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Sub-profession ideas for Woodworking, instead of or in addition to cutting down trees (I am anti-Lumberjack).
  • Disassembly: Woodworkers would be able to break apart weapons or other wooden items into their component wood and metal parts for production of other items. For example, to create a polearm, Disassemble a mace or an axe to get the wood, then combine it with a Thrown weapon, obtained from a vendor or a Blacksmith. To produce a bow, combine the wood from this disassembly with some boar intestines. In addition, you can get specific "metal scraps" from this that can be combined to produce metal bars at forges (this would require a change to Mining as well, to be able to handle metal scraps). This would be similar to the Prospecting or Disenchant abilities, so the mechanics exist.
  • Scrimshaw: In addition to working with wood, they would be able to produce materials from animal bones and tusks. This would require additional bone drops from beasts, but boars already drop tusks. Intentions (talk) 16:13, February 15, 2011 (UTC)
I'm not sure Scrimshaw would really go with Woodworking, but it is a neat idea. Maybe just new recipes in Jewelcrafting and use them as socketable items? --Gengar orange 22x22Beware the sneaky smile! Fandyllic (talk · contr) 15 Feb 2011 9:19 AM Pacific
  • Craftable items:
  • Sawdust - Produced from Disassembly and/or from creating lumber from tree raw materials. Usable in other recipes and as a wildcard/filler for some other professions, such as Engineering. For example, an Engineering recipe that calls for 4x Coarse Blasting Powder can be created with 3x Coarse Blasting Powder + 1 Sawdust. Can also be used in cooking certain recipes to make more of an item (1 extra Murloc Fin soup every 4, e.g.)
  • Particle Board - Create raw wood by combining 10 sawdusts and some kind of glue.
  • Skis - Low-speed mount that works on both land and water.
  • Inconspicuous Cart - Useable only in PvE. Hide in a moving cart that can take you through enemy territory unnoticed. Works like stealth, but out in the open.
  • Ladder - Allows you to get over walls or cliffs or to reach high-placed gathering items.
  • Glider - Mimics the Slow Fall ability, or parachute, but with a controllable path instead of just a fall.
  • Trowel/Spade/Shovel - Increases Herbalism gathering time and raises Herbalism skill by +2/+5/+7.
  • Dowsing Rod - Points you towards certain other resources (?).
  • Shim - Adds additional armor reinforcement to cloth or leather items (not usable on mail or plate).
  • Boomerang - Type of thrown weapon that stuns targets, but does not cause damage. Does not require the Thrown skill.
  • Paper - Combine with 1 sawdust and 1 liquid (and maybe bleach or other dyes) to create Inscription papers.
  • The flying mount is DaVinci's helicopter.

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