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MyWoW Edit

The Beginning

As an inhabitant of the EU-Bloodhoof server I have played since the day WoW hit the shelves... (Pre-Ordered as any sane person would have done ^^) I have me a bunch of characters, started out as Scuzz, alliance hunter, up to my very first MC raid... I started out in 'De Bokkerijders' and then went to 'Novus Ordo Seclorum', and stayed there for a while. I got a bit tired of the game at that point, and started playing a lot less, leveling an alt, you know...

The Leap

I eventually got absolutely tired of alliance and decided to found me a new home in the land of the Horde... The horde owns... It is such a nice place to live in I am barely able to remember the alliance days. I now fight former friends, all in good fun, and I have found myself the best guild out there. The Suffering

Call me Rhun

My current active characters are Rhun a 60 tauren shammy and Rhunling a 60 undead priest. I'm not a modest man, so I can freely say: I'm a funny guy, with lots of integrity and I am a great WoW-player who knows his chars! :)

(But if you think you got a hint or two to improve my play, just toss me a /w :p)

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