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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The queen stood on an island in the midst of the raging Maelstrom, surrounded by the most skilled of her naga sorcerers. In her hand she held a vial containing a single drop of water from the Well of Eternity, taken from the vial given to her handmaiden Vashj by the traitor Stormrage. It had been a simple matter for Vashj to discreetly replace the drop with some ordinary water, right under Illidan's nose. As she gazed into the precious water she recalled that glorious war so many years before, when her efforts to cleanse Kalimdor of the unworthy had failed miserably thanks to the betrayal of some of her most trusted nobles. With that blow the Well itself had also been destroyed, removing any chance of her Highborne rising again to take back what was rightfully theirs.

Or so she thought.

How fitting, she thought, that it was the one who managed to infiltrate her palace and hinder the work of her spellcasters who would be responsible for her return. Illidan had thought himself so clever, arranging for half the Highborne to flee to distract her lord Sargeras from the loss of seven vials. Of course he would have to be dealt with once she had regained her power. Azshara considered the significance of this new world that he had made himself ruler of. Perhaps she could arrange for what was left of "Outland" to accidentally tear itself apart some more. But that could come later. Right now all she was worried about was ressurecting the Well and destroying the Kaldorei's latest home in the branches of a massive tree in the Veiled Sea.

With a cry she commanded the hundred sorcerers into action. They poured all the power they could into this single droplet, in the hope of saturating it enough to change the surrounding seas. Between them they had enough magic to move a mountain with no effort whatsoever. A glowing halo shone from the vial, torturing their eyes. Intense heat radiated from it, melting the rock. But still it was not enough. The sorcerers worked to their limits and beyond - a few even fainting from the effort. But the water remained unchanged, hovering a few inches above the queen's hand.

At last, drained of power, the sorcerers collapsed. Even the queen appeared tired, who of all the naga was most skilled at magic. But she was not ready to give up all that she had strived for in the last ten thousand years. With her last reserves of energy, she redirected her magic, sending thin tendrils out to touch five locations of immense power on the borders of her former empire. To Nordrassil and the Sunwell she reached, hoping the waters there would remember the Well and wish to recreate it. Karazhan and Coldarra she chose, the ley line nexuses siphoning all the magic to be found on Azeroth. And in the depths of Tanaris she brushed against the Caverns of Time, the gifts of the dragons there reversing the passage of time to let what was once whole become so again. With these five she found what she needed. And as she touched them, so the five responded.

Unimaginable power suddenly jolted through the naga, revigorating them in an instant. As one they siphoned these new energies into the vial, knowing that if this did not work nothing would. More light issued forth, bright enough to be seen for thousands of miles in any direction. And new heat, many times greater than what the sorcerers on their own could do, vaporised the island and cast a great cloud of steam into the air as the sea boiled. But still the magic poured forth. The vial could not be seen now, as any who tried tore at their eyes in agony. And then, just as it seemed the whole world would be drained, the turmoil ceased.

The naga were gone, burned to ashes. Azshara too was gone, having fled to the ocean floor the moment the light became unbearable. All that remained was a small puddle of rapidly solidifying glass, and a bright blue drop of water. Then the waves poured back in to cover the ruins, sweeping those few specks away into oblivion. But as they covered the former island they were transformed, becoming water of pure power. And within minutes a circle of sea a mile wide had changed into a new Well of Eternity. Not a mere Sunwell or the lake on Hyjal Peak - they were diluted versions of what the Well had once been. No, this new well was almost as powerful as what the old had once been.

And with it, Azshara, Light of Lights and rightful Queen of the Kaldorei, would reconquer her realm and bring vengeance to all who had betrayed her.

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