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Faction/AffiliationBurning Legion, (Warlock pets of the Horde and the Alliance)
Character classesNot applicable
Racial capitalLegion Stronghold, somewhere in the Twisting Nether
Racial leader(s)None
Racial mountNot applicable
HomeworldTwisting Nether (RPG)
Primary language(s)Eredun
Secondary language(s)Some also speak Common.MG 91 Most learn some of the native tongue of their warlock master.
Average height1-2 feet (presumed)
Were you looking for the warlock pet? See Imp (warlock minion)
Imp can also be an abbreviation of the word improved, as in Imp Sap.

Imps are a mischievous and nefarious race of small, fiendish demons. They are granted to the Legion's warlocks as familiars. Although their frames are tiny, they are able to store tremendous amounts of fel energy.

Imps are known to covet or even steal belongings from their warlock masters.

Imps are similar in appearance to grell (humanoids), but can be distinguished by their horns and a preference for casting fire spells instead of engaging in melee. It is unknown whether imps are corrupted grell, or a separate race. Some imps are apparently also known as sprites.

Notable ImpsEdit


Imp Samwise Art

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