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This is a silly article

This article is silly. Coming from a source other than the computer games, trading card game, novels, RPG, or manga, its content is not part of official Warcraft lore, but nevertheless has become part of the culture belonging to the World of Warcraft community.

[10:51] Hobinheim: is there an azerothian version of scientology?
[10:51] Hobinheim: some sort of illogical goblin religion
[10:52] Kaso: ha ha
[10:52] Hobinheim: tinkerology
[10:52] Bagginsww: lol
[10:52] Hobinheim: founded in 1873 by Spark Widdlecrank himself
[10:52] Kaso: Well the goblin engineering thing where you have to re-buy your subscription is similar for the "taking all your money" thing
[10:53] Bagginsww: probably L-rod Hubcrank
[10:53] Hobinheim: there should be higher levels of ascension for obscene amounts of money
[10:53] Hobinheim: Elite Level 60 Operating Tinkerologist
[10:53] Kaso: haha
[10:53] Hobinheim: although currently deceased, L-rod Hubblecrank is the only recognized Skull Boss Tinkerologist
[10:54] Bagginsww: don't you have to rebuy your "subscription" for the gnomes too?
[10:54] Hobinheim: the most famous Tinkerologist NPC to date is the formerly great engineer cum actor, Com Truise
[10:54] Bagginsww: LOL
[10:56] Bagginsww: or Travolt-meter
[10:56] Hobinheim: Tinkerologists have been known for their aggressive tactics. Ganking those who oppose them and setting up repairbots to take money but not actually do the repairs
[10:56] Hobinheim: Tinkerology is not a recognized primary profession
[10:56] Hobinheim: some believe it is a subsect of Engineering
[10:57] Hobinheim: the Azerothian Profession Council begs to differ, in their seminal 1998 report, "Tinkerology, Can't Drop It Because You Can't Train It"
[10:57] Kaso: you should make a silly article about it think :>
[10:58] Hobinheim: despite lacking the formal categorization of Tinkerology, numerous "churches" of Tinkerology exist in many different areas of Azeroth, offering trainers and housing to welcome new and old members alike
[10:58] Hobinheim: it's been speculated that Illidan himself is a large proponent of Tinkerology
[10:59] *** rophy2 has signed off IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
[10:59] Bagginsww: Battlefield Azeroth: Saga of the 20th century (in reference to the mysterious 20th century mentioned in the bone wastes)
[11:00] Bagginsww: popular book by L-rod himself, and soon to be a major event, of gnome-vision
[11:01] Hobinheim: i guess we really should make a silly article out of it
[11:01] Bagginsww: starring Juan Travolt-meter
[11:01] Hobinheim: but what's silly?
[11:01] Hobinheim: Tinkerology is serious
[11:01] Hobinheim: do you know how many player characters have lost their lives to this cult?
[11:01] Kaso: haha
[11:01] Bagginsww: only problem you'll bring in the scientologists to start vandalizing our site, :)
[11:02] Bagginsww: we can't talk negatively about Tinkerology
[11:02] *** Viper007Bond[a] has signed off IRC (No route to host).
[11:03] Bagginsww: also there are a few competing belief systems, the hollow-azerothers (I'm one, its true, azeroth is hollow)
[11:03] Bagginsww: flat-azerothers, beware if you go too far you'll fall off the edge of azeroth.
[11:04] Kaso: Clearly azeroth is flat.
[11:04] Bagginsww: oh ya flat-outlanders, I'm sure all people believe that
[11:04] Kaydeethree: but... but... you will fall off of azeroth if you go too far
[11:04] Bagginsww: heh heh
[11:04] Bagginsww: I've fallen through the world a few times, blinking

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