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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

This is my idea for a hero class (most likely linked to the emerald dream)

Class: Guru

Roles: Ranged Dps/Melee Dps/Healer

Weapons/Armor: Starting with fist weapons, they use primarily very short-ranged, quick attacks; daggers, one-handed swords, and one-handed maces. For armor, they rely upon cloth until level 40, when they can learn leather. In place of ranged weapons, they hold charms, like sigils, totems, or idols.

Unique Qualities: In addition to mana, they have a second energy bar. When attacks are used, they cost both mana but will also affect this balance bar. Some attacks by the Guru will cost energy, while some will give energy. The Balance Bar will naturally regen to 50%. When the scale hits either 0 or 100%, it will deal a significant debuff to both the Guru and party members. Maintaining this balance is the prime key to mastering the class. In addition, they can create talismans, which are like healthstones, but for mana.

Lore: The World Tree and the Sunwell drew incredible founts of energy into Azeroth. Focusing energy into the High Elves and the Night Elves condensed power from all planes of existence. When these pools of magical power were destroyed, there was a backlash of energy. The reserves of power that were funneling into Azeroth lashed out, creating a violent explosion of energy not only on Azeroth, which were powerful enough to eliminate an immortal demon or resurrect a lich, but an equally explosive burst of energy in other realms. These explosive forces did damage to the psychic realm, causing turbulence as far as the Emerald Dream. Anyone with the spiritual presence to access the psychic realm could feel the shockwaves of these incidents. Those who had been trained in the use of these forces were mostly able to withstand this backlash, but those with untrained potential found themselves at the mercy of these forces. Most found themselves overwhelmed by these energies. Either explosion was a source of wild and devastating power that would overwhelm anyone who tried to access it. If only one of these fountains had been destroyed, it would have meant insanity for these individuals. However, when both explosions, spreading in opposite directions, met, a precious few tried not ride these energies or use them. Rather, they allowed the power to conflict within them. Balancing themselves between two destructive forces, they found themselves dancing on a knife blade. These poor people found their power grounding itself in those around them, causing destruction wherever they go. Forced into isolation, these heroes find themselves in a never-ending pursuit of inner peace. As such, they have founded a unique form of combat that takes advantage of their newfound energies and their forced hermitage. Now, as a new danger threatens Azeroth, they are finding themselves forced to reintegrate into society, as a powerful new protector for Azeroth. Although their motives for accepting those that once rejected them still remain unclear...


Astral: This is primarily the ranged and pet spec, attacks add combo points. Pets are familiars, spiritual creations that are a piece of the Guru’s soul.

Telekinetic Weapons: Buff that enhances damage

Mind Thrust: Attack, adds combo point

Swamp Spirit: Poisonous nature elemental pet

Shrine Spirit: Holy-based elemental pet

Warfare: Melee Dps spec, attacks add combo points similar to rouges and cat druids, but no finishing moves.

Palm Strike: Attack, adds combo point

Center Throw: Interrupts casting

Light Flash: A blinding light that creates afterimages for the opponent, reducing hit rating.

Pressure Points: A series of quick attacks that ignore a certain amount of armor

Precognition: enhances evasion

Infusion: This spec focuses on healing. Finishing move is within this spec.

Force of Spirit: Only finishing move, effect determined by active pet

Empathy: Redirects damage from one raid member to tank

Cell Explosion: Healing ability

Earth's Embrace: Sacrifices the pet to encase the Guru in natural energy healing the caster while making them unable to attack or be attacked directly

I think this would make an interesting addition to the current WOW lineup, take a look and let me know.

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