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Da epic

Ulark and his former trainer Agnar Beastamer

Ulark was a Human Hunter of the Alliance who was raised in Aerie Peak, and a member of the famous Guild "TheHeroes"

Early Life

Ulark was found in a cave as a baby, and he was brought to Aerie Peak where he was raised by Agnar Beastamer to become a Hunter. At the age of 15 Ulark tamed his first pet who was a Worg , Ulark called him "Wolfgang".

Later in life

At the age of 18 Ulark was secretly in love with Sylvanas Windrunner, and he began his journey to Undercity, after weeks of walking he finally saw Undercity, the air around the city smelled Rotten Flesh and Ulark saw a horde of Undead, Ulark was able to Camouflage past the Undead and went to her throne room, then suddenly.... he saw Robinsaurus of "TheHeroes" with Sylvanas Windrunner, he rushed forward Robinsaurus and slapped him right in the face and then used Hearthstone back to Aerie Peak.

Depression and Brighter Future

After the "Accident" in Undercity Ulark was hanging on a pub in Aerie Peak in weeks. He was very sad and at the same time angry, then suddenly a Human Paladin and a Gnome Priest walked into the pub and took the seats beside Ulark, they talked about Adventures and Mysteries, Ulark asked them if he could join them on their epic adventures and then they invited him to join their guild "TheHeroes", He gladly accepted the invitation and are now one of the most Valuable Members of "TheHeroes" .


  • Ulark got Golden Murloc Statue for best Hunter 2012
  • Ulark likes Ice Cream
  • Ulark never saw his parents

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