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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


The Adventurers of Azeroth have crossed the sea to face each other, they have crossed the sea to vanquish the Lich King, they have crossed the sea to find Outland. Now though the sea is calling to them, it is a cry, a lamentation that echoes though out the world, the sea is calling to Azeroth. It wants the mortal races to return to its cold waters, where many strange, ancient, and unforgiving things lurk. It has been said that something ancient waits for them, waiting for revenge. So even as the goblin princes battle for supremacy, and a dragon war draws nearer something is calling out to the the sea is calling them. The sea wants to show the world something, something long forgotten, something long buried, it wants to show them its fury!

Locations Edit

The Great Sea Edit

Undermine Edit

The Broken Isles Edit

Tel Abim Edit

Hiji Edit

The Maelstorm Edit

The Eye Edit
Nazjatar Edit
The Rift Edit

Nar'Adil Edit

Outland Edit

The Eastern Kingdoms Edit

Hero Classes Edit

Rider Edit

Riders are completely at peace with beasts giving them the ability to ride any animal with ease, thye have the ability to cast elemental spells like the shaman and can also do significant melee damage

Trees Edit

Elemental Edit

Elemental moves are used for spell dps

Spell nature lightningoverload  Lightning Storm- The Rider summons a massive storm of lightning to strike down people over a large area

Riding Edit

Riding as it implies is used to modify your mounts to make them better

Ability hunter masterscall  Tame Mount - You tame a beast into becoming your mount for one hour. Mount speed is based on the level of the rider.

Blades Edit

Blades is the melee dps spec of the rider, it can also be used for buffs

Ability warrior shockwave  Eternal Strike - The Rider gathers all his energy and swings his blade into his enemy

Sea Lord Edit

Sea Lords are one with water, they have studied for many long years to become completely in-tune with water,ice, and the sea. They can manipulate water to damage their opponents and to heal their allies.

Trees Edit

Ice Edit

Ice is spell dps for Sea Lords, it focuses on bursts of high damage rather than damage over time

Spell frost frostshock  Icy Explosion - The Sea Lord conjures ice and then fusses it together until it explodes

Water Edit

Water is the main healing spec for Sea Lords it has an even mix of heal over time and instant heals

Spell frost wisp  Spiritual Waters - The Sea Lord summons waters infused with the spirits of the ocean to heal many of is allies at one

Amphibian Edit

Amphibian is the utility spec of the Sea Lord with some mixed in dps

Ability shaman watershield  Water Breathing Water Breathing allows the Sea Lord to breath underwater

New Perks Edit

  • Level Cap raised to 90
  • New water mounts at level 90
  • Two new hero classes
  • New Areas- The Great Sea, The Taladar Wasteland in Outland, and The Shadow Blood Caverns in the Eastern Kingdoms
  • New Profession
Spell fire bluefire   Elementalism
  • New Sanctuary- Undermine

New Factions Edit

The Great Sea Edit

Outland Edit

The Drakus Hunters

The Eastern Kingdoms Edit

The Brotherhood of Shadows

New Instances Edit

The Great Sea Edit

Aledar - This was the great Titan city on Azeroth, with the events of the sundering it fell beneath The Great Sea never to be seen again, now something has stirred, deep within the ruins a new threat awaits, one that will end the world as we know it

The Eastern Kingdoms Edit

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