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Alanamara Silentbough


Pale beyond pale skin, marred by neither marking nor tattoo, peeks from robes of expert weave. Hair the color of clouds falls down a slender back like a gentle waterfall, silky like water. Her natural features are so white she seems to glow, though Alana is the first to demure at compliments - it is but the Light of Elune which fills her. Mild mannered and quiet at most times, those who come to know this night elf find her tough as rock beneath the gentle exterior. Though by no means a social butterfly, Alana nevertheless attracts friends with her quiet strength and conviction. Her loyalty is absolute, once given, and she takes betrayal hard. Though forgiving in most respects, Alana never forgives a betrayal, particularly when it harms those closest to her.


Born some time before the Third War, Alana had a peaceful life in Ashenvale forest before the invasion. As a child she was carefree and often silly, and did not pay attention to her mentors. Her tenancy to daydream got her into trouble on more than one occasion, and when she was old enough her parents decided to send her to the priestesses of Elune, hoping through the goddess' light she would lose her penchant for mischief.

At first this plan seemed to have failed entirely. Alana quickly grew bored with studies and snuck away, sometimes for days at a time, to play in the forest. The priestesses were at a loss, for she seemed capable enough, if only she would apply herself. It was not their way to force one to study the path of Elune who did not do so freely - Alana would have to come to them.

During her forays into the woods, Alana met a young elf training with the Sentinels. They became fast friends. Alana and the girl, Raelon, pledged loyalty to each other, and vowed to protect their woods together at all costs. Little did they know the price they would pay.

The Third War was a trial by fire for the young priestess. She had barely mastered the basics of healing when the invasion of Ashenvale began. Alana froze as the first wounded Sentinel was laid on a table before her - the elf's arm was missing, and she was screaming in pain. Another priestess shoved Alana aside as she stared, dumbfounded and began praying for Elune's light, and the screaming subsided. Shocked, Alana ran out the back of the healing house, tears running down her cheeks. At first she couldn't bring herself to return. But Raelon found her, and pulled her back into the hot, crowded building. "Don't let me down, Alana," the Sentinel warned. "We all have our parts to play."

After that Alana did her best, though her training was incomplete. Mostly she carried things for the other priestesses, and gave what small aid she could to those waiting. Sometimes, then more and more often as the days went on, warriors were brought in who had died during the trip back from the battlefield. It became one of Alana's jobs to bless these fallen spirits and lay them out for burial. Though it pained her, she memorized the details of each face. These people had died to protect her, and she had been unable to help them.

The worst was the day that Raelon was brought in. She looked very peaceful, in death - a small smile remained on her lips despite the pain she must surely have felt. In that moment Alana realized that Raelon had been closer to Elune than she ever had. And she began to realize what it was to serve the goddess, with heart and soul, rather than just mind and body.

After the war, Alana studied with renewed vigor. It was clear she had amazing potential, and now at last had the drive to unlock that potential. But Alana became restless – though now serious and dedicated, she did not like to stay in one place. She felt she could learn more about herself and her goddess if she went out into the world and used her new powers for the good of the Alliance. So it was that she left the priestesses and set out to explore Azeroth.

When Alana arrived on the mainland, she met a young human named Cadalbolg. The man was a paladin from the nation of Stormwind, on the distant eastern continent. He was totally new to the area and had apparently been sent to Auberdine from a harbor called Menethil to assist the Kaldorei in purging their ruins of restless spirits. He also mentioned rumors of demonic energies, and after some investigation in town Alana discovered that the Sentinels had also heard whispers of trouble afoot with demons. Worried, Alana decided the hapless young paladin could probably use her help in what to him was a strange new land, and so it was that she joined forces with Cadalbolg.

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