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Show XP awarded both as an XP number and the equivalent amount of money earned at top level.



21600 XP (or 12Gold 96Silver at top level)

Coppercost templateEdit

Calculate gold/silver/copper from a copper-only number.

E.g. 123456 copper = 12Gold 34Silver 56Copper

Coppercost template test
Amount Expected Cost Coppercost
89123456 8912Gold 34Silver 56Copper 8912Gold 34Silver 56Copper
123456 12Gold 34Silver 56Copper 12Gold 34Silver 56Copper
3456 34Silver 56Copper 34Silver 56Copper
56 56Copper 56Copper
200 2Silver 2Silver
30000 3Gold 3Gold
40056 4Gold56Copper 4Gold56Copper
0 0Gold 0Gold
Cost template
Source Shows
{{Cost| |}}
{{Cost| | |}}
{{Cost|g=0}} 0Gold
{{Cost|s=0}} 0Silver
{{Cost|c=0}} 0Copper
{{Cost|g=0|s=0}} 0Gold 0Silver
{{Cost|c=123456}} 123456Copper
{{#expr: 123/100}} 1.23
{{#expr: 123 div 100}} 1.23
{{#expr: 123 mod 100}} 23

{{Cost |123}}

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