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Spell nature swiftness [Warhorse]



A Warhorse is what it sounds like, a horse for war. They typically have battle oriented gear (armor, spikes, etc.) unlike a normal riding horse.

Paladin mount Edit

At level 20 a paladin can learn Alliance 15 [Summon Warhorse]/Horde 15 [Summon Thalassian Warhorse] from a paladin trainer for 1Gold (90Silver if friendly). A warhorse is a type of horse and an Apprentice-level mount which increases movement speed by 60%. The Alliance warhorse is white and has a blue and silver livery, the blood elf mount is black and has a red and brass livery. The epic mount for paladins is called a Charger.

Paladins learn Apprentice riding when they learn to summon a warhorse.[citation needed]

Argent Warhorse Edit

Dame Evniki Kapsalis at the Argent Tournament Grounds offers the [Argent Warhorse] to all players that have attained the rank of <Crusader> with the Argent Tournament.

Crusader's Warhorse Edit

Those who complete the Template:Achivement will receive either the Alliance 15 [Crusader's White Warhorse] or the Horde 15 [Crusader's Black Warhorse].

Skeletal Warhorse Edit

Warhorse-like Edit

Celestial Steed Edit

The [Celestial Steed], available to all players, is said to be a supernatural warhorse.

Gallery Edit

History Edit

  • Patch 2.4.3 changed the level at which a paladin is eligible to learn a warhorse spell from 40 to 30 and patch 3.2.0 changed the level from 30 to level 20.
  • Previously, Dwarf and Human Paladins obtained the spell through a quest called The Tome of Nobility. This quest consisted of speaking with Duthorian Rall in Stormwind's Cathedral Square. In Burning Crusade, blood elf paladins obtained their warhorse from Knight-Lord Bloodvalor in Silvermoon's Farstriders' Square. This was changed shortly after the release of Burning Crusade when the spell was added as a learnable spell from the paladin trainer. This was presumably to stop the complaints of paladins getting a free mount.
  • Since the mount system revamp in patch 1.12.1, the paladin will obtain Apprentice riding skill upon getting the Summon Warhorse spell from the trainer. Since patch 3.2.0, the spell no longer needs mana to summon the warhorse.

History Edit

Beginning Edit

Goldenfire is the son of an elf and human. Technically that makes him a half elf but he tends to pretend he is a human due to the fact that half elves are considered bad. He does not know who his parents were because he was only 1 when they left him in Stormwind. He was then taken in by the orphanage.

Magic Career Edit

After reaching the age of 10 he decided to persue a career in magic and started to try out being a mage. Unfortunately he could not control his powers and the elders took away his magic. With nothing to do he turned to the shadows for help.

Shadowy Dealings Edit

After being stripped of his powers he soon ran out of money. He then turned to thieving and soon became an expert at the shadows. Everyone deemed him a scrounging rogue and ignored him. He then renamed himself Deepthunder because of his "will to kill". Nevertheless he still continued and became an expert at many other things. One day he journeyed to Arathi Basin and helped the bloody battle taking place there. The Alliance were winning but then a horrible thing happened. An undead warlock lost control of his powers and demons ran everywhere, killing their master and everyone else. Deepthunder was almost about to escape the battle but a warlock ripped his soul from his body. Since it was no longer in contact with his body his soul suddenly realized that this dark live was not for him. He then faded into nothingness. Or so everyone thought....

Engineering Edit

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