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Note: This is a Suggestion only, and in no way is affiliated with the World of Warcraft or its incorporators. All rights to the Techno Mage are hereby held by the World of Warcraft company and it's owners.

This article is about a suggestable hero class in World Of Warcraft.For lore, see Techno Mage. For other uses, see, Techno Mage (Disambiguation).

The Techno Mage is a suggested Hero Class that will be playable by the Alliance and Horde Faction in World of Warcraft.

Overview Edit

Once certain criteria are met, players will be able to create a new Techno Mage character, which, will start at mid-level. If you wish to create a Techno Mage you must complete a 15 quest long chain and be at least level 75. The quest will most likely involve gathering components for a Gnome Tenchno Mage for a member of the Alliance and a Troll Techno Mage for a member of the Horde.

They will start at level 55 or 60 and depending on the choice you make durring the final quest you could have Mystical, Device, or Robotic specs.

As the techno mage becomes more and more in tune with her inventions, she can feel them as if they were sentient beings. She can almost communicate with them, telling ammunition and even grenades where to go. She can control the blast radius, damage, and any status effects of explosives. They can infuse ammunition with arcane energy and enhance them with status effects and increased damage. They can not only use their magical technology to harm their enemies, they can use their skills to repair damaged tissue and even jump start organs causing a resurrection. And like normal mages they can travel, but unlike Mages, they can teleport to any place that has a receiver (The House of Arcane Contraption, every city in the Steamwheedle Cartel, all the major neutral cities, and all the major cities of your faction) unfortunately it will cost a lot to learn.

The technomage will be a pet class. They will be able to summon robots to do their fighting, a steam powered Cheeta to for land travel, a mystic submarine for water travel, and an biplane for quick air travel.

Brief History Edit

While magic has seniority, technology is available to the masses, technology and magic are both ways of manipulating the surroundings.

Not surprisingly, few enterprising arcanists pick up a wrench and see what they can do with it. The time, energy, and money it takes to make wondrous items compounded with the time, energy and money it takes to make technological items makes imbuing technological items with magic highly impractical. Some do it, of course, and are considered eccentric and spendthrifts.

The techno mages rose as an answer to this problem. Instead of treating their inventions as mere items, they tended to view the objects as extensions of themselves, using their will to enhance the item temporarily. As they commonly do this in battle, some consider them valuable warriors. Others consider them insane. Views of the techno mages are mixed, as tinkers and mages see the class as a perversion of the purity of their own respective paths. Yet no one can deny the power these people wield.

Techno mages are wild-eyed folk, always looking for a shortcut to get what they want. Techno mages are solitary by design (though some gather together at the House of the Arcane Contraption), as there are few of them and many are put off by their odd pursuit of both technology and magic. They are, however, mind-hungry and have a keen interest to talk to mages or tinkers to see if they can learn new things. And if the tinker or mage is then interested in following the path of the techno mage, even better! They are used to derision, but often too caught up in their latest invention to really care. The life of the techno mage is not for the weak. Most techno mages come from a background of the mage path, although some warlocks have joined the ranks.

If a techno mage has made it this far, she has likely endured many mishaps, both technological and magical. The result of these trials is that she is more likely to be able to withstand damage from some form of energy.

Double-Barred Mana/Power System Edit

Techno mages use mana to cast most of their spells, but they need energy derived from power cells to make their magical technology work. Power drains slightly with each use, but do not recharge unless the techno mage is in a capital city or a tavern. Different power cells have different set charges. The Techno Mage can take as many power cells as they want, but every power cell takes up one slot in her bag, and each time she changes a power cell it takes a certain amount of mana determened by the type of cell and has a five minute cool down.

Robots and Charge Edit

Robots use charge. Like power charge can run out. When this happens the pet shuts down. It takes ten seconds to summon back that robot, and two seconds to summon a different one.

There are several different summonable robotic pets.

Talent Trees Edit

Mystical: This controls the damage, mana cost, cool down time, and casting time of spells. Mystical spec Techno Mages will also have status effects to be added to direct damage spells.

Device: This controls gadgests, explosives, and all other forms of technology. Device spec Techno Mages will also have more advanced healing technology to be used, increases the types of status effects that can be applied, and simply makes it more each device more powerful.

Robotics: This controls the all forms of robotic pets and mounts for the Techno Mage. It allows the pets to have increased stats, more fighting skills, and a greater ammount of charge. Robotics spec Techno Mages will also have the ability to summon a massive Robot.

Weapons and ArmorEdit

Techno mages can only wear cloth armor. Techno Mages begin with proficiency in staffs, Technological Weapons, and wands and can learn to use daggers, Guns and one-handed swords from Weapon Masters.

Special Notes Edit

Techno Mages do not need engineering to use technological weapons, but it does help them to make additional bullets and explosives.

Robot pets are not the same as pets made by engineers.

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