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World of Warcraft
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This user has prejudices about the Alliance and is very stupid.
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the dark frontier Edit

-explores the other side of azeroth, sargeraan

-sargeraan is a huge fragment of draenor has moulded with azeroth since the end of the second war after draenor was blown apart

-is the location of the pandaren home land

-host to fel horde, mag'har, ogre, pandaren, orc, broken, burning legion, other outland denizens, new species fel ogres etc.

-gul'dan has been ressurected

-burning legion mounting invasion of coastal areas such as darkshore and westfall from sargeraan

-pandaren refugees driven from home by demons to eastern kingdoms join alliance

-ogre refugees driven from their home by fel orcs to kalimdor join horde

-pandaren have become warlike in time of desperation

expansion info Edit

race-class Edit

pandaren Edit

class Edit

-warrior,druid,shaman,demon hunter,paladin,priest,hunter,death knight

racial perks Edit

-ultimate focus, pandaren have 20% higher chance to hit then other races

-water walking, pandaren can walk on water for a period of time, lasts 30 minutes, 10 minute cool down

-desperation, when health is lower then 5% the player has a 70% chance to parry

-polearm specialisation, expertise with polearms,staffs and staves increased by 10

-beer douse, slows enemy movement, lasts 30 secs, 2 minute cooldown

ogre Edit

class Edit

-warrior,shaman,rogue,warlock,hunter,death knight,demon hunter,mage

racial perks Edit

-big boned body,items take 15% less durability loss when you die

-crusher, increases your minins skill by 10 and the player does not need a mining pick

-demonic rage, the ogre goes into a frenzy with a 100% bonus to damage for 30sec,cooldown is 3 minutes

-powerful belch, you belch loudly, knocking the target back 10 yards, 2 min cooldown, 5 yard range

- ogre smash!!!, pummels the target dazing them and increasing casting time for 2 minutes, 3 minute cooldown

racial mountsEdit

pandaren- preying mantis(ground), dragonfly(flying)

ogre- boar(ground), large wind serpent(flying)

Demon Hunter Edit

the races of azeroth turn to the art of the demon hunter to combat the rising threat of the burning legion

Talent Builds Edit

  • Demonology, DPS casting, bonuses against demons
  • Finese, DPS and devasting finishing moves
  • Focus, DPS consistent damage

Weapons/Armor Edit

  • one handed swords
  • one handed axes
  • warglaives
  • one handed mace
  • polearm
  • staff
  • bow
  • wand

  • leather
  • cloth

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