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Hi!My Name is Hammerdin.Here is a Link to my Guild's page here on wowwiki. Forsaken Rebellion Haldroun Frostfury

My Name in Wow is Orothin.I can be located on the Muradin Server. Muradin is a good server.OBEY!

I like to RP[Nerdium Imerciai Magnum] too. RP is fun,RP is addicting.

I also have been doing some theories on Velen,The Mysterious Draenei faction leader.He seems like an Interesting Charecter and i Can't wait to seeing him on the Game

Here is some Stats:

Named After:My Human Paladin,Orothin,who Currently Wields Blanchard's Stout Favorite WoW charecters:Furion(i have began a search for furion),Uther,Several Paladins(including myself)

Favorite WoW City:Stormwind,It has the Highest Concentration of Paladins on my Server and I am a Devout Paladin

Favorite WoW Event:Darkmoon Faire,I even travel to mulgore to just get that faire feeling!

Favorite WoW Class:Paladin(DUH!)

Least Favorite Class:Shamans

Least Favorite City:Don't Really have one

Least Favorite WoW event:Shadow of the Necropolis

Least Favorite WoW Charecters:Mor'Ladim(I hope he never respawns),All the Goblins in The Deadmines(they wiped my party more than once)

And Favorite Joke Charecter:Alamo!

Wow is Awesome

I'm also waiting to get into the bookkeepers.Ragestorm is putting me on hold because of my strange love for putting too many capitals in sentences and my recent arrival to WoWWiki.Its not that big of a deal because i'm taking some english classes(to me anyways).

BC Comes out on 1/17/07

Exodar Crashes on 12/17/06 How is this possible?SIMPLE! The Draenei opening Movie says"One month ago,a storm raged over northern kalimdor".I'll be Auberdine...

IconLarge Alliance This user plays as a member of the Alliance.

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