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Alliance 32 Hanurihm is an Alliance player character who may be found on the Moonglade EU Role Playing server.

Basic Information Edit

Name: Hanurihm Wavestrider's daughter.

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Class: Priest ((Holy/Discipline))

Level: 70

Guild: Guardian of the Secrets

Age: 22 years ((player age - IRL I was born 1969))

Home: Orphaned at age 7, raised by the Northshire Abbey

Job/Profession Edit

Hanurihm was trained as a Cleric by the Northshire Abbey. At the age of 21 she decided to leave the Abbey and explore the world, possibly finding clues as to what fate befell her parents. She now travels the world as Guardian of the Secrets guild of adventurers.

Background Edit

Her mother was a Cleric in Stormwind, and her father was a seafaring Captain from the north. They met each other during one of her father's trading missions with his longboat. Her father and mother was together for several years before giving birth to a daugther, Hanurihm.

Hanurihm only remembers her father, as her mother passed away soon after giving birth to her. Somehow somthing went terribly wrong on one of her mother's missions undertaken for Anduin Lothar of Stormwind. However Hanurihm has been unable to find out just what happened. When ever she would ask her father, he always got his 'silent seafarer' attitude up, and any attempt by Hanurihm to pry information from him regarding her mother's fate was in vain.

At the age of 7 years her father took her to Northshire Abbey so that she may learn the ways of a Cleric. He got himself a command on one of Sir Lothar's ships, but neither ship nor crew or captain was ever seen or heard of again in Azeroth.

Hanurihm has woved to work relentlessly towards three goals. First and foremost she is struggeling to heal the forces of the Alliance in their struggles against the Horde and the Legion, so that her mother and father make take pride in her, if the can sense her progress from the afterlife. Secondly she wants to learn what befell the ship under her fathers last command and of course her fathers fate. Third and last she would like to know the circumstances of her mothers demise. These goals drive her today relentlessly in her adventuring in Azeroth and the Outlands.

Current Goings-On Edit

Hanurihm has been exploring Karazhan extensively, and is now moving on towards Zul'Aman and beyond.

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