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Sea of FateEdit

After Deathwing's arrival into Azeroth (world),the great sea became greatly affected.But,Deathwing wasn't the only one to enter Azeroth.No,a much greater threat than Deathwing & The Lich King COMBINED.A beast,no,a god with the power to sink the enter world under water,into his domain.Only those who fear him know him.He is,The Abyssal Demon,Dago-Skilir.He was imprisoned by the titans along with the other old gods,but,the titans stated that he was too powerful to imprison on Azeroth.So,they banished him to a diffrent dimension were he would have no use of his powers,& thus,could not harm anyone.That lead people to belive there was only 5 old gods.They were wrong.Now,the sea rumbles,the tides terrorize,& Hurricanes are on a non-stop spawning.People all over Azeroth have been noticing these weather conditions all over.They ask one question:"Why?Why us?".The sea is no more a safe place,so,many have fled,they fled from the mass armies of Dago's Troops.But,there is one thing that could stop him,but the only person to have this "Almighty Weapon" is not in Azeroth,at least,wasn't able to follow Dago to Azeroth.Prepare to see destiny await you,in The Sea Of Fate.

New FeaturesEdit

  • End Boss:Dago-Skilir,The Abyssal Demon
  • New Alliance & Horde Races:Naga & The Faceless Ones(Aquatic)
  • New Continent: The Sea Of Fate
  • New Dimension: The Tidal Plain
  • New Hero Class: Tide Terror
  • New Dungeons
  • Level Cap Raised to 90
  • New Battle Grounds,including a outdoor PvP ground,The Leviathan Graveyard
  • New Raids
  • New Items
  • New Pets
  • New Mounts
  • New Monsters
  • New Compainions
  • New Factions
  • New NPCs

The Naga - New Alliance RaceEdit

When the Naga Defied joining Dago's Army,he "presuaded" them to leave.Out of the Naga that fled the sea,a group of Naga decided to look for there former brothers & sisters,The Highborne Elves.Suprised to see that these Naga were forced out of their domain made the leaving them homeless.Touched by their story,Vereesa Windrunner ask king Varian Wyrnn if he would allow the Naga join.At first,he was strongly against the idea,he then heard about Dago.He quickly said,"I will let them stay,as they are clear spirits,as well a civilization's tears."From that statement,The Naga of the Alliance called themselves the Clear Tear Zealots.Out of them,the Naga known only by the name "Hy-Luy-Drea",which in their native tongue means "The Tide God",became the leader of the Clear Tear Zealots.The Alliance allowed them to reside on a large isle,created from the storms of Dago,off the coast of Tanaris,.They called this isle "Bluelight Isle", for the luminant light around the isle.The Isle is also surrounded by creatures known as Abysikin(Blue or Greenish Reptile-like creatures with Anemone-like apendages & Blacked faces).Their capital was chosen to be "The Hy-Lund".

  • Warrior
  • Rouge
  • Mage
  • Priest
  • Hunter(Starting Pet - Abysikin)
  • Shaman
  • Death Knight
  • Tide Terror

Racial Abilities:

Clear Spirit - Spell frost manaburn Mana Regeneration increased by 5%

Peace - Spell shaman measuredinsight All pets & party/raid members health increase by 3%

Hydra's Panic - Inv trinket naxxramas06 Forces the caster & all Party/raid members in a 5 yard range to go into Panic,increasing attack power by 10% (3 Minute Cooldown)

  • Mount - Massive Abysikin: (Non-Epic Colors)Green,White,Blue. (Epic Colors)Veredian,Azure,Silver
  • Starting Area: Bluelight Isle
  • Capital: "The Hy-Lund"

The Faceless Ones (Aquatic) - New Horde RaceEdit

When Dago came to Azeroth,the first thing he needed for his master plan was to presuade native races to aid him & to serve in his Army.He turned to the Aquatic Faceless Ones.Since they were creations of another Old God,it was easier to persuade them.Almost all of them joined him,almost.A group of of more intellegent Faceless,thought of him as a threat to their plan,to take domain of all of the Eastern Kingdoms.They disagreed with him,so he decided to send them to their death at the shore of the Southern Eastern Kingdoms,mainly The Cape of Stranglethorn Vale.The group of Faceless woke up on the shore lines of the vale,& were confronted by the Biglewater Goblins.The Goblins captured them & took them to Garrosh,Warchief of the Horde.Surprised at the Goblins success,he decided to take the Faceless & use them as slaves.But then,one of the Faceless said to him,"You dare make use slaves?Pah,we can tear you apart without touching you,weak minded brute!"At Garrosh's Disgust,he yells back,"HA,I don't believe you,Squid-man!"Then the Faceless man should him what he could do.He pushed Garrosh toward the wall with immense strength.Garrosh then was frightened by his telekenetic force.The Faceless then rose up to Garrosh & told him,"I am Hurros,Patriach of The Society of Abyss.We were forced out by the Abyssal Demon,Dago-Skilir.He forced us out for rejecting his invitation to his army.Now we have nowhere to live."After hearing Hurros' long speech about the Old God & their plan,Garrosh came with the answer,they would join the Horde against Dago & the Alliance.He allowed Hurros & his people to reclaim the new found island of Dread,off the coast of the Cape of Stranglethorn Vale.Their capital is the Temple of Dread.

  • Classes:
  • Warrior
  • Warlock
  • Priest
  • Mage
  • Hunter(Starting Pet - Serpent)
  • Rouge
  • Death Knight
  • Tide Terror

Racial Abilities:

Psychic Power - Inv offhand naxxramas 03 Increases Spell Power by 10

Abyssal Research - Inv misc book 04 Incription Skill increased by 15

Tendrill Strength - Inv misc monsterhorn 03 Increases Strength by 7

  • Mount - Hydra: (Non-Epic Colors) Blue,Purple, & Gray (Epic Colors) Blue,Violet,Black
  • Starting Area: Isle of Dread
  • Capital:Temple of Dread


Bluelight Isle(Alliance)Edit

Level Range:1-15

Home Land to the Clear Tear Naga

Isle of Dread(Horde)Edit

Level Range:1-10

Originally located near Feralas,moved near Stranglethorn Vale,Home to the Society of Abyss Faceless Ones

Monsoon Valley(Contested)Edit

Level Range:83-86

A Large Valley with endless rain

The Sea of FateEdit

The Upper Rift(Contested)Edit

Level Range:84-86

The Upper Part of the Sea of Fate

The Middle Floor(Contested)Edit

Level Range:86-88

The Middle part of The Sea of Fate

The Abyss of the Merciless(Contested)Edit

Level Range:88-90

The Lowest Part of the Sea of Fate & the home of Dago-Skilir

The Tidal Plain(Sanctuary)Edit

The Dimension where Dago was imprisoned.Reached by The Tidal Rift.


Level Range:87-89

Titan land,The land is inhabited by the Sik'Mar

Horror Pit(Contested)Edit

Level Range:65-68

A pit where Dago's army is made.This is where the Tide Terrors start.

Hyda,The Leviathan Fortress(Sanctuary)Edit

Fortress where Tide Terrors are Trained.

Shore Forest(PvP)Edit

A forest being torn down by the Horde's Faceless.Battleground.

Leviathan Graveyard(PvP)Edit

A graveyard for the levithans.Outdoor PvP area.


Clear Tear Zealots(Alliance)Edit

The group of Naga that joined the Alliance.

Society of Abyss(Horde)Edit

The group of Faceless that joined the Horde.

The Tide Wardens(Neutral)Edit

A faction of Tide Terrors that seceeded from Dago's Army.(Similar to Death Knights)


A group of Sik'Mar that are trying to protect Uldas from the Armies of Dago.

The Neptune Guard(Neutral)Edit

Law Enforcement in the Great Sea,trying to reclaim the sea of Fate.Lead by Neptulon

Abysikin Peacekeepers(PvP)Edit

A group of Naga who are trying to keep their Abysikin pets from the harm of the Horde.

  • PvP Battleground:Shore Forest

Psycho Order(PvP)Edit

A group of Psychotic Faceless that are cutting down the Shore Forest

  • PvP Battleground:Shore Forest

Tide Terror - The New Hero ClassEdit

As the Abyssal Demon created his army,he selected from the many,a few champions that he thought could harness the power of the abyss so that he could take Azeroth under at a more faster pace.The champions he selected are known by one name.

Tide Terrors.



Tide Terrors have three talent trees, TIDAL MASTERY , SHELL-GUARD , & ABYSSAL FORCE.
  • Inv qirajidol rebirth TIDAL MASTERY
A healing talent tree.E.G move - Primal Splash
  • Inv shield 68 SHELL-GUARD
A tank talent tree.E.G move - Iron Husk
  • Ability warlock shadowflame ABYSSAL FORCE
A dps talent tree.E.G move - Black Lightning


Must have Expansion & have a Level 65 or higher character.


Tide Terrors will have a similar gameplay to Death Knight.They start off with being allied with the main Antagonist,in this case Dago-Skilir,they do quests that lead up to them joining with the alliance or horde.

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