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Spell holy greaterheal
Spell holy greaterheal
Inv jewelcrafting thoriumsetting
  • Socket Bracer
  • Requires: Blacksmithing (400)
  • Tools: Inv hammer 20 [Blacksmith Hammer]
  • Reagents:
      [Saronite Bar] (4), [Eternal Earth]
  • Permanently add a socket to your bracers. Requires a level 60 or higher item.

    Cannot add more than one socket to an item. Can only add a socket to your own armor, and adding a socket binds the item to you. The added socket requires that you maintain 400 blacksmithing or it will become inactive.
  • 5 sec cast

Socket Bracer has a |requires=Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate<br /> arg that doesn't appear to be displayed.

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