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This is a class idea I have.

Class: Operative

Roles: Ranged DPS, Healer

Weapons/Armor: Can use all swords, all axes, daggers, staves, guns, and thrown. Can Dual Wield (20). Has an Auto-Throw ability for thrown weapons and is a Thrown specialist. Can wear Cloth and Leather only.

Resource: Mana


The operative works closely with the local governing authorities to assist with keeping the peace and reports on various happenings within the land. As such, operatives receive special favor among leaders and nobles. They receive orders periodically from their governments and local authorities, but because they are viewed with suspicion by a populace who may distrust their leadership, they try to stay within the good graces of the individuals around them. Most operatives are Paladins who have pledged their service to the crown as quasi-spies, hence the ability to use mana. Because they must try and fit in, they can only use leather armor so as not to arouse suspicion that they are working for the crown.

In practice, they are wandering protectors, much like Paladins, who believe in a code of justice. Unlike Paladins, however, they believe in law and personal honor more than divine authority. The holy and shadow magic they use is derived from this belief. Because of their reliance on the power of law, their abilities are most effective on other humanoids, as opposed to beasts, elementals, and demons.

Unique aspects: A hybrid class that can focus on the different aspects of being in service to the crown. One tree focuses primarily on your own damage abilities. The second tree focuses on your ability to summon a personalized militia and mobilize other party members. The third tree is the improved healer spec. This class is intended to be a hybrid combination of Hunter and Druid.

  • Intellect: High-Normal
  • Spirit: Low Normal
  • Stamina: Normal
  • Strength: Low-normal
  • Agility: High
  • Armor: Low Normal
  • Health: Normal


Races available for this class should also be able to play Paladins because this class is predicated on the idea that they are Paladins who have offered their services as lieutenants to the crown. As stated in the description, not all operatives are former Paladins, but they share the same belief in justice, so for the purposes of the game, all playable Operatives are former paladins, whose races include:

  • Human
  • Dwarf
  • Draenei
  • Blood Elf
  • Tauren

Example AbilitiesEdit

Badge of Honor (passive): Increased damage and haste for Thrown weapons.

Sheriff's Badge (passive): Can see the location of humanoids (only) on the minimap.

Auto-Throw: Thrown weapons are an auto-attack.

Enlist: Is able to persuade (with a success/failure chance) nearby friendly NPCs, within 4 levels of you, to temporarily fight for your cause. Has an additional chance to work on nearby NPCs also, up to three at one time. Does not work on children. Does not work on hostile or neutral NPCs. Enlisted characters essentially become guardians, do only melee damage, and are under limited control.

Spinning Throw: Additional Weapon damage plus a bleed effect.

Righteous Throw: Cast. Additional Weapon damage plus holy damage which scales with Spirit.

Writ of Law: Cast. Ranged Stun if thrown weapon is equipped. Does no damage.

Deceptive Strike: A melee attack which deals additional weapon damage on the next melee hit plus a chance for a disorient effect.

Force of Law: Cast. Applies a chain effect that roots an attacker in place.

Mayday: A channeling spell that transfers a multiple of your health to the friendly target (like the warlock's minion healing ability). Cannot be cast on self.

Name of the Law: Grants temporary damage absorption effects to all party members within 40 yards, including self, which scales with Spirit.

Second Aid: An instant heal-over-time spell that scales with the player's First Aid ability. The First-Aid profession is a requirement to have for use of this spell.

Invoke the Law: Temporarily reduces threat by 90% from humanoids ("Do you know who I am?"). Does not work at all on other types of enemies such as beasts, demons, or elementals.

Poisons: Can use Rogue poisons on thrown weapons.

Talent TreesEdit


This is a DPS tree that focuses on ranged attacks and enhances crowd control effects.

License to Kill: 15% bonus damage to all offensive attacks, 25% for thrown

Espionage: 15% bonus chance to cause stun effects from all offensive attacks, 25% for thrown.

Intermediate ability: Glaive Throw. A thrown attack that generates three pulsed attacks in one, each with its own separate chance to crit and stun. Stun effects can stack to increase stun time by half each time. This throw does not have a minimum radius and can be initiated within melee range.

31-point ability: Corrosive Throw. You throw both your thrown weapon (if equipped) and your melee weapon(s) at once, causing combined and multiplicative damage and a DoT effect from bleed damage. Does not apply to guns. Also decreases threat on all enemies except the one you are attacking.


This is a hybrid DPS/Protection spec which focuses on Enlistment effects and party buffs.

Conscription: All party members have increased damage/healing, including self and Enlisted NPCs.

Logistics: Bonus increase to the potency, speed, and duration of buffs and other beneficial effects of imbibed and ingested items for all party members, including food, drink, and instant Alchemy potions/elixirs. Also speeds up production and gathering time for all professions.

Intermediate ability: Summon Militia: Can assemble from Enlisted NPCs and then temporarily deploy (conjure) a private army of these humanoids who serve as guardians (up to five members, scales with level) for 45 secs. You have the ability to equip and upgrade them with real-world armor and weapons (including Soulbound armor and weapons), increasing their stats & special chance damage as individuals. You can equip them even if they are not conjured. Note that Militia members can only be equipped with cloth and leather armor even if they were originally specced with mail or plate (those mail/plate suits of armor are overtly "official", which your militia is not).

31-point ability: Declaration of Law: Causes you to enter a heroic leadership state in which you can regenerate a percentage of nearby party members' active resources (mana, focus, rage, energy, runic power) with each thrown attack you cast (including your own). In addition, it produces a powerful party buff that increases haste and spell power of all party members within 40 yards by 15%, including self and Militia members.


This is the Healing spec.

Sniper Heal: Can enter a stealth state for 1 minute from which you can cast healing spells and move around without breaking stealth. You cannot use offensive abilities while stealthed; you must break stealth first, and then there is a short cooldown before you can attack something. You can be detected while stealthed as normal, and your casting effects will be visible, including your Mayday channel. You will break stealth upon being attacked, which should always be a melee attack. (increased stealth detection against you for beasts, demons, and elementals)

Triage: If you are healing one party member, including yourself, a percentage of any overhealing done to that party member will spill over into another party member with the least amount of health within 40 yards, including yourself. Can only spill over once. Any overhealing done to the second party member will be lost as normal.

Bonus increase to Intellect and effectiveness of healing spells. All healing and protection spells have a chance to remove harmful magic effects and curses.

Intermediate ability: Cohesion: Initiates an HoT effect to one party member that takes its healing by draining the combined power of a Name of the Law effect on all affected party members (converting damage absorption into healing power). This ability is only available if Name of the Law is active on at least one party member (including self). Does not break stealth if stealthed.

31-point ability: Diplomatic Immunity: Cast. A multi-target healing spell within a cone in front of the player (including the player) that instantly grants health plus a short HoT. Targets will also receive immunity to the first three hostile abilities that cause loss of control to the character (includes fears, stuns, disorients, and traps, but not speed altering effects) within 45 secs. Does not break stealth if stealthed.

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