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  • Level: 60+
  • # of Players: 20
  • Location: Southern Silithus, Kalimdor
  • Released: Patch 1.9
  • Abbreviation: XXX

The XXXX will be an outdoor 20-player raid instance. Blah blah.


For history and lore details, see Ahn'Qiraj.


This section should explain what kind of equipment is ideal to bring. Would a 20-man with endgame blues be sufficient? What resists are necessary? Any potions particularly useful?

Getting to the Instance PortalEdit

This section should explain how to navigate to the portal. Such as: whether you avoid the trash mobs, whether there multiple entrances or a key, etc.

It is known a World Event needs to be completed before the Scarab Wall opens in the first place. This section does not need to deal with that issue.

General Guidelines and Party StructureEdit

This section should outline any thematic strategies that are necessary, including party structure. For example: if most bosses require mana drain before rogues engage, or if they have phase changes at 25/50/75% health, how many warlocks or mages are the minimum, and so on.

Boss StrategyEdit

This section should outline the techniques to beat each boss.

  • Facts and proven details should go in this section.

Boss #1Edit

Details on the first mini-boss would go here. Other bosses should have their own subsection too.


Next boss details


The loot in xxxxxx comes from:

  • killing bosses
  • killing mobs
  • quest rewards. (Does it?)

Loot-quest SystemEdit

Details of these tokens, quest rewards and reputation levels should go here, organised by class.

Otherwise, this section can be removed.

Boss and Mob LootEdit

This section should list the phat lewt available from the bosses, organised firstly by class. This is based on the assumption that xxxxxx will have more class-specific loot than xxxxxx.


  • Details including who drops it


  • Details including who drops it


  • Details including who drops it

Other Cloth:

  • Details including who drops it

Other Mail

  • Details including who drops it

and so on


Quests with item rewards should go in the loot section, above.

This section should list:

  • quest chains which should be done before entering the instance, and possibly climax within it
  • quests which are completed within

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