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AllianceNPC 32Hodr
Gender Male
Race Draenei
Level 14
Character class Paladin
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Alliance, Hand of Argus
Position Vindicator
Location Blood Watch
Status Alive
Mentor(s) Vindicator Kuros
Alignment Lawful good

Hodr was only a toddler when the draenei fled from Argus, so he remembers very little of the homeworld. For most of his youth his life consisted of short periods of setting up camp followed by long periods of running away. Then, when the draenei felt they had finally shaken off the Legion pursuers, they stumbled across Draenor just as Oshu'gun failed. Seeing little other choice, the draenei settled there and made contact with the native orcs and ogres.

Hodr was chosen to be ambassador to the Frostwolf Clan and spent the next hundred years travelling back and forth between Shattrath and Nagrand. He became a good friend of the clan chieftain's son Durotan. When Durotan refused to drink the blood of Mannoroth, Hodr accompanied the entire Frostwolf Clan into exile in Azeroth, using his Light-given powers to protect them from the humans.

Then when Durotan was murdered by spies of Gul'dan, Hodr was the one who ensured that his son Thrall would be found and brought up in relative safety by a human. He cast a bright light over the house and whispered in Aedelas Blackmoore's mind to make him go there. But Hodr did not dare reveal himself, knowing that he would be thought one of the Man'ari eredar and slain on the spot. So he remained in hiding among the clan.

And many years later the Exodar smashed into the sea off Kalimdor, shaking the foundations of the earth. Hodr did not know what this meant, but before long he saw one of his own kind fighting against the orcs at Alterac Valley. Hodr intervened and questioned the other draenei, and learned the truth of how they had come to Azeroth.

He journeyed across the sea and presented himself to his old mentor Vindicator Kuros, who had now become one of the Triumvirate of the Hand and was trying to cure the damage done to Bloodmyst Isle. Hodr returned to the Hand of Argus after over thirty years in exile and became a vindicator and one of the chief heroes of the Alliance. But to this day he refuses to fight at Alterac Valley, being unwilling to betray either his old protectors or his new allies.

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