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<div id="mptabs" align="center"><!--
-->[[User:Harrienak/Sandbox/1|<span class="{{#if:{{{User:Harrienak/Sandbox|}}}|inactivetab|activetab}}">Sandbox<span style="font-size:0%"> </span></span>]]<!--
-->[[User_talk:Harrienak|<span class="{{#ifeq:{{{User_talk:Harrienak|}}}|activetab|inactivetab}}">WotLK<span style="font-size:0%;"> </span></span>]]<!--
-->[[Server:kor%27gall_Europe/S.C.U.M.|<span class="{{#ifeq:{{{Server:kor%27gall_Europe/S.C.U.M.}}}|Interface|activetab|inactivetab}}">UI&nbsp;customization<span style="font-size:0%"> </span></span>]]<!--
-->[[Server:kor%27gall_Europe/S.C.U.M.|<span class="{{#ifeq:{{{Server:kor%27gall_Europe/S.C.U.M.}}}|Warcraft|activetab|inactivetab}}">Warcraft&nbsp;universe<span style="font-size:0%"> </span></span>]]<!--</div>
--><div id="mptabs" align="center"><!--
-->[[Portal:World of Warcraft|<span class="{{#if:{{{portal|}}}|inactivetab|activetab}}">WoW<span style="font-size:0%"> </span></span>]]<!--
-->[[Portal:WotLK|<span class="{{#ifeq:{{{portal}}}|WotLK|activetab|inactivetab}}">WotLK<span style="font-size:0%;"> </span></span>]]<!--
-->[[Portal:Interface customization|<span class="{{#ifeq:{{{portal}}}|Interface|activetab|inactivetab}}">UI&nbsp;customization<span style="font-size:0%"> </span></span>]]<!--
-->[[Portal:Warcraft universe|<span class="{{#ifeq:{{{portal}}}|Warcraft|activetab|inactivetab}}">Warcraft&nbsp;universe<span style="font-size:0%"> </span></span>]]<!--
-->[[Portal:Community|<span class="{{#ifeq:{{{portal}}}|Community|activetab|inactivetab}}">Community</span>]] </div><!--
--><span id="portal1" {{#if:{{{portal|}}}|style="display:none;"}}>{{Portal:World of Warcraft}}</span><!--
--><span id="portal2" {{#ifeq:{{{portal}}}|WotLK||style="display:none;"}}>{{Portal:WotLK}}</span><!--
--><span id="portal3" {{#ifeq:{{{portal}}}|Interface||style="display:none;"}}>{{Portal:Interface customization}}</span><!--
--><span id="portal4" {{#ifeq:{{{portal}}}|Warcraft||style="display:none;"}}>{{Portal:Warcraft universe}}</span><!--
--><span id="portal5" {{#ifeq:{{{portal}}}|Community||style="display:none;"}}>{{Portal:Community}}</span>
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{{tab|:User:Harrienak/Sandbox/1|Sandbox 1}}
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{{tab|:User:Harrienak/Sandbox/1/1|Sandbox 1 1}}
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Patch 3.3 - Icecrown Citadel unlocked!

Patch 3.2 - The Crusaders' Coliseum calls!

Trial of the Champion (5)

Trial of the Crusader (10/25) • Tier 9

Trial of the Grand Crusader (10/25) • Tier 9

Patch 3.1 - Ulduar raid unleashed!

Death knights

The death knight is the first hero class in World of Warcraft, introduced in Wrath of the Lich King. Originally a classic unit/class which first appeared in Warcraft II and Warcraft III, it was later adapted as a prestige class within the Warcraft RPG (Alliance & Horde Compendium and Dark Factions).

Starting quest chain

The death knight quest chain starts with In Service Of The Lich King, culminates with The Light of Dawn, the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel and ends with Alliance 15 Where Kings Walk or Horde 15 Warchief's Blessing.


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Warcraft III patch news

Warcraft III patch – current 1.24b · next TBA

Patch 1.23a
  • now uses a new banner ad system.
  • Fixed an exploit where an altered custom map would be seen identical to the original custom map.
  • Fixed an issue where some patches could not apply on Intel Macs.
  • Notes - Download
Patch 1.24b
  • PC World Editor
    • Increased max map file size from 4 MB to 8 MB.
    • Added the ability to store hashtable handles in a hashtable.
    • Added GetSpellTargetX and GetSpellTargetY natives.
    • Added a new base handle type "Agent" of which many types now extend from.
    • Added a SaveAgentHandle native which can be used for saving most handle types.
    • Added a JASS optimization dealing with global variable change events.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a few false positives caused by the "return bug" fix.
    • Fixed a crash related to hashtable reference counting.
    • "Shadowing" global variables with local variables no longer is possible.
    • Fixed a type conversion dealing with operators (i.e. adding a handle with an integer).

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