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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Instance portal blueSanctuary of the Corrupt
SoC, SotC
Temple of Atal&#039;Hakkar loading screen
Sanctuary of the Corrupt loading graphic
LocationPit of Darkness Deathwood
Race(s)IconSmall DragonGreenIconSmall DrakeGreenIconSmall DrakonidGreenIconSmall SpawnGreenIconSmall WhelpGreen Green dragonflight
End bossEssence of the Nightmare
Instance info
Advised level85+
Player limit25
KeySplinter of Doom

History Edit

Geography Edit

Quests Edit

Stopping the Corruptors

Walkthrough Edit

The Tunnels of Infection Edit

This is the first of the for tunnels to open, once you enter the first chamber from The Reliquary of Nightmare expect to be attacked by swarms and swarms of non elite level 85 green dragons, they come in packs of 30-50 and they must all be taken out within 5 seconds of each other or else they begin to bring each other back with full health. Once you kill those you will see a pack of infected green drakanoids, the tank will need to pull them to the center of the room or risk summoning more packs of non elites. This is very difficult because when they get to 10% health they put a debuff on them selves causing them to flee randomly. Once these are killed there is a door that leads to a room with 3 green drakes, they all have 2 million health and must be pulled all at once, they must all be killed within 15 seconds of each other or a buff will be put on the remaining ones that increases there attack power and attack speed by 5 percent for every two seconds they are not killed, this has a stack limit of 100. Once you kill them you can then go through the door behind them there you will be confronted by Emerris.

Emerris Edit

Emerris is a level ??? elite with 35 million hp, as soon as you engage him he springs into the air and begins hitting everyone below him with an acid breath that damages you for 3000 every second you are hit by it and applies a debuff that deals 3500 nature damage every second for 10 seconds unless cured. Everyone must hit him with ranged damage while staying out of the way of his breath. Once he is down to 90% health he lands and the tank must get him as soon as he lands. If he is not grabbed in the first ten seconds he will jump back up and regain full health and you will have to repeat stage one again. In his second stage the fight is easy with him only doing standard melee damage until he hits 85%, he then starts shooting balls of toxic waste into the raid which put the same debuff from earlier on the raid. These balls also have an explosion damage of 7000 damage to everyone in a 10 yard radius so the raid needs to be spread out. He also starts doing much more damage to the tank, his attack speed and power go up about 20% during stages 2 and 3. After the raid reduces him to 50% health he roars causing everyone to flee, the roar also summons packs of 5 elite drakes, the pack come 2 at a time ever minute, they must be wiped out within that minute or when the next packs come all the dragons will gain a buff that regenerates health. these packs come for 5 minutes before Emerris lands. In stage 6 he has all the moves that he had before but now you must also deal with one dragon pack every minute now (down from two). The fight continues like this until 10% when he seeps corruption into the ground and revives all the drakes killed as non elites who have a debuff that stacks up to 100 times and drains your health to Emerris,this must be cleansed as soon as anyone gets it. He will also throw all his other moves at you during the last stage. The main points of this fight are keeping the debuffs off the tank and being able to have good crowd control and healing, it is not a dps race but a slower fight that depends on good healing.

The Tunnels of Shadow Edit

The Tunnels of Sleep Edit

The Tunnels of Souls Edit

Reliquary of The Nightmare Edit

Loot Edit

Trash Mobs Edit

Inv gauntlets 25
Inv sword 64

Emerris Loot

Essence of the Nightmare Loot

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