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AllianceNPC 32Hokujin T. Doujin
Title Chief-Master Bombardier, Doctor, Reverend
Gender Male
Race Human
Level 80
Character class Paladin, Bombardier (currently), Cleric (formerly)
Affiliation Argent Crusade, Argent Scouts, The Clockwerk Society
Position Headmaster of the Argent Scouts, Paladin of the Alliance military (retired)
Location Stormwind
Status Alive
Relative(s) Arthur Doujin (father; deceased), Annabelle Doujin (mother; deceased)
Comp(s) Rogerstrasza "Roger" Waters, Sir Billiam, Westly Snipes, Kevin Bacon (deceased)

Hokujin Doujin is a bombastic Paladin and fiercely loyal Goblin Engineer. An older gentleman, Hokujin has seen every major conflict on Azeroth since the Dark Portal, and participated in every war since the Second War.


Early LifeEdit

Hokujin was born in Stormwind well before the Dark Portal opened. His parents were the blacksmith Arthur Doujin, and his wife Annabelle Doujin, a seamstress. The pair had moved to Stormwind city, from Alterac City while Annabelle was pregnant, due to Arthur's work. As a child, Hokujin (called Hoku by his mother - a nickname he would carry for life) enjoyed watching the Mass in the Stormwind Cathedral. Even from this early age, Hokujin felt the Light was pulling at him, calling him toward it. His father, a man of faith himself, gave his son their family's copy of the Book of the Holy Light, and encouraged his son's strong faith.

Hokujin also became quite curious about explosives, thanks to Stormwind's festive display of fireworks every holiday season. His father deciding that his particular fascination was bad for the cats and the furniture, Arthur enrolled his son to become a Cleric of the Holy Light.

The First War, Cleric training, and Second WarEdit

When the Dark Portal opened, Arthur Doujin joined up with the Alliance military, and Annabelle took Hoku back to her childhood home in Alterac. When Stormwind failed, the Alliance in tatters, Arthur returned to his child and wife. Intent on seeing Hokujin's cleric training through, Arthur and Annabelle moved to Lordaeron.

Hokujin was, as he would often regale jovially later in life, an abysmal cleric. His instructors often noted that the Light came to him naturally, and easily; but that this was a bad thing, because it only aided his lack of discipline. He was constantly scolded, during field training, for ignoring the Knights he was supposed to be healing, and charging in to attack with his fists. He often got in trouble for starting fights, or as he described it, finishing them.

The Second War broke out, and Arthur once again left with the Alliance military. Hokujin wanted to go as well, but the church didn't think him capable for field combat. As such, Hokujin was left to heal the wounded as they came home.

Arthur died when the Alliance stormed the Dark Portal, and the Outland beyond. Hokujin never learned when, or how, he died.


When Uther the Lightbringer returned to Lordaeron, his Knights of the Silver Hand in tow, the church decided it was best to transfer the aging and unfocused Hokujin to their order. Under Uther, Hokujin's abilities became considerably more honed. His natural ability with the Light, coupled with his natural love of fist fighting, melded him into a fairly skilled Paladin. It is true, he had to work heavily on his own mental discipline, but under Uther, Hokujin had a much easier time focusing. Hokujin graduated as a Paladin just in time to see the Third War break out in Lordaeron.

Unlike the Second War, Hokujin's role in the Third War was much more active. As a part of Uther's troop, he fought along side such heroes as Jaina Proudmoore, and Arthas Menethil. One of the few survivors to Arthas' eventual downfall and attack on Lordaeron, Hokujin and the few other survivors of his unit trooped back to rejoin the rest of the Alliance. Once the war ended, Hokujin was reassigned to his old home, Stormwind. There, the church hierarchy cared little more for him as a Paladin than they did as a Cleric.

Upa, High elfEdit

Before leaving the land of Lordaeron, Hokujin's troop came upon a burning farmstead. The inhabitants, elves, were corrupted with the plague, and attacked the soldiers. They dispatched them easily, then went into the house to investigate if there were any left. A young elf teenager, still alive, and unplagued, remained in the house. The boy's name was Upa, and it was clear to the soldiers that he had a strong instinct for the Light. The soldiers took Upa back to the Alliance with him, and he was sent to the orphanage in Stormwind.

Feeling as though he related to the boy (his own father dad, and his own natural affinity for the Light), Hokujin took Upa as his apprentice. The two quickly formed a strong relationship, Upa sharing Hokujin's wide eyed curiosity of science, deep love of the Light, and love of a good fight.


After a few years in Stormwind, with the Alliance rebuilding around them, Hokujin was reassigned by the church - to Kalimdor. With the Night Elves joining the Alliance, he was one of a handful of troops sent as a show of good faith. Upon arriving on Kalimdor, though, Hokujin spent more time with Goblins, learning the ways of advanced Engineering, than he did assisting the Night elves.

Hokujin remained on Kalimdor, exploring, learning (he had become quite a bookworm during these travels), and aiding his Alliance and Goblin allies. He became a Goblin Bombardier, a title rarely bestowed on humans. Though his talent as a Paladin remained more of the same, his increasingly dangerous knowledge of goblin Bombsmithery turned him into a formidable opponent.

The Gates of Ahn'QirajEdit

Hokujin was torn into the middle of the Ahn'Qiraj War, so steeped was southern Kalimdor in the Qiraji assaults. He rejoined the Alliance military in Silithus, helping a ragtag unit of Paladins known as Heaven's Light push back the Qiraji. Though Hokujin had never exactly disliked the Horde under Thrall, the work of the Horde, and particularly High Overlord Varok Saurfang, impressed him greatly. From that time forward, Hokujin did his best to avoid direct conflict with the Horde, choosing the help mend ties, rather than aggravate old hatreds.


  • Did I ever tell you about the time I dressed up as an Orc?
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