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Hello... I am Hordesupporter, I always defend the Horde and the Horde's goals in the discussions. I am one of the people who speculate about what will be the next playable races in future expansions. Personally I want Nerubians as a Horde race. I have been warcrafting in WoW since fall 2006, I play as a level 61 undead warrior and have a level 18 troll shaman alt. and a lv 37 Blood Elf pally alt. I do my best to undo vandilism, and not add vandilism myself. I view the Alliance, especially Alliance players, with contempt, damn gankers.

Although some people think that the Horde has turned evil in WoW, with careful and slow analsis you can see that is not entirly true, yes, even the Forsaken and Blood Elves are probably a force of good if you examine them close enough.

I hope that someday Blizzard can add to the Caverns of Time, some things I would like to see are...

  • Assist Sylvanas and Varimathras in taking Lorderan from Balnazzar and Dethroc.
  • Assist the Alliance in routing the old horde from Blackrock Spire.
  • Help Thrall and the darkspear tribe fight off the murlocs.
  • Assist Grom and the warsong clan kill Cenarius.
  • Assist Orgim Doomhammer in the killing of Gul'dan and his followers.

That sorta stuff would be unbelieviably cool.

My favorite warcraft characters are...

  • 1. Sylvanas
  • 2. Vol'jin
  • 3. Thrall
  • 4. Jania
  • 5. Nozdormu

I'm also intrested in lore.

My favorite race is by far... the the trolls.

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