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July 21, 2007
Warcraft3box This user has been playing since Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.
Wiki This user is addicted to WoWWiki.
Inv misc book 07 This user has a strong interest in articles on lore.
Inv jewelry talisman 07 This user plays on the European Argent Dawn server.
Inv misc head dragon blue This user prefers to raid.
Ability parry This user is dedicated, but not hardcore.
Priest-troll-m-70 This user plays as a troll priest.
FemaleIconMaleIcon This user plays both female and male characters.
Achievement boss hakkar This user's character has cleared Zul'Gurub.
Achievement boss prince malchezaar This user's character has cleared Karazhan.
Ability mount netherdrakepurple This user's character has obtained a Nether drake mount.
Xx2 Rx1 Mx1 This user can spell Naxxramas.
Deathwing WC2 Icon Updated This user wondered wherever Deathwing had gone... and now we know!
111 This user employs moogles to count its 111.

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