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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

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History Edit

Forging Edit

About 7 years ago the great Paladin Trio were the mightiest warriors in the land. They were noble humans determined to defeat the horde and claim victory in the savage war. They found this task difficult and soon they were struggling to bring peace. The youngest of the 3, Goldenfire, came up with and idea. They should forge a great weapon that would be able to force horde to side with Alliance. The oldest of the 3, Amedan, was astounded! Making such a weapon like that would be perilous if it fell into the wrong hands! Goldenfire pleaded for Amedan to help them forge this weapon but Amedan's mind was set. So secretly Goldenfire and the third member, Piealec, went on to forge this mighty weapon. Piealec was a skilled forger but they decided to not use the usual forging methods. Instead Goldenfire created a magical essence so powerful and chaotic it took him 2 years to make. When he was done this he and Piealec forged the weapon from the magical metal that Goldenfire had crafted. When it was finished Goldenfire prepared to solidify the sword's structure with magic, thus giving it a special name. However, Amedan had noticed that Goldenfire and Piealec had been spending time together so he grew suspicious and blew down the door right at that moment. Goldenfire was then so suprised he skipped a line in the incantations and accidentally named the weapon, Yaathea.

Piealec's Demise Edit

Amedan was furious at Goldenfire and Piealec! How dare they defy him! He grabbed the weapon and felt it's power surge through him. He then ran out of the forge and continued running for 3 days to the Burning Steppes and finally to the Molten Core. It was there that he was about to thrust the blade into the lava when he suddenly paused. He tried to let go but could not. This blade does not obviously want to be destroyed, he thought. Then Goldenfire and Piealec stepped out from the entrance. Amedan's anger at the sword then turned to anger towards Piealec. He had suspected that Goldenfire would try to make the sword, but Piealec! Suddenly in a whir of motion he thrust the blade into Piealec and twisted it into his body. A blinding flash erupted from his body and Piealec was gone. In his place was a creature of unspeakable evil. Amedan and Goldenfire were aghast. Their friend Piealec was gone. As the creature wriggled on the floor Goldenfire grabbed the sword from Amedan. Amedan nodded as if approving that and bade Goldenfire farewell and he said to use the sword wisely. It was not until Goldenfire was 6 miles away that Amedan realized what a mistake he had made.

Corruption Of Duskwood Edit

As Goldenfire ran away from Amedan he pondered on how to test his sword out. He rode on and on untill he came to Duskwood. After awhile of crying for Piealec his thoughts turned to anger for Amedan because he killed Piealec. He lashed out with his sword and corrupted everyone in Raven Hill and the surrounding areas. He was almost upon Darkshire when he decided he would not use the sword unless he needed to. He then sheathed it for what would be a very long time.

The 597th Battle Of Wintergrasp Edit

Goldenfire soon grew in strength and was eventually on his way to Outland. When he finally made it to Shattrath he decided to stay there for awhile. On the last day of his stay he was returning from the auction house with many goods in his arms when he bumped (literally) into Amedan. There was much rejoicing and soon they got together a rag-tag team of friends that quickly made their way to Northrend. Once there they all discovered that above all the similarities in them they hated one thing the most, Horde. They then gathered even more allies and marched to Lake Wintergrasp. When they made it there a battle to end all battles took place there. Many lives were taken and creatures of unspeakable evil were everywhere. Finally Goldenfire and Amedan made it to the Horde commander. Goldenfire raised his sword and let out a cry of battle as he charged! He and the commander's blades hit each other and as both of their magic collided together a huge shock wave blasted out from them. Amedan let out a saddening cry for Goldenfire was nolonger there, only his sword remained behind. The Horde commander picked up the blade and snickered as he teleported away. Amedan tried to grab onto him but failed.

Powers Edit

  • Magical essence creates special bond between wearer and sword thus increasing spirit by 100.
  • The sword is so mighty that it gives glory to the user thus giving them 5 Honor Per Minute.
  • An accidental incantation gave the sword the power to turn people into creatures of unspeakable evil.

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