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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


The Spirit Walker is the new hero class that will be introduced in Nightmare Approaches . They are beings with a very strong connection with the Emerald Dream. When the attack upon the Emerald Dream became known the Spirit Walkers of the Tauren attempted to help in any way they could but there power was significantly diminished, desperate for help the Tauren turned to all the races of the world to help try and save Emerald Dream. They first came to the Night Elves and taught them the ways of Spirit Walking, they knew that if any race could understand the power of Spirits it would be them. After the Night Elves had become proficient they and the Tauren launched another attack against the Nightmare but this one also failed. Desperate the Tauren set out to find the wisest people of all the lands who could understand the power and beauty of nature and the spirit world. They than began to teach them the ways of the Spirit Walker, races like the Gnomes and Dwarves resisted it, but the Humans and Draenei welcomed it. Meanwhile the other Tauren set out to teach the Horde, the Orcs and Trolls became proficient but the Undead and Blood Elves could not accept it.

Spirit Walker Abilities Edit

Icon Ability Min Level School Description
Spell chargepositiveSpiritual Power of Water 65 Spirit The caster increases the target's spell power by X for 30 minutes
Spell nature elementalshieldsDamaging Growth 65 Nature Deals X nature damage over time to the target
Ability mount snowygryphonSummon Spirit Eagle 65 Animalistic Summons an Spirit Eagle under the command of the Spirit Walker for 10 minutes
Spell druid feralchargecatStrike of the Beast 65 Animalistic The caster hits the target for X melee damage and lowers attack speed by X for 10 seconds
Ability druid naturalperfectionSpiritual Infusion 65 Spirit Heals your target for X to Y
Spell shadow demoniccircleteleportSpirits of Nature 66 Nature The caster calls down spirits to attack his target dealing X to Y damage over 5 seconds
Spell nature astralrecalgroupAstral Blast 68 Nature Fires a bolt of Arcane energy dealing X to Y damage to the enemy
Spell nature skinofearthSpiritual Power of Earth 70 Spirit Increases the defense of the target by X and the armor by Y
Spell arcane massdispelSplendor of Spirits 70 Spirit Heals the target for X over 15 seconds
Ability mount spectraltigerSummon Spirit Tiger 70 Animalistic Summons a Spirit Tiger under the Command of the Spirit Walker for 10 minutes
Spell arcane blastSoul Tap 72 Spirit Restores X spiritual essence at the cost of Y health
Ability druid galewindsTwister 74 Nature Summons 3 twisters in a target area, moving randomly and dealing X to Y damage and an additional Z damage over 5 seconds to all enemy targets in its wake
Ability mount razorscaleSpirit of the Beast 74 Animalistic The caster calls down a Spirit of the Beast dealing X to Y damage and stunning the target for Z seconds
Ability druid twilightswrathSavior from Beyond 75 Spirit A spirit intervenes when a person is about to die and protects them from damage for 5 seconds a heals them for 1 percent of the health for 10 seconds, can only be cast on a target with under 5 percent health
Spell ice runeSoul Splash 75 Spirit Heals everyone in the area for X to Y damage
Spell nature protectionformnatureNatural Attunement 75 Nature Passively increases nature resistance by 200
Ability druid tigersroarInstinct of the Wild 78 Animalistic The Spirit Walker hits the target for X to Y damage and increases the Spirit Walkers attack speed by Z for 20 sec
Spell shadow hauntingIncorporeal Vortex 78 Animalistic The Spirit Walker transforms himself into a wild vortex for 10 sec, dealing X damage every sec to any enemy he touches and Y damage to everyone in a 12 yd radius. The Spirit Walker has full control while in vortex form.
Ability druid mastershapeshifterFeral Wrath 80 Spirit Increases the attack power of the target by X
Ability druid livingspiritSummon Spirit Hawk 80 Animalistic Summons a Spirit Hawk under the Spirit Walkers control for 10 minutes
Spell arcane arcane02Fey Beam 82 Nature The Spirit Walker shoots a beam of Fey Energy at the target dealing X to Y damage over 5 seconds. Your health is healed by 20 percent of the damage caused
Ability druid replenishNature's Fury 85 Nature You call down a beam of natural energy that deals X to Y damage.
Inv enchant shardbrilliantsmallPower of the Soul 85 Spirit The target is healed for X to Y damage and another Z health over 10 seconds
Ability druid primaltenacityRabid Frenzy 85 Animalistic The Spirit Walker's attack power is increased by 1000 and his attack speed by 50%. Lasts 10 seconds

Talented abilities Edit


Icon Ability Reqs Description
Spell arcane arcaneresilienceInclination Spirit 20 When activated, this spell finishes the cooldown on all nature and spirit abilities
Spell arcane prismaticcloakExhaust Spirit 30 Transfers X amount of mana, rage or energy from the target every 3 sec and converts it into spiritual essence to the Spirit Walker. Lasts 8 seconds.
Spell holy improvedresistanceaurasSpiritual Power of Eternity Spirit 40 Increases all attributes by X and another Y for every 100 Intellect
Spell holy powerwordbarrierDivine Invocation Spirit 50 Heals the target for X and increases all attributes by Y for 1 min.


Icon Ability Reqs Description
Spell shadow deathsembraceHypnotic Screech Animalistic 20 The Spirit Walkers screams causing the target to flee
Ability hunter beastwithinAlacrity Animalistic 30 When activated, this spell finishes the cooldown on all Animalistic bbilities
Ability rogue shadowstepPhase Punch Animalistic 40 The Spirit Walker fades from the mortal world and shoots forward hitting the target for X to Y damage
Ability mount drake twilightSummon Spirit Drake Animalistic 50 Summons a Spirit Drake under the command of the Spirit Walker


Icon Ability Reqs Description
Spell nature spiritarmorEternal Spirits of Nature Nature 20 All nature damage caused by the Spirit Walker is increased by X for 30 minutes
Spell nature nullifydiseaseSouls of Nightshade Nature 30 The target is paralyzed for 2 sec and takes X nature damage over 15 secs
Ability druid cycloneRoots of the Spirits Nature 40 The Spirit Walker roots the target and place and drains 10 percent of his health for 10 seconds
Spell shaman spectraltransformationFey Shock Nature 50 The Spirit Walker blasts the target with fey energy dealing X to Y damage and another Z damage over 5 seconds

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