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This article is a player character biography page for Habiki Dan'Rei of Sisters of Elune US The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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HordeNPC 32  Habiki Dan'Rei
RaceBlood Elf
Talent SpecDiscipline
ProfessionsEnchanting and Tailoring
RealmSisters of Elune US
GuildGhostfang Brotherhood
Habiki Self Portrait

Habiki, self portrait, wax color sticks on parchment, also the reason he was kicked from art class

Physical DescriptionEdit

A rather young, short, and extremely skinny Blood elf. He strikes as odd immediately, due to the fact he is hopping from one foot to the other, or singing to himself, or knitting in a Battleground, or some other aloof action.

His clothing is patched and full of visible stitches, but seem to fit perfectly. He usually is covered in enchanting dust, causing him to sneeze on occasion. His hair is unkempt and pulled back haphazardly, his split ends are horrendous.

When he talks, his voice lilts his words, and he has a habit of inflecting words and sentences more strongly towards the end.


He was found on a doorstep of the Priesthood one morning, wrapped in a Pink Mageweave shirt. The priests surmised due to the shirt, that maybe some family had wanted a daughter. They took about the task of raising the boy, and soon found that maybe there were other reasons.

He was scolded often for smiting when he should have been healing, and for lack of patience, constraint, tolerance, discipline, self control, and knowledge. This caused Habiki to force his way through problems at a early age with raw talent and skill. After a while, the other priests grew content in the fact they could either watch him overachieve or spectacularly fail any assignment they gave him.

When the Blood Elves joined with the rest of the Horde, he was assigned front line duty by some of the priests in an attempt to get rid of him. He excelled, however, at saving his fellow Horde, and became stronger as a result. The other priests had no last course, but to accept the fact that Habiki was a Priest of the Light.

He claims his father fought in the war as a great priest. He claims that every week, his mom sends him a new Pink Mageweave shirt in the mail, ironed and fresh.


He wandered about from horde task to horde task, mostly being sent to heal in battlegrounds in a desperate attempt to get rid of him. It was one day, in Wintergrasp (Which he called Lake Winterygrasp) that he met a venerable orc warrior of the Ghostfang Brotherhood, named Grimgor. That particular day, the alliance lay heavy siege to the western wall, and the only two defenders were Grimgor and Habiki. In a display of fury and extremely lucky healing, they held their ground, destroying multiple siege engines and keeping the Alliance at bay for a while, until retreating into the western courtyard. When the wall finally fell, a mid sized Alliance force poured through. They saw only two defenders, and jokingly sent a few of their number to take the western courtyard.

After watching their initial groups slaughtered, with seemingly no damage to either defender, the captains called for a en-masse attack. The scene that followed was a tale that Alliance mothers tell their children when they ask where their fathers were, and they weep for the telling. Grimgor broke an axe that day, and still beat people with the broken pieces. Habiki healed and smited and pulled every ounce of the Light through him that he could muster. When the horns blew, indicating the Horde had held the other side, reinforcements poured into the western courtyard. They saw only piles and piles of shattered bodies, and the Orc Grimgor headlocking the hapless priest and pulling his hair, yelling he wouldn't let go until he cried Uncle. To this day, Habiki still refers to him as Uncle Grimgor, out of fear that he will pull his hair again.

After that, much to Grimgor's consternation, Habiki was invited within the ranks of the Ghostfang Brotherhood, where he has put all of his faith and devotion of the Light into healing his friends and fellow Fangs.


One of the priests of the Light told him he needed more Discipline, so he took it literally.

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