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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

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Conflict: Second Scourge War
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Place: Southshore, Hillsbrad Foothills
Outcome: Scourge victory

17,600 total

  • 74 Southshore guards
  • 10,000 soldiers
  • 5,800 knights
  • 100 mages
  • 200 battleships
  • 500 transport ships
  • 1,000 steam tanks

80,200 total

  • 1 lich
  • 2,700 necromancers and skeletal mages
  • 35,000 ghouls
  • 30,000 zombies
  • 12,000 abominations
  • 500 frost wyrms



The events of the Battle of Southshore had given the defenders a temporary reprieve from the merciless onslaught, but before long the Scourge had managed to regroup and go on the offensive once more. Despite heavy losses more than a hundred thousand undead had survived the battle, and now they gathered in the forests a few miles from the coast. Desperately trying to take down as many as they could before the army completely reformed, the Alliance forces were split and ordered to hunt down any small groups they could find.

Ultimately this tactic proved disastrous, as the Scourge chose that precise moment to launch a second attack. Barely an hour after the last of the patrols left a wall of undead came charging out of the forest, crashing into the hastily constructed defenses. The battle might have been lost there and then, if it weren't for the battleships just offshore that sent devastating volleys of cannon fire into the ranks. Enhanced by powerful spells by the dozen mages still on board, each shot was guided to where it would do the most damage.

For a while the Scourge was kept at bay like this, until the patrols, warned of an attack by swift messengers on horseback, returned and charged the rear. Caught between two enemies the Scourge began to crumple, undead fleeing to the centre where they were surrounded and cut down. Eventually though the Alliance army began to tire, and they fought their way back to Southshore where they could defend the town better.

It was at this moment that Abrakkar sent forth the Frostbrood, entrusted to him by the Lich King himself. They swooped down on the Alliance, picking up soldiers in their claws and dropping them from high up. More closed upon the fleet, freezing sailors with their icy breath and disabling the artillery. A group even picked up an entire battleship, dropping it on the town and causing massive destruction.

Slowly but surely the defenders began to lose ground. Row after row of barricades were breached, and there seemed to be no end to the onslaught. A group of necromancers scaled the ruined tower just to the north and threw down devastating spells, until they were assassinated by a small party sent to deal with the threat. But ultimately they were forced to retreat, until they were fighting among the houses of the town itself, and the commander Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth reluctantly gave the order to retreat.

Eventually the last of the soldiers were evacuated to the ships, which dropped them off several miles along the coast. And so ended the Second Battle of Southshore.

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