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My IdeasEdit

Summary of IdeasEdit

  • 4 expansions.

1. New Areas: Maelstrom, Pandaria, Tel Abim, Zandallar

Level Cap: 90

New Races: Pandaren (Alliance), Murloc (Horde)

Neutral City: Zuldazar (United Trolls)

New Profession: Masonry

Main Antagonists: Azshara, Deathwing, Neptulon

Other: Tomb of Sargeras, Grim Batol, Caverns of Time: Exile of the Gnomes

2.New Areas: Ysera's Palace, White Lady, Emerald Nightmare

Level Cap: 100

New Class: Dreamer (hero)

New Profession: Logging

Neutral City: Eye of Ysera

Maing Antagonists: (Old God causing the nightmare), (Uldum Old God), Evil Guy on the Moon)

Other: Uldum, Caverns of Time: Summoning of Sargeras

3. New Areas: Elemental Plane, Hyjal, (Chunk of Draenor), Kezan

Level Cap: 110

New Races: Furbolg (Alliance), Ogre (Horde)

New Profession: Building

Neutral City: Undermine (Streamwheedle Goblins)

Main Antagonists: Elemental Lords Resurrected and United, (Last Old God)

Other: Caverns of Time: Flight of the Draenei

4. New Areas: Xoroth, Gilneas, Amani Swamps

Level Cap: 120

New Class: Barbarian (hero)

New Profession: Fletching

Neutral City: Gilneas City

Main Antagonists: Sargeras


  • Housing or Guild Halls

A faviourite for everyone. Instanced neighborhoods or whatever it takes to make it, we all want it. My ideas is make you crib cool by hanging up portraits of the guild downing bosses, displaying your old epics and legendaries on the wall and be able to hand out keys to roommates and friends.

  • Mounts and Vehicles

1. Flying in Azeroth. Yes we all know Blizzard's stance on this. But no one cares that much if their are invisible fly walls blocking every undeveloped area, aslong as we can experience some nostalgia flying through the classic areas.

2. More multi-man Mounts. It was one of the best ideas to have these, it's great it's so exclusive and everything with the price being so high but... We do want to see more like this maybe multi-man flyers or just bigger vehicles for more folks to hop on.

3. Combat Mounts. Yes the vehicles are great but... Being able to charge on a stallion and lance your opponent of his mount has got be alot of fun too.

4. More water Mounts. Again a great idea that we want to see more of with more variety, like more speed, multi-man, combat or vehicles.

5. Need for Speed. 310% is a great speed and it is exlusive but... we want to see more of this on land and we want something to rival teleporting.

  • Sargeras

Yes I know I mention this in my Xoroth idea but this is what would be the coolest thing ever. Sargeras is ofcourse the root of most of the evil in the universe and enemy to all living beings so on... But finally we have a chance to strike back at him, find a way to contact other races from other planets, unite everyone under one banner, ask help from the Pantheon and be the strategic master behind the final stand. 40 guys from your guild, all of them will take direct control of powerful titans, 6 of them being the Pantheon. Agrammar tanking, Eonar healing, Aman'thul and the rest are DPS on Sargeras himself. The rest of the raid will be other powerful titans comanding massive armies resperesenting different races, like one guy will command a thousand humans, another a thousand orcs, another a thousand ethereals and so on. When Sargeras is down the person who deals him the killing blow or regular rolling loot or whatever may take his half-sword, this person presents this to the titans who grant him the other half and he creates Gorbsalach the most powerful weapon in the universe. The End. WoW credits. Interesting cinematic and we go back farming for cloth.

Future Expansion Ideas (detailed)Edit

Firstly I would like to start by poiting out a few things. 1) These are ideas gathered from lore, other users ideas and my own ideas. I am by no means trying to take credit for any of these, I am organising everthing in the way I think it should be. 2) I am not a Blizzard representitive leaking information about future. If I happen to be right about everything then it's a lucky coincidence and once again I am not taking credit for it. 3) I accept all criticism as long as it is not unjustified or meaningless abuse. 4) Many sections lack information. I will go into greater details about some smaller aspects and sum-up some of the larger aspects some time in the near future.

The MaelstromEdit

With the defeat of the Lich King and his Scourge and the forces of Kael'thas, Illidan and Kil'jaeden before that, the forces of Azeroth gather their heroes yet again to strike another foe that bares great threat to the world.

New AreasEdit

The Naga have been stirring since the defeat of Lady Vashj. It hasn’t been clear for a long time what there next move is against the Alliance and the Horde. But now, the Naga have revealed their full might, arising from the sea in numbers never seen before and threaten to take over Azeroth entirely. Queen Azshara, after millennia of planning her sweet vengeance has released a great army of Naga to renew her reign on the world. Even with the loss of the Well of Eternity so long ago, the former Highborne are more powerful than ever and no time can be wasted, the time has come to hold our breath and enter the ever-twisting centre of the world. May the gods have mercy for whatever lies waiting…

Pandaria, sitting to the far east of the Eastern Kingdoms on the Devouring Sea, this is dwelling and home of the ancient race of the Pandaren who once ruled a vast empire. In the center is Pandarane City, the capital of Pandaria. It is difficult to reach since there are no ports on the east side of the Eastern Kingdoms coastline line, but since its location has become clear, most Alliance and neutral ports can sail there. Now that the Naga have discovered the region, the Pandaren have been forced to reenlist members of their society into their army and fortify their defenses. This is where Pandaren players will spend their time as low levels.

Tel Abim, on the coast of western Kalimdor in the South Seas, this is the on shore home of the Murlocs, before they were forced to leave their semi-submerged city of Kurtak. Ever since, the island has made home for different inhabitants, some examples are Jungle Trolls, pirates and Goblins. The Murlocs who have freed themselves from Naga oppression have reclaimed their city and are constantly defending it, as advised by the Horde the Murlocs maintain a good relationship with the Goblins and have created a Zeppelin route from there to Orgrimmar and Undercity. The Naga who did not expect the sudden escape of hundreds of Murlocs, are now trying to recapture them as slaves. But this time the Naga are facing more than just defenseless Murlocs and have been forced to make them a secondary objective.

The Broken Isles, drawing ever closer into the might of Maelstrom, these islands have been abandoned and forgotten. But attention was soon drawn back to the region when a group of Bloodsail ships stationed there and returned to the Eastern Kingdoms as deformed abominations of ancient evils. Something is stirring within the Tomb of Sargeras and the ruins of the Night Elf city Suramar, weather it is the demonic guardians the Dark Titan stationed there, Gul'dan's old agents or the remainder of Illidan's forces is not clear. But something has to be done and soon.

Zandalar, the island where all Trolls gather every 6 years to discuss their racial matters, has congregated early and decided that they are opening the gates of Zuldazar to allow the Horde and Alliance to reside and build a primary station opposing the Maelstrom. The Trolls who opposed this have camped up in Mount Mugamba to avoid the Naga, they are a constant threat. The magical barriers that held for so many years were recently shattered by the Naga and has also allowed pirates and other forces to lay siege on the region.

New RacesEdit

The noble Pandaren of Pandaria, who were once neutral and have finally found their place in the conflicts, have decided to take up arms and join with the Alliance. Stories of valiance have warmed the hearts of the Pandaren for long now and their history with the Horde is not so pleasant. United with the Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, Gnomes and Draenei the Pandaren are confident they will be able to stop the constant Naga attacks on their beloved land.

The aquatic Murlocs of Tel Abim, who once had no association with any race except their Naga masters have now broken free. After apologizing and explaining to the Trolls, that attacking them was done under the control of the Naga, they were accepted into the Horde. The Murlocs have always dreamed of belonging to a cause where they were treated equally, they found themselves more at home with other races who were also on the path of redemption. Now standing in way more upright than ever, the Murlocs can finally have their revenge on the Naga in a more organized fashion, wielding weapons and wearing armor, they stand along side the Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Forsaken and Blood Elves.

New ProfessionEdit

Masonry. There are many rocks in Azeroth that remained unexamined and unused until now. Players can find rocks (even on walls) and chisel off required amounts that are useful for many purposes, like buffing and healing. In some circumstances these materials are required for professions like Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, Enchanting and Inscribing. It requires no complimentary profession for collecting materials though Mining may sometimes serve as a helpful counterpart.

New FeatureEdit

Upon reaching the powerful level of 50 and earning up to 2500 achievement points, players choose what kind of a legacy they want to leave for themselves upon their deaths. When players are killed, everyone within 30 yards radius is effected, allied players or NPCs may receive a heal or buff and enemy players (PvP active) or mobs may receive damage or a debuff. There is more emphasis on this ability to friends, guild members and raid/party members. This has a respective cool-down and can be activated or deactivated.

New Dungeons and RaidsEdit

Mount Mugamba, the Trolls who have disagreed with the Congress of Zuldazar have united and taken the mountain to set up their encampment, here they are above the attacking Naga, Bloodsail Buccaneers, Demons and Elementals who have finally got on the island through the breaking of the magical barrier. Their siege weapons are fired from the Mugamba Caves and their leaders rule from the Mugamba Peak.

Grim Batol Fortress, after the defeat of Onyxia and Nefarian this has been the presumed residence of Deathwing. Because of focusing there efforts elsewhere, the Alliance and the Horde never pursued this. But lately the new hybrid of deadly Chromatic Dragons has been unleashed and the Red Dragonflight is ready for the last stand. In the depths are the Chromatic Nests. The remains of Deathwing's unsuccessful experiments reside in the Dragon Laboratory. A few Dark Iron Dwarves who still reside in fortress are trying to create new weapons from the fire-breath of imprisoned Red Dragons in the Flamebreath Forge. And the lair of Deathwing where the final battle will take place is the Grand Turret of Grim Batol.

Sunken Soulsong, in the Drowned Reaches of the Maelstrom, there is a collection of shipwrecks. The grandest ship of all once carried the ambassadors of each allied human and dwarf nation who were sent to first greet the Pandaren, but the boat was overwhelmed by Naga who changed the ships coarse for the Eye of the Maelstrom, the crew that survived were driven mad and mutated by the Naga, now they have developed a hate for all races above the surface and patiently wait for greedy raiders to stumble upon the wreckage.

Mak'aru Shrine is the in town centre the capital city of the Makrura on the Scintal Reef. The Makrura have been driven out of their city, by the Naga who now control it. Makrura are willing to reward any hero who returns their beloved city to them.

Grand Gishan Cavern the largest of the Gishan Caverns that were created by volcanic activity and the Naga, even with their new enormous army avoid it because of the monstrous sea creatures that reside their.

The Boiling Terrace, this is the current home of Neptulon who is thought to be neutral with the Naga. There are many powerful water elementals here that if not kept at bay could cause a lot of damage to the world.

Zin-Azshari Keep, this was recently built on the ruins of Zin-Azshari by the Naga as their primal military base. It consists of Zin-Azshari Training Grounds, Zin-Azshari Dormitories, Zin-Ashari Armoury, Zin-Azshari Dining Hall and Kitchens, Zin-Azshari Disciplinary Chambers and the Zin-Azshari Officer's Lounge and General's Quarters.

The Rift's Center, when the Naga suddenly became powerful, many demon entities of Azeroth immediately went to check the ruins of the Well of Eternity but to their disappoint they have only been trapped there.

The Caverns of Time, the battle against the Infinite Dragonflight is nowhere near over, the Bronze Dragons are yet again letting heroes return to the past. This time at the Exile of the Gomes.

Nazjatar, is the capital city of the Naga and Azshara. In order to gain entry to the city you must pass the guards of the Trident Gates. In the Nazjatar Prisons, there are powerful wardens who need to be killed in order to release Murloc leaders. Nazjatar Gardens holds some of the once beautiful Highborne flowers which are now fiendish monsters. The Nazjatar Court is the second most important place in the city where all the political decisions are made. Azshara's Palace, the home of the ever-hating Queen is filled with powerful arcane magic although it is nothing compared to what it was 10,000 years ago, it is filled with desperation and lust that make it so dangerous.

New Battlegrounds and ArenasEdit

Azshara Crater, in the region of Ashara in Kalimdor, the Alliance and the Horde are fighting it out to gain control of several economic exploits and historic structures. It is a 20 vs 20, the battleground mostly involves building and destroying with some NPC intervention. The goal is to have built 5 towers, have 1 standing camp, collect 3 runes, kill 1 commander and have 2 viable resources. The battle can end in a draw if both teams fail to do this in under 45 minutes.

Gadgetzan Cage, in the heat of Tanaris the gladiators fight to the death in the centre of Gadgetzan. The arena was closed after many fighters fainted from dehydration, but after much request for the reopening of the cage, blood is once again spilt on the sand.

Great Bubble is constantly circling through the Eye of the violent Maelstrom as if taunting the whirlpool itself. The Zandalar Witch Doctors learn to manipulate this bubble and have let it set directly above the full fury of the Maelstrom, since mages have learnt to teleport inside it has been used for entertainment

New QuestsEdit

Sea Centre's Deposit; upon falling through the Maelstrom you land on a high platform where the Horde and Alliance have set up camp on either side surrounding the Naga in the center and trying to stop them from reaching the shores of Azeroth. This is the region of the Zin-Azshari Keep. (78-82)

The Boken Isles, discover what remains of the once grand Night Elf city of Suramar, fight the remainder of the Shadow Council that reside here and boldly enter the Tomb of Sargeras. (78-82)

Zandalar Beach; a hostile place with mostly Naga, Bloodsail Buccaneers and Sand Gnomes, this is where they need to be held at bay. (81-85)

Scintal Reef; home of the Makrura and their city, Mak'aru, which has now been taken over by Naga. The Makrura are stationed close to the city but need help to reclaim it. (81-85)

Zandalar Jungle; making up most of Zandalar, it's highest point is Mount Mugamba and has Zuldazar City in its centre. (84-86)

The Pillar Deep, fight your way past tubeworms to gain access to the Gishan Caverns. (84-86)

The Drowned Reaches, stop the Naga from luring ships to destruction and let the maddened crew of ships have a quick and painless death. Explore the ruins of the Soulsong. (85-87)

The Rift; recently drawn the attention of the Burning Legion who are on Azeroth and are powerful enough to reach the bottom of the sea. This is a chance to rid the world of most of its demonic threats. (85-87)

Nazjatar Perimeter; help the two factions prepare for their final assault on the Naga capital. (87-90)

Tidehunter's Temple; filled with water elementals and desperate Naga ambassadors this is the home the Elemental Lord of Water. Neptulon serves the Old Gods and commands his forces from The Boiling Terrace. (87-90)

Grim Batol; the hill upon which lies the former Dwarven fortress. Now Deathwing is about to unleash his Chromatic Dragonflight upon the world. (90)

New FactionsEdit

Pandarane; the city of the Pandaren. Members of the Alliance can seek to gain reputation from this faction.

Kurtak; the city of the Murlocs. Members of the Horde can seek to gain reputation form this faction.

Fury of Shadowsong; Maiev has found new purpose and is leading the Nigh Elf assault on the Naga with or without Tyrande's blessing. The group is stationed in Sea Centre's Deposit and The Pillar Deep. Members of the Alliance can seek to gain reputation from this faction.

Free Murlocs; the Murloc's immediate counterattack on the Naga led by Klr Mgur. The group is stationed in the Sea Centre's Deposit and the Broken Isles. Members of the Horde can seek to gain reputation from this faction.

Stormwind Navy; the Humans navy led by Admiral Carish, the Alliance's primal attack on the Naga. The group is stationed on the Zandalar Beach.

Forgotten Highborne; the Blood Elves contribution is not only defense of Azeroth but also a reminder to Azshara of who they were but more importantly who they are now. The group is led by Blood Admiral Mahir Ba-Mim and are stationed on the Zandalar Beach.

Renegade Naga; the neutral faction of Naga who everyone is wary of. The group has parted from their Queen, after she attempted to ally with Neptulon. They are stationed at the Nazjatar Perimeter and Tidehunter's Temple.

Death of Deathwing; the order of Red Dragons who are preparing for battle against the Black Dragonflight. They require assistance in Grim Batol.

Zandalar Arsitocrats; the trolls heading the attack against the horrors of the Drowned Reaches.

Zandalar Witch Doctors; the trolls who are fighting the opposing trolls in Mugamba. Rivals of the Zandalar Shadow Hunters.

Zandalar Shadow Hunters; the trolls who are defending the perimeter of Zuldazar. Rivals of the Zandalar Witch Doctors.

Rastakhan's Wish; the leaders of Zuldazar and sworn protectors of the mighty troll king.

Makrura of Mak'aru, the Markrura fighting to win back their city. They are stationed in the Scintal Reef.

New Abilities and TalentsEdit

New ItemsEdit

Aquatic Mounts

The Emerald DreamEdit

Defeat the Old God corrupting the Emerald Dream on Azeroth's Moons and within the sacred realm of the slumbering druids.

New AreasEdit

For the first time ever the Green Dragonflight is allowing common heroes to enter a select region of the Emerald Dream. Heroes are sent by Druids directly to the Dream and their they halt the Nightmare form progressing any further. Adventurers are sent to regions of the Nightmare in order to try to discover the cause of its corruption and destroy as well as defending certain parts of the dream from the Nightmare's grasp. The Dream is physically accessible only from two places, one is where the Nightmare began and the other is under the control of the Druid's in Moonglade.

Woken Druids now called Dreamers have found themselves in Northern Lordaeron. Strangely their Dreamy abilities have followed them through to Azeroth and have proved useful in defending themselves against the forces that threaten to wipe them out; the Scourge, Amani Trolls, Scarlet Crusade and Naga.

In the Eye of Ysera the Green Dragonflight's leaders have created their base of operations. The immense palace has now become a city and is a position of great importance against the spread of the Nightmare. The border around the palace is held by the most powerful forces in the Dream called The Protecters of the Pure are constantly blocking the Nightmare and trying to push back.

At the core of the Emerald Dream lies an Old God who command vast forces of corrupted Treants, Fey Dragons and Children of Cenarius. The Green Dragonflight avoid this area completely so they do not also become corrupted. Only mortals physically present within the Dream can enter this territory and hope to end the Nightmare.

New ClassEdit

Dreamers, once druids who spent most of their time in a deep slumber. After waking up to escape being corrupted by the Nightmare have woken up on Azeroth in the hills of Northern Lordaeron above Tirisfal. After being cut off from returning to Dream. They have found that their Dreamy powers are still active and have abandonned their Druidic path, they are led by former Archdruid Inteilo who is helping them adapt to life on Azeroth. The Dreamers in an effort to return to the Dream and aid the Green Dragonflight in defeating the Nightmare are practising the combat aspects of their abilities against the forces in North Lordaeron to be ready.

New ProfessionEdit

Logging, Azeroth is filled with trees and there is need for many of them. Through this profession you can gather alot of timber which will be useful to many other profession such as Masonry. At the moment there is no profession to act as a counterpart but their will be in future.

New FeatureEdit

Constant. A constant is an item you restore a fraction of your power within, there is a different item to match each specialization of each class. You can charge your constant every hour if it is empty, basically if you are a Frost Mage for example upon activating your Unmelting Icecube constant you will recieve a 50% bonus in all Frost damage, hit rating, haste, crit rating, cast time, cooldown time, range and mana cost, for 20 seconds.

New Dungeons and RaidsEdit

New Battlegrounds and ArenasEdit

New QuestsEdit

New FactionsEdit

New Abilties and TalentsEdit

New ItemsEdit

The Elemental PlaneEdit

Wipe out the last of the Old God's influence on the world in the Elemental Plane by defeating the united Elemental Lords.


Unite the noble races of Azeroth and Outland to strike back at the Legion and prove to the Pantheon your worth by destorying the primal enemy of the universe, Sargeras.

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