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My pet projects here at WoWWiki tend to deal with writing quest pages and questing guides. I feel these are one of the most useful things WoWWiki has to offer, and certainly of those useful things, it is the one I am most qualified to write.

For a shining (in my opinion) example of my work, see the Thousand Needles zone, quest list, and questing guide pages.

To help me keep track:

See also: User:Jiyambi/Sandbox

Quest Lists

Questing Guide


To Do Edit

  • Work in the Barrens:
    • Update The Barrens quests to new format decided on by the WoWWiki:Quest list project
    • Update individual quest pages in the Barrens to reflect the boilerplate, particularly to contain quest boxes.
    • Update individual mob pages in the Barrens to reflect the boilerplate, particularly to contain npc boxes.
    • Update individual item pages in the Barrens to reflect the boilerplate, particularly to contain tooltips.

Ongoing Projects Edit

Future Projects Edit

  • Instance Guides - update/expand current instance guides
  • Subzone Locations Mapped - I am always trying to find where a subzone is on the main map, but we don't have maps provided for subzones. I plan to take the main map and draw a small box around the subzone. To do this for each subzone will be quite a project.
  • Quest chain Articles - I already did one of these, owing much to the advice of Eirik Ratcatcher: Freedom for All Creatures quest chain. I had fun making it, so I can see making more in the future.
  • Fix the quest categories to be "<Type> quests" instead of "Quests:<Type>" - possibly organize under "Quest Article Project", to include adding questbox to all quest articles, cleaning them up, and removing all hard-coded categories.
  • Darkshore questing guide and its quests, objects, etc.
  • Bloodmyst Isle questing guide and its quests, objects, etc.

Past Projects Edit

Current Projects WoWWiki:Quest list projectWoWWiki:Zone category projectQuesting Guides
Future Projects Instance GuidesSubzone MappingQuest Chain Articles
Past Projects Help:Object articlesTemplate:MobboxHelp:Mob articles
Image Request SubcategoriesTemplate:Infobox zoneWoWWiki:Projects

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