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I'm a World of Warcraft player from the Netherlands. I Play all races and classes but i greatly prefer the Dwarf Hunter. I hate the facts that people always underestimate Hunters and that it took me a very long time to get lvl 60 although I'm playing WoW since the day it came out in Europe. Ofcourse it has also taking bloody long to get to lvl 70.

Sentences Edit

Sentences I always love to say:

Tips Edit

  • You wanna defeat a dwarf? buy him an ale!
  • Beerhaters shouldn't come to Ironforge

Trivia Edit

  • If Darnassus is burning, i got an alibi!
  • My reason of existence? Driving my friends nuts!
  • Why is my Chain Gun schematic still not approved?
  • They tried to nerf my Nuk-Lea bomb. They are now dead!
  • I'm a Serial Killer. I really am! You don't wanna know how many flies i killed!
  • My Improved Chain Gun Schematic has been discarded again. They never knew what hit him (i do)
  • This is the eight time they have send my schematic of a Chainsaw back. Time to call Leatherface! Now i only need a ticket to Texas and the massacre can begin!

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