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World of Warcraft - INTO THE VOID 2013 v6.0

• Introduces two new NEUTRAL HEROIC RACES, not classes.

• The Arakkoa begin their life at level 60 in Skettis - Terokkar Forest.

• The Ethereals begin their life at level 60 under Auchindoun – Terrokar Forest.

• These characters spend their first two levels doing lore quests and earning their talents, much like the Death Knights did. At level 62 faction choice is made.

• Related areas: Draenor was shattered and Outland is the only part we have had access to. There must be others not obliterated, perhaps portals can be re-established or already exist to commute between these shattered and scattered lands. Portals to other worlds exist also. Such as K’aresh.

• Perhaps the Apexis monuments atop Vortex Pinnacle are remnants of the portals between worlds.

• Related opposing forces: Burning Legion, The Void, maybe some new currently unknown faction. Gul'dan's surviving death knights.

• The Ethereals have been fighting The Void for millennia. It could be possible that the Void were manipulated by the Burning Legion, who the Arakkoa have no love for either. Both the Ethereals and Arakkoa have established trade and commerce with the denizens of Outlands and The Ethereals have started gaining a more popular standing in Azeroth through their Void Storage and Transmogrification technologies.

• The Void leader, Dimensius the All-Devouring, is the Main Boss. The focus of the xpac. It is possible that he could find a way through to Outlands, then just a hop skip and a jump through the Dark Portal to Azeroth or any open portal to a Capital City. • We need to take the fight to Dimensius before he follows the Ethereals to Azeroth and achieves what Deathwing failed to do.


CLASSES - Death Knight, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior


FACTIONS - Ethereum, The Consortium, Protectorate

RACIAL LEADERS Nexus-King Salhadaar, Nexus-Prince Haramad, Nexus-Prince Shaffar, Nexus-Prince Razaan

RELATIONSHIP in Cataclysm. Currently, the Ethereals are at war with the Void, the demons made of pure shadow energy (an example is the Voidwalker used by warlocks). The Void leader, Dimensius the All-Devouring, ravaged the Ethereals' homeworld long ago, and ever since the void have been a constant threat to the energy beings. Whether or not the Void invasion was planned by the Burning Legion, or if the Void are even officially a part of the Legion is unknown. It can be speculated however that the Void is a force acting on its own, since the Ethereals seem to hold no vengeance for the Legion; as well as the fact that Voids are not present in Legion encampments. The renegade Ethereal sect that has devoted their existence to defeating the void by any means necessary is called the Ethereum. In reaction to the Void as well as the radical acts of the Ethereum, the Protectorate was formed.

ARRAKKOA - Neutral

CLASSES -Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Shaman, Paladin, Priest, Warlock


FACTIONS – Skettis (all 4 Veils), Skettis Exiles, Sethekk, Dark Conclave, (who probably raised Old God C’thun against Gul’Dan) Apexis (extinct, cause unknown)

RACIAL LEADERS Skettis – Terokk – long since disappeared. On an island in the middle of Blackwind Lake, Terokk awaits the proper alignment of the stars to herald his return... Skettis Exiles- Kirrik the Awakened. Allied with the Naaru. Sethekk – Talon King Ikiss. Believes himself to be Terokk reborn.

RELATIONSHIP in Catalysm The Arakkoa continued a nomadic existence on Draenor for thousands of years, though they suffered terribly during the Horde's first wars across Draenor. The resulting grudge against the Orc race encouraged an Arakkoa, Grizzik, to serve as a tracker and guide for Danath Trollbane's forces during the Alliance's expedition to Draenor. This Arakkoa, seemingly alone, led Trollbane's soldiers to Auchindoun, and aided in the battle. But deep inside Skettis, the arakkoa continue their battles against all who oppose them. Most Arakkoa worship the god Rukhmar, and relatedly Terokk. The Sethekk worship Talon King Ikiss (who thinks himself Terokk returned) in the stead of Rukhmar. However, the small tribe of Skettis exiles worship the Light.

Information was gathered from WoWWiki, WoWHead and my own game play.

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