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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

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Conflict: Second Scourge War
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Place: Chillwind Point
Outcome: Overwhelming Scourge victory

Ashlam Valorfist

Araj the Summoner


4,500 total

  • 500 paladins
  • 1,000 soldiers
  • 3,000 mercenaries

81,500 total

  • 1 lich
  • 2,500 necromancers
  • 38,000 ghouls
  • 26,000 zombies
  • 15,000 abominations



The defenders of Southshore felt they could hold the army to the west until assistance from Stormwind arrived. But all the while they were wary of the threat to the north - from the Plaguelands, the heart of Scourge controlled territory. Should the innumerable legions of undead there decide to join the fight, there would be nothing they could do to prevent them from smashing past the defences and destroying every last shred of resistance.

To avert this potential catastrophe a garrison was to be stationed at the old troll ruins of Chillwind Point, the location where the river flowing south of Darrowmere and the road into the Strahnbrad Pass met. Whichever way the Scourge went they would have to pass by that point, and so the garrison would not have to be split between the two routes south. A force was sent to Chillwind, there to be met by paladins of the Argent Dawn from the nearby camp. And while they waited for a possible battle they began to fortify their position.

Before long they received reports of a large army marching down the road from Andorhal. Confident that they could break the enemy with their superior tactics and organization, the defenders prepared eagerly for battle. The paladins of the Argent Dawn gave the blessing of the Light to every one of them, and prayed for their holy powers combined with military might to utterly vanquish the undead. When the army marched over a ridge into sight Commander Ashlam Valorfist give the order for the road to be blocked with deep trenches and razor wire, and positioned the army at the end of the chasm.

The powers of the Light strongly affected the undead, causing terrible agony and sending them insane. They scattered, some ploughing into their own forces and others falling into ditches, where they were impaled by sharp stakes. They made good targets for the archers, and a storm of arrows swept the army aside. Victory was in sight, and the soldiers charged forwards to hack the remainder to pieces.

And then, he was listening to the messengers who came hastening from the rear, Commander Valorfist was struck by a bolt of shadow and collapsed, apparently dead. The messengers had been too late to warn of the even larger army that now came from behind, among them the best students of the Scholomance. The Forsaken town of Tarren Mill, which, unknown to the humans, had converted to the Scourge along with the rest of their kind, had marked the defenders passing north and informed Andorhal. Now the trap was sprung and the defenders found themselves caught in a deep valley, with many enemies at both ends, and no way out. One by one they fell before the might of the Scourge.

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