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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Profession 1 Profession 2 Guild
Ring}}&cn={{#urlencode:Tranka}} Tranka Horde 15 Earthen Ring IconSmall Troll Male Troll IconSmall Shaman Shaman 64 Herbalism:375 Alchemy:330 None
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Profession 1 Profession 2 Guild


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Get On De Boat


One of the Darkspear Trolls who fled their island home with Thrall's orcs, Tranka's decision to leave with the Horde was more than simply a desire not to go down with the island. Since setting eyes on the Warchief Tranka had been impressed with him, and knew that he would be able to learn much from Thrall and those like him, were they willing to teach him.

During breaks in the fighting on Kalimdor, Tranka had the opportunity to inquire about the magical powers exhibited by Thrall in battle. It was explained to him that the power at Thrall's disposal was something different than the voodoo and other magics used by the Darkspears: orcish shamanism. The inquisitive Tranka listened intently as various orcs explained the differences.

If it were simple lust for power that drove Tranka, he would not have held any interest in becoming a shaman. But there was more appeal to it for him than the idea of calling lightning to strike his foes. Before coming to Kalimdor, Tranka would often walk to the shore at sunset and relax on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves and cries of the seagulls while contemplating this or that. To be able to speak with the Spirit of Water, or the Spirit of the was something Tranka wished to learn, and when the shamans of the Horde offered to teach their ways to any trolls interested in learning, Tranka seized the chance.

The shaman now wanders the world, seeking a better understanding of it and of himself. Sometimes he will lend aid to those in need whom he deems deserving, and sometimes it is necessary for him to fight beasts or people that seek to harm him. To date, the Spirits of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and the Wilds have seen fit to help him in his endeavors and he is grateful to them.

Tranka has spent much of his time with the Tauren, having developed a great respect for the bovine-humanoids and their way of life, as well as for the beauty of Mulgore. Thunder Bluff is this troll's home away from home.

Involvement in the current conflictEdit

During the time the Horde was allied with the Survivors of Lordaeron Tranka made a point of avoiding the petty bickering between the Orcs and Humans, Elves and Trolls, and sought out those like himself who felt that race was unimportant and that they were all in the same boat. He was pleasantly surprised to find many who felt as he did and struck up friendships with many of those under Jaina's command.

When the Survivors of Lordaeron and the Horde parted ways Tranka was disappointed, since it meant having to say goodbye to those he had come to know and like. When Daelin Proudmoore arrived and started a conflict between the two sides, Tranka was profoundly saddened. He knew that the Admiral had to be stopped, but did not wish to fight the humans. After much soul-searching, he confined his role in the conflict to the tending of the wounded without participating directly in the battles. By some, he was called a coward for this, and at times he would have liked nothing more than to call lightning to strike the offenders even though he knew that the Spirits would not do such a thing for him. He suppressed his frustration and anger and rode the conflict out, extremely relieved when it finally came to an end.

The ensuing four years have been disappointing for Tranka. Tensions between races have increased, and they fight one another once again. When Tranka tried to visit Theramore to seek out the Humans and Elven magic-users he had come to know during the war against the Legion he was turned away...aggressively. The shaman doesn't know what is at the root of this. When the Crossroads is attacked by overzealous Humans, Night Elves, Gnomes, Draenei or Dwarves he lends what aid he can to turn them away. While the constant attacks have taken their toll on Tranka's patience, he has not yet found himself sufficiently frustrated to take the fight to the towns and cities of Alliance as many in the Horde have decided to do. Despite his emotions, he knows that this only creates more ill will and fuels the cycle of unnecessary violence, battle between people who once called each other allies and, in some cases, friends.

Tranka is glad that there are those who do not judge by race but rather by deed, such as the Argent Dawn and the Cenarion Circle. More often than not, though, Tranka is moved to curse those consumed by bloodthirst for their folly.

While Tranka holds the Warchief in high esteem, he feels that Thrall has made one large mistake in taking the advice of the Earthen Ring and allying with the Forsaken. Tranka has pieced together the story of the free-willed undead and feels that they have behaved dishonorably, breaking their word and taking land that they had no claim to at the expense of the Humans who trusted them. He suspects that this is one reason why there are those on the Alliance side who consider the entire Horde evil; guilt by association. He also wonders whether the Forsaken will eventually turn on the Orcs, Tauren and Trolls as they turned on their human and Dwarven allies years ago, and is wary around them.

As for the Blood Elves, Tranka is unsure what to make of them at the present time. He finds the sight of the captive naaru in Silvermoon disturbing, but is aware that many of the Sin'dorei share his reservations about the actions of the Blood Knights and their treatment of this being. Should Tranka ever gain an audience with Lor'themar Theron, he will certainly voice his concerns about this...if the Regent Lord is willing to listen.

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