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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

As the battle against Deathwing the Destroyer continues endlessly deep beneath the dwarven city of Grim Batol, more and more falls asleep... and never wakes up again. They find themselves in a dark forest, with rotting trees and withering flowers. They always feel a certain presence behind every twig, under each rock, pursuing, whispering, waiting... You're never safe. You're never alone. Eventually, it will get you, in your endless nightmare.


As Deathwing falls to the gound, Malfurion Stormrage once again asks willing adventurers for help. Within the once tranquil paradise called The Emerald Dream a mystical enemy called The Emerald Nightmare has swept over large parts of the land. Stormrage and the Green Dragonflight has for many years fought against the dark fogs of the Nightmare, but it was until recently that they needed help from outsiders. Xavius, the Satyr Lord and once right hand and counselor of Queen Azshara and sworn enemy of Stormrage, was thought to be dead, at the bottom of the Great Sea, but has shown himself as the creator and ruler of the Nightmare. 10,000 years ago Malfurion, with the aid of the Dragon Aspects, grew a tree which drained the soul and powers of Xavius, and though the Satyr Lord no longer possesses his body, his lifeforce now lies within the twisted tree form which Malfurion encased him in, and now he spreads death and darkness from the Rift of Aln in the north-eastern part of the Dream of Creation. How he got there is a mystery which will be revealed in the expansion but we already know that an Old God recently known as Nyar'Lahak and his reptilian minions the tarhaqi and the sleepless is behind it all.

How to get thereEdit

By doing a short quest chain that involves embedding powers from the Dream into an emerald gem you will be able to travel into the Dream via Moonglade by falling asleep, of course. While in the dream state you can choose one of two destinatons; The Emerald Paradise in the Northwest or the Evergreen Plains in the Southeast.

Opposing FactionsEdit

All opposing factions work together (The Dream Warders however do not know and clearly do not intend to)

  • The Emerald Nightmare
    • Ruler: Xavius the Nightmare Lord, by way of Nyar'Lahak
    • Affiliation: The Old Gods, Burning Legion
    • Main stronghold: Rift of Aln in the Witherscar Forests
    • Common members: Satyr, corrupt treants and ancients, aln'aar (satyrs being corrupted the same way that Xavius did, bearing resemblances of a tree) and other races fallen victim to the Nightmare, most commonly green dragons.
  • The Emerald Flame
    • Ruler: Thal'Marax
    • Affiliation: The Burning Legion
    • Main stronghold: Felflame Palace in the Eternal Mountains
    • Common members: All kinds of demonic and humanoid races (except satyrs in this case, since all satyrs in the Emerald Dream is of the Nightmare) and enslaved worgen.
  • The Dream Warders
    • Ruler: Otorius Dreamyielder
    • Affiliation: Brood of Ysera (formerly) Old Gods, Qye'Luhan (present) (this is of course not intended. They think they do what's best for the Dream, but the Old God has, as any other Old God, convinced them through whispers that he also fights the Nightmare and that every living thing except them are corrupted. They have not fallen victim to the Nightmare, but merely driven mad by the thought of it)
    • Main stronghold: Temple of Cenarius in western Emerald Paradise. Formerly Eye of Ysera, but due to violent behaviour against foreigners they were banned.
    • Common members: Green dragons, druids, dryads and some tarhaqi to further twist their minds.
  • Tarhaaq
    • Ruler: Nyar'Lahak
    • Affiliation: Old Gods (broke free due to the Sundering)
    • Main stronghold: Tarhaqi'Shan in southern Duskrain Jungle
    • Common members: Tarhaqi, all kinds of trapped and enslaved races and some mind-twisted green dragons and druids.

Friendly factionsEdit

Neutral factionsEdit

  • Brood of Ysera
    • Ruler: Ysera the Dreamer
    • Affiliation: The Dragon Aspects
    • Main stronghold: Eye of Ysera in central Dragoneye Hills
    • Enemy: The Emerald Nightmare
    • Common members: Green dragonkin, druids and recently forces from both the Red Dragonflight, Alliance and the Horde.
  • Tarhaqi Exiles
    • Enemy: Tarhaaq and Nyar'Lahak
  • The Renewed
    • Enemy: The Dream Warders
  • The Howling Moon
    • Ruler: Coming soon
    • Affiliation: None, though connections with the Cenarion Circle
    • Main stronghold: Coming soon
    • Enemy: The Emerald Flame
    • Common members: Worgen and several druids.

New special tier in the talent treesEdit

All classes will get a new tier in each of their talent trees. This tier is not like an ordinary tier which only gives you new spells or improvements with your class. With it you can specialize in that single talent tree making you incredibly powerful within that talent. It's like a subclass, for example if you have a mage and specialize with the Fire talent you can become a Pyromancer giving you increased damage with fire spells and other things involving the Fire tree.

IconSmall DeathknightDeath Knight

  • APB Deathknight BloodBlood: Dark Rider
  • APB Deathknight FrostFrost: Frost King
  • APB Deathknight UnholyUnholy: Plaguebringer

IconSmall DruidDruid

  • APB Druid BalanceBalance: Archdruid
  • APB Druid Feral CombatFeral Combat: Savagekin
  • APB Druid RestorationRestoration: Naturalist

IconSmall HunterHunter

  • APB Hunter Beast MasteryBeast Mastery: Beast Master
  • APB Hunter MarksmanshipMarksmanship: Ranger
  • APB Hunter SurvivalSurvival: Tracker

IconSmall MageMage

  • APB Stat IntellectArcane: Wizard
  • APB Mage FireFire: Pyromancer
  • APB Mage FrostFrost: Hydromancer

IconSmall PaladinPaladin

  • APB Paladin HolyHoly: Holy Knight
  • APB Paladin ProtectionProtection: Templar
  • APB Paladin RetributionRetribution: Crusader

IconSmall PriestPriest

  • APB Priest DisciplineDiscipline: Monk (male)/Nun (female)
  • APB Paladin HolyHoly: Cleric
  • APB Priest Shadow MagicShadow: Lightslayer

IconSmall RogueRogue

  • APB Warrior ArmsAssassination: Assassin
  • APB Rogue CombatCombat: Bandit
  • APB Rogue SubtletySubtlety: Trickster

IconSmall ShamanShaman

  • APB Shaman Elemental CombatElemental Combat: Elementalist
  • APB Shaman EnhancementEnhancement: Spirit Champion
  • APB Shaman RestorationRestoration: Far Seer

IconSmall WarlockWarlock

  • APB Warlock AfflictionAffliction: Souleater
  • APB Warlock DemonologyDemonology: Demonologist
  • APB Warlock DestructionDestruction: Hellcaller

IconSmall WarriorWarrior

  • APB Warrior ArmsArms:Alliance 15Gladiator/Horde 15Blademaster
  • APB Warrior FuryFury: Berserker
  • APB Stat ArmorProtection: Knight

New ZonesEdit

Since The Emerald Dream is a parallell appereance of how Azeroth would've looked like without intelligent races (humans, night elves etc), the world here are not split into three continents and the forests stand as they've allways been and everything follows nature's flow without disturbances. The Dream does however have more or less identical climates and landscapes, so they have the same mountains, the same valleys (except those that got formed by The Sundering of course) and the same forests, but a much wider wildlife. In The Emerald Dream all zones are affected by either the Nightmare, the Burning Legion or the Old God's forces to some degree. The zones introduced in the expansion will be a lot bigger than what we are used to, so epic flying mount is really important to be able to quest effectively. This is how the zones are split up and the suggested level to quest there:

Emerald Paradise (85-86)

Ashenvale, Darkshore, Felwood, Moonglade, Winterspring and Mount Hyjal

Evergreen Plains (85-86)

Elwynn Forest, Redrigde Mountains, Westfall, Duskwood, Deadwind Pass, Swamp of Sorrows, Blasted Lands, Stranglethorn Vale as well as Zandalar, Kezan, Lost Isles and Tel Abim

Western Crystalfields (86-87)

Borean Tundra, western parts of Dragonblight and Crystalsong Forest, Wintergrasp, Sholazar Basin and Icecrown

Eternal Mountains (86-87)

Burning Steppes, Searing Gorge, Badlands, Loch Modan, Dun Morogh, Wetlands, Twilight Highlands as well as the Kul Tiras islands

Dragoneye Hills (87-88)

Azshara, Broken Isles, Gilneas and the rest of the sunken parts of ancient Kalimdor including the Well of Eternity and The Eye of Ysera which will act as a Sanctuary, comparable to Shattrath City and Dalaran

Flowing Dreamlands (88-89)

Durotar, The Barrens, Stonetalon Mountains, Desolace, Mulgore, Feralas and Dustwallow Marsh

Eastern Crystalfields (88-89)

Howling Fjord, eastern parts of Dragonblight and Crystalsong Forest, Grizzly Hills, Zul'Drak and Storm Peaks

Duskrain Jungle (89-90)

Thousand Needles, Tanaris, Uldum, Un'Goro Crater and Silithus

Witherscar Forests (89-90)

Arathi Highlands, Hillsbrad Foothills, Alterac Mountains, Silverpine Forest, Tirisfal Glades, The Hinterlands, Western Plaguelands, Eastern Plaguelands, Ghostlands, Eversong Woods and Isle of Quel'Danas

Another zone are to be introduced as well in The Emerald Nightmare expansion.

Var'Karhan (89-90)

The homeland of the worgen. Here you fight the Emerald Flame of the Burning Legion. Entry from the currently unused portal in Wizard's Sanctum in Stormwind for the alliance and through a portal in the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar for the Horde.

Dungeons and raidsEdit

5-man dungeonsEdit

Portal clearing

  • Twilight Grove (85-87)
    • Entry from: Central Evergreen Plains
    • The Dark Riders of Deadwind Pass are agents of the Legion and with their undead army they are trying to breach through the portal in Duskwood.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall Attumen Bharius the Horseman
      • IconSmall Attumen Kyranor the Horseman
      • IconSmall UndeadDeathKnight Zanagaar the Horseman <Captain of the Dark Riders>
  • Bough Shadow (85-87)
    • Entry from: Southeastern part of the Emerald Paradise
    • The satyr of Ashenvale have sensed their master's calling and attempts to ambush the Dream's forces from the parallell plane.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall Satyr Naryck
      • IconSmall Satyr Draxzan
      • IconSmall Treant Zaraxxan the Corruptor (one of the first aln'aar we will stumble upon)
  • The Great Tree (86-88)
    • Entry From: East part of the Western Crystalfields
    • The fallen druids and the green dragons of Crystalsong Forest has also heard Nyar'Lahak's whispers and they have been driven mad and they have begun venturing through the portal to get rid of what they think is the Nightmare.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall Highborne Female Falandrya Starwalker (undead night elf from the ruins of Shandralar)
      • IconSmall DrakeGreen Raxzavius Dreamgatherer
  • Dream Bough (88-90)
    • Entry from: Southwestern part of the Flowing Dreamlands
    • The Burning Legion forces from Desolace is trying to ambush Ysera's forces from the portal in Feralas.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall Orc Male Throck Hellraiser
      • IconSmall Dreadlord Demonlord Mathravion
  • Seradane (89-90)
    • Entry from: Central Witherscar Forests
    • Since the Nightmare is so strong in the Northeastern region of the Dream it has started seeping through the portal in Hinterlands and corrupted the green dragons there and some of the forest trolls as well. They are now passing through to strengthen Xavius' army.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall SpawnGreen Feranixus
      • IconSmall ForestTroll Male Jen'Sayji
      • IconSmall DrakonidGreen Eliazira
      • IconSmall Ancient Nightmare Colossus

Temple of Cenarius

  • Entry from western Emerald Paradise
    • Dragonsworn Stronghold (85-87)
    • This is where the druids of The Dream Warders is gathered. The leaders are dragonsworn of Otorius.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall Lasher Kyji
      • IconSmall Cenarian Female Hylandria
      • Dragonsworn Assembly. An encounter consisting of four druids.
        • IconSmall NightElf FemaleIconSmall Panther D'aniel Dreamclaw
        • IconSmall Tauren MaleIconSmall Bear Dronn Dreadjaw
        • IconSmall NightElf MaleIconSmall Wildkin Savián Swiftfeather
        • IconSmall Tauren FemaleIconSmall Treant Trauna Treemender
    • The Green Terrace (89-90)
    • Here some of the most trusted green dragonkin reside. The tarhaqi has also taken up a small residence here.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall Serpent T'kiszhj
      • IconSmall SpawnGreenGeneral Exirios


  • Entry from north eastern Evergreen Plains
    • The Burning Heights (85-87)
    • The Emerald Flame has taken total control of this settlement of birds. They force them to drink demon blood, turning them into bloodthirsty predators with spikes and burning wings.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall OwlHyruk
      • IconSmall Gnome MaleJerry Nethershriek
      • IconSmall CrowSwaras
      • IconSmall PitLordTarmathron
    • Fernskin Den (89-90)
    • These furbolgs were once unintelligent and in a true balance with nature. The Emereld Flame however, have enslaved them and makes them drink demon blood to eventually join their forces. They hold Ursoc and Ursol here as prisoners.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall BearPurol
      • IconSmall Human MaleEdmund the Persuader
      • IconSmall FurbolgBoroc Fernskin

Felflame Fortress

  • Entry from central Eternal Mountains
    • Felflame Keep (86-88)
    • The forces from the Emerald Flame have established a minor stronghold here and brought some worgen slaves with them to strengthen Xavius and his Nightmare.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall WrathguardKvorin the Mad
      • IconSmall VoidLordEtherion
      • IconSmall Man&#039;ari MaleHara'tzaar
      • IconSmall FelbloodElf MaleLord Beravan

Eye of Ysera

  • Entry from central Eye of Ysera
    • The Pit (87-89)
    • When the Dream Warders confronted Ysera with their madness she banned most of them from the Eye but a minority of them became too insane to be left alone in the Dream. Therefore she imprisoned them in a cave underneath the entire city, along with some captured Burning Legion patriots for interrogation. But they have breached through the floor in the Eye and is now a threat to all who come too close.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall Tauren MaleKlor Earthhoof
      • IconSmall FelOrc MaleSpymaster Aggar
      • IconSmall DrakeGreenHaronakus

Silvertusk Vale

  • Entry from south eastern Flowing Dreamlands
    • Agamaggus (88-90)
    • These boars were once cared for by Agamaggan's spirit. But also he has heard Nyar'Lahak's whispers and he has thus transformed the once peaceful boars into fierce quilboar known as the Drowsytusk in a hope of crushing the Nightmare.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall BoarTrogom
      • IconSmall Quilboar MaleButra Drowsytusk
      • IconSmall SnakeFa'sjihk
      • IconSmall BoarAgamaggan (players will free Agamaggan's spirit, not kill him)


  • Entry from central Eastern Crystalfields
    • Dreamtalon Ascenison (88-90)
    • These harpies were raised by Aviana the raven lord in service of the Nightmare. Now they nest in the branches of G'Hanir.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall RavenFuros
      • IconSmall HarpyHaggaz Dreamtalon
      • IconSmall NightElf FemaleIconSmall RavenAviana

Felflame Palace

  • Entry from south western Var'Karhan
    • The Courtyard (89-90)
    • Here The Emerald Flame grows plants and breeds mutated animals for the Nightmare to use inside the Dream.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall TreantFelsprout
      • IconSmall WorgGrowly
      • IconSmall BogBeastMutatium
    • The Synagouge (89-90)
    • The acolytes and dark clerics of the Emerald Flame are gathered here, as a sect where they perform dark rituals. Rumors suggests that they draw their power from the wolf god Goldrinn.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall Dwarf MaleOlauf Blackfeet
      • IconSmall Troll MaleSey'ja the Drainer
      • IconSmall WolfGoldrinn (players will save Goldrinn in this encounter)


  • Entry from southern Duskrain Jungle
    • The Twisted Pens (89-90)
    • Here mind-twisted dragons and druids reside as ambassadors from the Dream Warders. They also keep disobeying tarhaqi here as slaves.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall DrakeGreenSerrakus Greenwing
      • Inv misc questionmarkSlavebinder Firrax
    • Tarhaqi Grounds (89-90)
    • This is where the reptilians once ruled, free of Nyar'Lahak's powers and misguiding voice. Tortolla, the turtle god has been driven crazy aswell and has taken up residence here.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall RaptorBonegrind
      • Inv misc questionmarkUuri'hajs
      • IconSmall TurtleTortolla (players will free Tortolla's spirit, not kill him)

Rift of Aln

  • Entry from eastern Witherscar Forests
    • The Withered Halls (89-90)
    • Coming soon
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall LasherHe'vej
      • IconSmall LasherDo'iej
      • IconSmall LasherLu'hej
    • Unwaking Run (89-90)
    • Coming soon
    • Bosses:
      • Coming soon
      • IconSmall DrakonidGreenCharus
    • The Corrupted Scar (89-90)
    • Coming soon
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall SatyrFaraxin
      • Coming soon
      • IconSmall TreantXaxar Putrifang


Temple of Cenarius

  • Entry from western Emerald Paradise
    • The Spire (90)
    • Attunement:Inv misc key 07The Emerald Key
    • Here the mind-twisted green dragons seek to destroy the Nightmare, which for them is everything around them. There are also several druids in the spire along with ambassadors from both the Tarhaaq and even the Emerald Flame. Otorius rules from the very top of the Spire. Players will have to fight their way up through the Spire to put an end to Otorius' madness.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall NightElf MaleGundraal Starforest
      • IconSmall AncientTree-Lord Trackar
      • IconSmall DrakeGreenFernandrius
      • IconSmall RaptorFil'xja the Ripper
      • Inv misc questionmarkAmbassador Gah'hajsh
      • IconSmall Ogre MaleCordosh the Infiltrator
      • IconSmall SatyrTyrnahan Spiteclaw
      • IconSmall DragonGreen Otorius Dreamyielder


  • Entry from central Eastern Crystalfields
    • Aviana's Nest (90)
    • Attunement: Dreamtalon Ascension quest complete
    • The demigod Aviana was thought to be dead since the War of the Ancients. This has proven itself to be false. She was captured by the Burning Legion and tortured for three thousand years until she eventually agreed to obey. She was then sent to the Emerald Dream where she had no choice but to bend down for the Nightmare. Now she resides on top of G'Hanir's branches in the highest peak of the Dream as a lackey to the Nightmare.
    • Bosses:
      • The Raven Council (an encounter consisting of four harpy sisters)
        • IconSmall HarpySyriz Dreamtalon
        • IconSmall HarpyGunnra Dreamtalon
        • IconSmall HarpyEirya Dreamtalon
        • IconSmall HarpyTaris Dreamtalon
      • IconSmall NightElf FemaleIconSmall RavenAviana

Felflame Palace

  • Entry from south western Var'Karhan
    • The Scorched Mansion (90)
    • Attunement:Inv misc key 01Felflame Key
    • In these halls the leaders of the Emerald Flame resides, ruled by the tothrezim Thal'Marax. They know that the worgen have ties to the Night Elves and the Emerald Dream and that is why they are here.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall FelOrc FemaleDread-Summoner Tarona
      • IconSmall ShivarraQueen Saxxana
      • IconSmall MoltenGiantKol'Gar
      • IconSmall FireImmolatius
      • IconSmall WorgenFelgore
      • IconSmall TothrezimThal'Marax

Chamber of Aspects

  • Entry from central Dragonblight in Northrend
    • Emerald Sanctum (90)
    • Attunement: None
    • The green door in the Chamber of Aspects in Dragonblight will now open and contains four bosses where only one is a major boss which contains loot. Players will have to kill these Nightmare-corrupted dragons to keep the Sanctum safe.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall DrakeGreenHarrax
      • IconSmall DrakeGreenElyza
      • IconSmall DrakeGreenRakius
      • IconSmall DragonGreenTianira the Twisted

Caverns of Time

  • Entry from eastern Tanaris
    • Creation of the Dream (90)
    • Attunement: Quest involving Otorius and Felgore has to be completed.
    • When the titans created Azeroth they made a parallell plane known as the Emerald Dream which should act as a perfect reflection of the other world. They created the Dream without disturbances, but the Infinite Dragonflight is trying to prevent the Pantheon from doing so. Players are sent countless milennia back in time to make sure that history remains the same.
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall SpawnInfiniteInfinitus
      • IconSmall DrakeInfiniteEpoch Slayer
      • IconSmall DrakonidInfinitePrince Chronos
      • IconSmall DragonInfiniteRandarmu the Timereaper


  • Entry from southern Duskrain Jungle
    • Tarhaqi'Shan (90)
    • Attunement: Coming soon
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall CrocoliskKaratar
      • IconSmall WindSerpentDre'maj the Electrifier
      • IconSmall HydraGhaz'tarhan
      • IconSmall DevilsaurTyranni the Shredder
      • The Emerald Guardians (an encounter consisting of a druid, an ancient and a dragon)
        • IconSmall DragonGreenKatrenia
        • IconSmall NightElf MaleForanan Eclipsesky
        • IconSmall AncientLortab the Old
      • IconSmall FelguardAxe Master Bokax
      • IconSmall TreantZartavox Darktail
      • Inv misc questionmarkKri'tasj the Unmentioned

Rift of Aln

  • Entry from eastern Witherscar Forests
    • Rift of Aln (90)
    • Attunement:Inv jewelry ring 74Band of Eternal Dreams (either equipped or in the bag)
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall OozeNightmare Waste
      • IconSmall AncientKarrgan the Rotted
      • IconSmall LasherWitherlash
      • Inv misc questionmarkJi'kaszh
      • IconSmall DoomlordHartaz the Darkener
      • IconSmall SatyrSatyrixx Vilehorn
      • Aln'aar Brothers (an encounter consisting of two aln'aar)
        • IconSmall TreantTirr
        • IconSmall TreantTarrax
      • IconSmall DragonGreenYranakus Darkforest
      • IconSmall NightElf MaleDarhaan Shadewhisper
      • IconSmall StagMalorne the Waywatcher (players will save Malorne in this encounter, not kill him)
      • Spell shadow demoniccirclesummonThe Nightmare Well
      • IconSmall SatyrIconSmall TreantXavius the Nightmare Lord

Lair of the Sleepless

  • Entry from the mountains far northeast of Darkshore
    • Lair of the Sleepless (90)
    • Attunement: Coming soon
    • Bosses:
      • IconSmall OldGodNyar'Lahak <Numerous titles>
        • The Chaos Crawler, The Endless Serpent, Bounder of Dreams, Destroyer of the Worlds, The Sleepless One

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