Kael'thas Sunstrider

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Disclaimer: This is not the real Kael'thas OR Kael'thas from Azerothian Super Villains, I am just a huge fan of ASV. Hey Illidan! I got my own page on this website! I'm famous! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

CombatMobElite 32Kael'thas Sunstrider
Kael'thas Sunstrider
Title <Lord of the Blood Elves>
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level  ?? Elite Boss
Health ~3,624,683
Mana ~1,693,000
Location Black Temple
Status Killable

Episode One Edit

In the first episode, this is where me and Illidan begin our plans to take over the toy stores! We argue a little, but then we start a T.V. broadcast, and it was soooooo cooool! We got to be on T.V. and I got to say hello to my mommy! Sadly, it got interrupted while we were arguing, and Illidan didn't like my TOTALLY AWESOME plan of stealing the first born child, which you KNOW is a GREAT PLAN!!! Then Illidan said what he always says, "They will not be prepared!!" I asked if he would say that every time and he said yes.

Episode Two Edit

I loved this episode, Illidan was talking to his weird skull like usual, then he came to watch T.V. and THERE we were!! Then, we got told we weren't important and that there were two kittens at the top of the world tree!! Those poor kittens! I said "I hope they save those poor kittens." but Illidan the Meany slapped me, what a poopy head! Well, Illidan wanted a new way of taking over the toy stores, and maybe the trees that Archimonde loves, so he asked Akama for some stuff, Illidan rejected both the Gnome Gun, which was soooo funny, and the magical sword, which really wasn't magic, but I thought it was pretty sweet. Illidan finally got a totally awesome enlarging wand, which he let ME use! I grew to a huge size and got revenge on a meanie who sold me fake Pokêmon cards, I threw him far away! After that I had to go potty, but a raid group attacked me and brought me down. One of the raiders asked "What have you done with the epic loot?" So I told him I had the enlarging wand, but they didn't like it so they chased me! I ran in circles and screamed like a little girl, but I told them I was a girl in real life, so they let me go. Illidan must've been happy I came back and even gave me a cookie for it!

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