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AllianceNPC 32Neridhren Istarion Edaurion
Gender Male
Race Night elf
Character class Druid
Position Researcher, Historian, Herbalist, Alchemist
Location Unknown
Status Alive, fighting for the alliance and researching his family history
Relative(s) Istar Magorion Edaurion (father, currently dwells in the Emerald Dream), Bess’Saila Isiliel (mother, lives in the forests of Teldrassil), Hendu'Arano (brother, unknown whereabouts presumably a Quel'dorei or a Sin'dorei).

General Info Edit

Appearance Edit

Tall (7'2") muscular build. Skin of a warm shade of gray with a faint glow. Bright shoulder-length silver hair, tied back in a high ponytail with some lose strands that frame his thin and serious looking face. Trimmed facial hair. Exceptionally long ears (even for a Kal'dorei). Idhren was born with glowing silver eyes which turned golden as he learned the ways of Cenarius.

Personality Edit

Gentle and quiet. He honors his name with exceptional wisdom for his young age and enormous appreciation for the forest and all living creatures. He's very curious and inquisitive. He is obsessed with the history of elves and wants to find ways to bring all elves together. He loves his mother very much and visits her as often as he can. Idhren spends as much time as he can researching his family's history.

Beliefs and Views Edit

Bess'Saila raised Idhren to love and respect all living creatures alike. He has a profound appreciation for Nature and he is a good follower of Elune's teachings. He doesn't approve of the archdruid Fandral Staghelm, and avoids him as much as he can. His feelings towards Fandral are based on his mother's view, since he personally hasn't had much contact with the archdruid. Moreover, he never knew of his existence until he was 103, since at home Bess'Saila recongnized Malfurion as the one and only archdruid.

Background Edit

Family Edit


Istar Magorion Edaurion is an elder night elf druid born long before the War of the Ancients. His Father Magor Edaurion was a warrior, protector of Kalimdor and later protector of Zin-Azshari, who perished during the Great Sundering. Istar was never much of a warrior himself. He befriended Malfurion Stormrage and studied the druidic arts with him. Istar became a great duid under the protection and guidance of Malfurion. He fought in the War of the Ancients by Stormrage's side. He married a Quel'dorei, Bess'Saila Isiliel despite her family's disapproval.


Bess'Saila Isiliel was a quel'dorei priestess bor in Zin-Azshari. She met Istar befor the War of the Ancients and they married in secret since the Quel'dorei didn't approve of a highborne priestess' union to a Kal'dorei. She left Zin-Azshari and with Istar, learned of the dangers of Arcane magic from Malfurion. She befriended Tyrande Whisperwind at this time and continue to be a devout follower of Elune.

The CoupleEdit

Istar and Bess'Saila moved to Nordrassil and there they lived a quiet and peaceful life for some time. Istar continued learning the ways of Cenarius and Bess'Saila worshiped Elune and followed Tyrande's teachings. In Nordrassil they had a son, Hendu'Anaro Istarion Edaurion. When Bess'Saila's family learned the child was born, they plotted to kidnap him. They finally succeeded and raised Hendu'Anaro as a quel'dorei. The loss of their child changed their life forever. Istar didn't call Bess'Saila by her birth name anymore, calling her Ithilchalad instead. Pain and hatred grew stronger in his heart and he decided to go into the Emerald Dream to cleanse his heart. He stayed there for many years. Meanwhile, Bess'Saila was praying that Elune gave her his son and husband back. Close to 200 years ago, Istar returned from the Emerald dream to find that Nordrassil was destroyed and Bess'Saila living in Darnassus. There they lived together and had another son, Neridhren Istarion Edaurion. Istar's condition got worse, and they moved to the forest in an attempt to ease Istar's troubled mind. For a while they lived in the forests of Teldrassil until one day, Istar left for the Emerald Dream again, leaving Bess'Saila and Idhren behind.

Early Life Edit

Idhren was born in Darnassus but moved to the forests of Teldrassil when he was a toddler. He grew up admiring nature and all living beings. It was only natural that he would become a Druid. He showed talent for it early in his life. Idhren was able to be around dangerous beasts which would never attack him. When Bess'Saila would have a problem in her garden, Idhren was able to help by making any plant grow even in the worst conditions. He was always very talented with languages. He grew up speaking Darnassian as his mother tongue but became very fluent in the Common language of the Alliance at a very early age. Bess'Saila would speak in a different tongue sometimes and Idhren picked up the bases without ever being taught. Now he knows Bess'Saila was speakinf an ancient type of elven that all elves should understand, regardless of them being Kal'dorei, Quel'dorei, or Sin'dorei. Idhren was always intrigued by this tongue and would later pursue its study. He never understood why Istar left and this triggered his obsession with elvish history and his own family's past. Idhren was always convinced that he would find the answer to explain his father's pain and his mother's silence.

Life in Darnassus Edit

When he reached 103, Idhren decided to move back to Darnassus. He told his mother he needed to train with experienced druids who were at the Cenarion Enclave. Even though he did want to improve his abilities as a druid, he really wanted to move to the capital to have easy access to the elvish archives and start his research. While in Darnassus he became a much better druid while having the opportunity to learn about his people's past and study the ancient elvish languages. He realized that Fandral's policies were selfish and based on the premises of elvish superiority. He was concerned that the Kal'dorei were too preoccupied with their own issues and were ignoring the constant threats of war in the Eastern Kingdoms. Idhren felt a responsibility towards the Alliance he could not longer ignore and decided to put his own research to a halt and move to Stormwind City.

Life in Stormwind Edit

Idhren moved to Stormwind where he wondered lost, amazed at the variety of peoples and races he encountered. He tried to help the Alliance in every way he could. He was feeling very lonely at first, until he came across an ancient fellowship called Shadow of the Moon. The Holy Council of Morchant en Ithil, saw the wisdom and kindness of Idhren and accepted him into the fellowship. He found a very nurturing environment and he felt at home right away. While staying at the Inn, he met a young human called Kuolema and soon they became veru good friends. Kuolema was troubled because of her past and the events leading to her family's death. There was something about the story that reminded him of his own father. Idhren soon convinced the introvert Kuolema to come to the headquarters of Shadow of the Moon, where her icy personality is slowly melting to the warmth she found in all the members of the fellowship. Idhren feels like Kuolema's older brother and he tries to advice her and support her as much as he can Since he has been in Stormwind, he hasn't had the time to really make progress in his research. However, he finds the time to travel back to Teldrassil very often, where he spends some days with his mother and takes the opportunity to go to the Elvish Archives in Darnassus.

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