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WoWlogo-Mini This user has been playing since the original World of Warcraft came out.
Wiki This user is addicted to WoWWiki.
Paladin-bloodelf-m-70 This user plays as a blood elf paladin.
Deathknight-bloodelf-f-70 This user plays as a blood elf death knight.
Inv misc book 07 This user has a strong interest in articles on lore.
IconLarge Horde
IconLarge Alliance
This user plays both factions and isn't ashamed to admit it.
FemaleIconMaleIcon This user plays both female and male characters.
IElogo This user uses Internet Explorer to browse WoWWiki.
Firefox logo This user uses Mozilla Firefox to browse WoWWiki.
Dark Portal Active This user's character has ventured through the Dark Portal!
Inv weapon glave 01 This user would like demon hunter to be a playable class.
Ability creature cursed 05 This user would like Necromancer to be a playable class.
Pandaren Squared This user would like Pandaren to be a playable race.
Inv staff 09 This user would like witch doctor to be a playable class.
TrollCrest This user would like Shadow Hunter to be a playable class.

IconLarge Undead Male IconLarge Warrior

Malygos This user plays on the US Malygos server.
Warrior-undead-m-70 This user plays as an undead warrior.
Achievement level 80 This user has reached level 80.
Trade mining This user plays as a Miner / Blacksmith. Trade blacksmithing
Inv shield 48 Johnl has earned the title
of the Shattered Sun.
Temp Johnl has earned the title
of the Undercity.
Scryers Tabard This user's character joined the Scryers.
Shattered Sun Tabard This user is exalted with the
Shattered Sun Offensive.
Achievement boss hakkar Johnl has cleared Zul'Gurub.
Achievement boss ossiriantheunscarred Johnl has downed 2 bosses in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj.
Achievement dungeon coablackdragonflight 10man Johnl has cleared the 25-man Obsidian Sanctum.

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