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NeutralNPC 32Admiral Gunndar Relnor
Admiral Gunndar Relnor aboard the Pardon's Wing.
Title The Admiral, Charge of Westwind
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level  ?? (Boss)
Character class Sailor
Affiliation The Westwind Bucccaneers, The Fourth Wave, Blackwater Raiders
Position Smuggler, Privateer, Captain
Location The Pardon's Wing, The Great Sea, Kul Tiras
Status Alive
Relative(s) Samuel Breau (Father), Dana Breau (Mother), Clarice Eldon (Wife - Deceased)
Mentor(s) Brighton Newfthen, Ferrex Marks0500Mists-Logo-Small
Alignment Neutral

Gunndar Edit


Bold, daring and somewhat reckless, Gunndar has a short temper and an uncontrollable rage locked within. He is determined, organized and methodical and seems to always have a plan. He is known to work his own crew into tight binds if only to come out on top in the end, an attribute not many live to tell about.


Standing tall at 6'1" with a muscular build, broad shoulders and thick calves. His face is long and weathered by age with many wrinkles and scars. He has shoulder length gray hair and a well-groomed mustache. His eyes are a light green color and tend to mislead others into a false sense of calm.

Gunndar is known to carry a set of dual antique pistols which still can pack a punch. He is often garbed in a simple swashbucklers loose shirt and a set of linen pants, boots and his famous Admiral's Hat and black cloak. He can often be found peering through a spyglass or nose deep in ship repair logs or records.

Biography Edit

Gunndar Relnor is the current charge of the The Westwind Bucccaneers. He serves as Admiral of the Westwind Fleet aboard the flagship named the The Pardon's Wing.

Early YearsEdit

- RPers are asked to keep in mind, that Gunndar's backstory is meant to be a well kept secret, with absolutely no one currently associated with him knowing anything about it. Should an individual wish to RP with contents from the backstory included, please OOC contact with Gunndar first, before diving into RP. -

Born under the name Regenald Breau to a family in Kul Tiras, he was raised into the seafaring life under his father who brought him aboard their fishing vessel to learn the trade. Regenald's father, Samuel Breau, however, was not his only mentor. A seasoned sailor by the name of Brighton Newfthen, a 'retired pirate' took it upon himself to teach young Regenald much about the seas that his father would rather him not know. While Samuel Breau would be out to sea for long periods of time for work, Regenald would spend his time with Brighton, and over time Brighton would introduce Regenald to a life of crime, booze and women, and not to mention the treasure.

Departing Kul TirasEdit

Upon his sixteenth birthday, Regenald was gifted a set of duel, antique pistols once the possessions of his grandfather who served in the Kul Tiran navy. With weapons at his disposal, Regenald accepted all the knowledge Brighton would offer and took to mastering his skill with the pistols. Over the next two years, Regenald and his father, Samuel, would begin to drift apart and things came to blows when Samuel discovered where Regenald had been spending his free time over the years. Enraged, Samuel made an attempt to teach Regenald a lesson about where to place his trust, an attempt that would cost him his life. Regenald murdered his father in cold blood in his home before fleeing with Newfthen. The two deserted Kul Tiras for a new life at sea.

Newfthen & The Kurny KullersEdit

Taken to start a new life with Newfthen's former comrades, The Kurny Kullers, Regenald took his new life with pride, raiding and thieving on the high seas. He would come into an apprentice ship of the sorts with Ferrex Marks, the captain of The Kurny Kullers. Over time, Regenald would learn even more from Ferrex and would even rise to become a helmsmen aboard the Kuller's vessel. With time however, Regenald's thirst for power and money would grow, and in a desperate gamble for control, Regenald led a mutiny aboard the ship. During his quick rise to power, a young woman by the name of Clarice Eldon, another crewmen aboard the Kuller's Fleet, would take sides with Regenald and the two later became lovers.

While the mutiny would be put down, Regenald and a few others managed to escape alive, including Clarice, only to highjack a merchant vessel a few days later. The merchant vessel would later become the first flagship of Regenald's own fleet, The Fourth Wave. Clarice and Regendald would lead the The Fourth Wave out into the open seas.

Return to Kul TirasEdit


A Kul Tiran tabard.

With the launch of their fleet, Clarice and Regenald would find success, and the surge of power and wealth placed both of them into a sense of false security. The two would marry aboard their flagship, and though tensions between them would run high, they remained together for years. During those times, The Fourth Wave would have a streak of luck with their piracy, until at last the Kul Tiran navy managed to defeat the band of pirates, and return them all to Kul Tiras. Faced with execution and imprisonment, most of the crewmen would turn coat and strike deals with the Kul Tiran courts only to find themselves executed nonetheless. Regenald would face a fate far worse than the gallows, he would be sentenced to spend the rest of his days in a cell. Regenald's wife, Clarice, would be executed after offering up information on Regenald and The Fourth Wave.


During a large raid on the Kul Tiran prison, Regenald would manage to escape the prison, only to find himself at the mercy of his old rival and former captain, Ferrex Marks. It was Marks' fleet which had launched the raid on the Kul Tiran prison for the sake of freeing several crewmen. Now, back in the grip of his former captain, Regenald and Ferrex would strike a deal benefiting the both of them. In exchange for sparing his life, Regenald would reveal the location of the stolen treasure of The Fourth Wave, and also the location of a number of rare treasures Regenald had stolen from Ferrex at the time of the original mutiny.

The journey to reclaim the treasures would bring the Kullers fleet close to the southern shores of the Eastern Kingdoms, where Regenald managed once again to incite a mutiny aboard the Kullers Fleet. This time however, it was not Regenald's intention to steal the command, but rather to create a distraction to allow him an escape.

Stormwind & The Westwind BuccaneersEdit


Westwind Tabard

After barely escaping the Kullers crew, Regenald made way for Stormwind where he took a new identity for himself, taking on the name Gunndar Relnor, with Relnor being the last name of his grandfather from Kul Tiras. Gunndar wasted no time in assembling a fleet under his new identity, this time with a different approach to seafaring. Fearing ever having to return to Kul Tiras in chains, Gunndar sought to establish a fleet with more lawful attire. It was then and there that Gunndar Relnor founded The Westwind Bucccaneers with the intentions of a life and career as a privateer.

The fleet was officially chartered there in Stormwind and holds a legal charter for its records. Since it's inception, the fleet has grown thanks to contacts from Gunndar's former life, and now he commands three ships within the fleet under the title of Admiral.

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