff once up there. However, the Mailbox, Bank, Vendor (weapons merchant, north of the bank), and Auction House are all in the same district. Thus, if you don't mind the walk to Thunder Bluff, this is a good place for Bankers of all interests. Again, there are not many players here, so not much lag.
Blood Elves: Blood elves probably have the shortest walk from their starting are, Sunstrider Isle, to their capital city, Silvermoon. They might come across some undead as they pass through the scar, but the rangers there will fight them off for you. Once entering Silvermoon, you have a choice of whether you want to have your banker in the Bazaar, or the Royal Exchange. The Royal Exchange is recommended, because the Bank, Mailbox, and Auction House are close. However, the nearest Vendor is far, to the very southern end of the Royal Exchange. You might experience some lag, because Silvermoon is a big city.

Goblins? Edit

Yes, A goblin city is a good place to put a banker too. Just get an Orc or Troll, Walk up the secret path (part of a shaman quest, call of earth), jump into the bay between the barrens and Durotar. Then swim as far as you can over to the merchant cost before being killed by a crocodile. Your spirit should go to the ratchet graveyard. Resurrect there, and then wait for the boat to Booty Bay to come.

Booty bay is a great place for non-sellers. The Bank and Mailbox are DEAD close, closer than any other Bank and Mailbox. The auction house is also dead close, but since not many players, depending on your server, use the goblin auction houses, so you might have trouble selling your items, and if your server does not use the goblin auction houses, then you will not experience much lag when logging on. The nearest vendor is the fishing merchant, just a short walk from the bank/mailbox/ah area. So if you arent one who uses the auction house much, and you like pirates, Booty Bay is the right place for your banker.

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