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About me? Well, you asked for it...

I am Irandrura, and I've had an interest in Warcraft ever since I first placed Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness when I was young. How young, you ask? I don't remember, but I do remember being unhealthily obsessed. Since then I’ve played through Warcraft I and Warcraft III, which I greatly enjoyed, and read the novels as well as some of the RPG material. I once played World of Warcraft, but realised after reaching about level twenty that I didn’t find the game fun. So if you mention playing WoW to me, I will break both your arms.

On this wiki, I’d like to help out with background articles (though I personally dislike and choose not to use the term ‘lore’), incorporating information from the novel line in particular into the wiki. I also hope to be able to help out with expression and copy-editing in some articles.

Since I’m talking about Warcraft, this also seems like a good opportunity to make the community aware of whatever biases I may have. I shall of course strive to keep them out of any edits I make, but just so you know what to watch out for…

  • WoW bad, RTS games good.
  • Knaak bad, deCandido bad. Rosenberg kind of good though Tides of Darkness has issues. Golden good, Grubb best. Metzen badly confused and needs to start thinking harder. Comics good, though art dodgy and highly sexist, but plot is good. Manga bad, though.
  • Characters who should die in a fire: Rhonin, Krasus, Eitrigg, Tirion Fordring, Alexstrasza. Characters who are good: Garona (who is half-human and all rumours to the contrary are vicious lies), Lothar, Turalyon, Khadgar, Thrall, Varian. Characters who are now badly mischaracterised: Doomhammer.
  • The Light should still be theistic. The Titans are cool, as are the elemental spirits. Elune is boring and one-dimensional. The Old Gods are also utterly boring.
  • Night elves are jerks. (Matriarchies are exactly as morally reprehensible as patriarchies, people!)
  • The Horde and Alliance are supposed to fight each other. That's the point. In the first two games the Horde was evil, full stop. At present the Alliance is still good and the Horde is no longer evil, but the Horde still has serious issues and Varian is morally right when he declares war again.
  • Brann Bronzebeard is an idiot and a glorified tourist with delusions of grandeur, and nothing he says should be taken seriously.
  • Ner'zhul is the Lich King. Arthas is just a convenient schmuck.

So I'll try to keep to NPOV, but if any biases along those lines sneak in, you know who to blame.

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