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This is a class idea of mine.

Class: Spectre

Roles: Tank, melee DPS, AoE DPS

Weapons/Armor: Can use shields, all one-handed weapons, and polearms. Can wear all armor.

Resource: Rogue-like Energy mechanics and a five-tier rune system (Fusion) which is a hybrid of the the Paladin's three-tier system and the rogue's five-tier system.


Spectres are the result of Nature, Arcane, and Shadow essences of the race they are associated with, accidentally combined with the soul of a dead being. They are natural products of the environment. They are stuck halfway between the spectral and the earthly planes, and they have trouble fitting in with regular society. They are naturally frightening to all living beings, but only seek to find a place where they fit in. They do not recall their past lives before they died, but vow to fight with their allies to prove that they, too, have a right to exist.

The Spectre is limited mostly to melee and AoE damage, but is an AoE specialist. Using the magic that has been infused in them from their creation, they have devastating spells and other abilities that can affect multiple targets within range. However, they are limited in their ranged abilities. Additionally, though they do not use mana as a resource, they have at their disposal various magical abilities that use up their Energy bar, which regenerates like Rogue's Energy or Hunter's Focus.

Unique Resource: Fusion. This five-tier rune system builds up from using abilities and receiving damage, giving bonuses to certain AoE and self-regeneration abilities. The term "Fusion" implies that the Spectre is able to assume something close to a physical form as its energies fuse to become more solid and can therefore generate more Strength and Agility. The player can enhance such effects and tip the balance between being more on the Spectral side or on the Physical side.

  • Intellect: Normal
  • Spirit: High
  • Stamina: High
  • Strength: Low-normal
  • Agility: Low
  • Armor: Normal
  • Health: High-Normal

Example AbilitiesEdit

Fusion Power (passive): As fusion builds up, agility and strength stats are increased.

Instant Karma: Upon death, may resurrect after 10 seconds instead of going to a graveyard (there is also an option to go to the nearest graveyard). After all, you're dead already. Normal resurrection cooldowns still apply.

Wariness (passive): Suspicion of their ghostly form increases the threat radius of all enemies.

Ghost Strike: Weapon damage plus additional shadow DoT damage on one target, scales with Spirit.

Grave Growl: A taunt-like, non-damage pulling spell. Works on up to two enemies within a cone in front of the player (in addition to any others that will be alerted by the pull).

Phantasm Strike: Weapon damage plus additional physical damage to up to 3 nearby enemies, scales with Strength (cooldown), generates 1 Fusion point. High threat.

Shadow Cloud: A DoT cloud surrounds the spectre and drains life, transferring it, from all enemies in range from both Arcane and Shadow magic schools simultaneously. High Threat.

Shadow Lightning: A short-cast Shadow strike that does direct damage to one target in melee range, affected by Spirit. Generates 1 Fusion point. (cooldown).

Arcane Slice: Conjures a blade of energy that spins within melee range, dealing arcane damage once per sec for 3 sec to all enemies within range.

Arcane Silo: AoE 1.5 times melee range keeps bad guys from entering the Spectre's melee range for 8 seconds, also works on Party members within range. The Spectre is still vulnerable to ranged attacks (physical & cast) and cannot deal direct damage during this time. However, other party members within the effect can still deal damage. (cooldown) Extremely high threat.

Infusion: HoT (self only) Regain Health at the cost of all Fusion Points (scaling effects)


Races available to play this class should have a high passive affinity for the three damage schools: Arcane, Shadow, and Nature

  • Worgen: This is the only Alliance race that combines Warlocks, Mages, and Druids, which makes them ideal candidates for this class.
  • Draenei: The presence of Priests, Mages, and Shamans indicate that the Draenei have an ability to absorb these powers
  • Dwarf: The presence of Priests, Mages, and Shamans indicates that the Dwarves have an ability to absorb these powers.
  • Night Elves: The presence of Priests, Mages, and Druids indicates that the Night Elves have an ability to absorb these powers.
  • Trolls: The presence of Warlocks, Mages, Shamans, and Druids makes them ideal candidates for this class.
  • Orcs: The presence of Warlocks, Mages, and Shamans indicates that the Orcs have an ability to absorb these powers.
  • Goblins: The presence of Warlocks, Mages, and Shamans indicates that the Dwarves have an ability to absorb these powers.

Although it would seem to be the ideal candidate for a class that is based on the idea of a dead being coming back to life, the Undead do not possess the ability of absorbing magic from the well of Nature, and therefore have a different post-death path from that of Spectres.

Talent TreesEdit


This is the AoE Tank spec and can also be a PvP spec. The focus is on enhancing magical abilities that do damage to nearby enemies and protect the party from harm. The Spectre is shifted to a more spectral form. This tree has more crowd control abilities.

Ghostly Presence: Greatly increases threat to you and damage caused by all party members within range.

Ectoplasm: A disorient and Shadow DoT ability that applies to more than one enemy within range. Turns off your attack, but not your threat.

Increased Spirit and Health by 15%

Intermediate ability: Feet of Clay: Can instantly teleport to within melee range of the enemy who is attacking the member of your party who has the lowest health, within 40 yards. If no party members are in range (or if you are not in a party), this ability teleports you to within melee range of the enemy that has the highest Aggro on you, random if there is an aggro tie (works on mobs running after you or if there is no aggro at all). Applies a short stun on the target.

31-point ability: Demiurge: Can assume an etherial form for 30 secs, greatly decreasing damage taken while simultaneously draining life from all enemies in melee range, and healing you for a percentage of the drain. You will also receive an absorption bonus against all schools of magic. (3 min cooldown)


This is the Physical Tank spec. The focus is on using the Fusion bar to increase stats and derive more power from gear. This tree generates more threat.

Spectral Force: Temporarily increases Strength and Agility stats at the cost of all accumulated Fusion points.

Increased Strength and Armor from gear by 15%, and block from shields by 25%

Intermediate ability: Gray Eminence: assume temporary guardian-type control of an enemy within melee range. You do not get to select which enemy becomes your guardian. Is instantly full-health when the spell takes effect. However, the target cannot be healed by any spell and will either die or become an enemy again within 45 secs.

31-point ability: Rock of Ages: An instant cast ability that causes your weapon & shield (if equipped) to fuse to your being, greatly increasing haste, block, and parry stats for 1 minute. In addition, melee enemies will take physical damage from striking you or your weapon/shield and their striking weapons will suffer durability loss with each strike; and magic used against you has a chance to be deflected to another enemy. (5 min cooldown)

Fission This is the straight-up DPS spec that focuses less on tanking and more on damaging everything around you. The term Fission implies that the character's infused magic is being activated in a particular way that makes it more destructive. In addition, the nimbleness required to wield polearms effectively is greatly enhanced by the less-solid nature of the character.

Improved Ghost Strike: Increased weapon damage and shorter but more intense DoT Shadow Damage on one target.

Increased damage done by 20% for all abilities, 25% for polearms.

Intermediate ability: Arcane Shockwave: A ranged cast strike that does instant damage in 3 schools simultaneously: Nature, Shadow, and Arcane. If the target resists one of the schools of magic, it deals its damage to a nearby enemy who already has aggro on you, and which cannot be resisted. Nature damage scales with Strength, and Shadow damage scales with Spirit.

31-point ability: Nether Shockwave: Causes your next weapon strike to deal 300% damage (polearms 400% damage) and causes double-strength Arcane Shockwaves to hit the target and two other melee-range targets.

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